Oil drops under $92 and new 27-month low as supply glut grows

LONDON - Oil prices hit their lowest level since June 2012 on Thursday -- with benchmark Brent prices dropping under $92 a barrel -- as price cuts from top producer Saudi Arabia added to supply glut worries and weak global economic data.

In emerging Houston crude oil hub, an enterprising king arises

NEW YORK - The buzzing Texas Gulf Coast crude market, heralded as the oil trading hub of the future as the shale boom turns U.S. oil flows upside down, has found its first king.


Maze of federal oversight impedes North Dakota's anti-flaring push

TIOGA N.D. - North Dakota's oil producers will struggle to comply with aggressive rules taking effect on Wednesday designed to curb the wasteful burning of natural gas, hindered by lengthy federal reviews of crucial pipelines.


BHP to buy nickel ore from Poseidon to feed Australia refinery

SYDNEY - BHP Billiton on Thursday agreed to a two-year contract to buy nickel ore from Poseidon Nickel Ltd to feed its Nickel West operations in Australia.


U.S. power grid survived polar vortex, but only just: Kemp

LONDON - The U.S. power industry survived its toughest test in years in January when lights and heaters stayed on even as the polar vortex swept over the country. But it was a close run thing, as regulators revealed in a new report published on Tuesday.


Free trade in crude oil is in U.S. interests: Kemp

LONDON - U.S. oil refiners have been among the biggest beneficiaries of free trade in the last decade, so it is ironic some continue to lobby hard to maintain the protectionist ban on crude exports.


Special Report: Islamic State uses grain to tighten grip in Iraq

SHEKHAN Iraq - For Salah Paulis, it came down to a choice between his faith and his crop.


Saudi cuts official crude oil prices in battle for market share

DUBAI/KHOBAR - Saudi Aramco sharply cut official oil prices for Asian customers in November, the state-run company said on Wednesday in the clearest sign yet the world's largest exporter is trying to compete for crude market share.


Broker ICAP enters race to replace century-old gold fix

LONDON - ICAP, the world's biggest interdealer broker, will submit a proposal to the bullion market to replace the century-old global price benchmark for gold known as the "fix", the company told Reuters on Wednesday.


Oil price forecasts cut, to stay subdued in 2015: Reuters poll

- Energy analysts have made the largest downward revision to their oil price forecasts in almost two years, a monthly Reuters poll showed on Wednesday, with the marked weakness in the price of Brent seen persisting into 2015.

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WHEAT CON1  Dec14 USC 474.75 +0.25 +0.05% 09/26 14:25
SOYBEANS CON1  Nov14 USC 910.00 -12.50 -1.35% 09/26 14:28
SUGAR 11 CON1  Feb15 USC 16.13 +0.09 +0.56% 10/02 03:50
COFFEE C CON1  Dec14 USC 211.00 +10.60 +5.29% 10/02 10:24
COCOA CON1  Dec14 USD 3,120.00 -52.00 -1.64% 10/02 10:24
FROZEN OJ CON1  Nov14 USC 143.55 -1.35 -0.93% 10/02 10:21
COTTON NO 2 CON1  Oct14 USC 63.60 +2.11 +3.43% 09/26 12:40
LIVE HOGS CON1  Oct14 USC 106.45 -1.15 -1.07% 10/02 10:26
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