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Argentine default in balance as government refuses to capitulate

BUENOS AIRES - Argentine President Cristina Fernandez's unflinching poker face in the battle against "holdout" investors suing the country is increasing the odds that her government will default for a second time in 12 years at the end of this month.

U.S. panel says Barclays, Deutsche Bank helped funds avoid taxes

WASHINGTON - The head of a powerful U.S. Senate panel has accused Deutsche Bank and Barclays of helping hedge funds avoid taxes, calling for tougher action from the authorities.

22 Jul 2014

Old-school traders of physical oil teach hedge funds a lesson

LONDON - A near 10 percent drop in international oil prices since last month has taught a painful lesson to many hedge funds and other speculators in energy futures: you can ignore physical markets for only so long.

21 Jul 2014

Foreign hedge funds could lose as Europe tightens rules

LONDON - Europe's move to tighten regulation of the hedge fund industry could give home-grown funds an edge over foreign rivals, many of which are still trying to absorb the new rules on attracting investor cash.

21 Jul 2014

Hedge funds slash higher Brent oil bets 25 percent in price rout

LONDON - Hedge funds and other large speculators slashed their bets on higher Brent crude oil prices by almost 25 percent in the week to July 15, ICE said on Monday, as prices collapsed to their lowest in three months.

21 Jul 2014

Investors exit hedge funds at fastest pace in six months

LONDON - Investors pulled out money from hedge funds in June at the fastest pace in six months, part of their twice a year adjustments to portfolios, data showed on Friday.

14 Jul 2014

Rajaratnam acquittal shows indirect insider trading case challenge

NEW YORK - The acquittal on Tuesday of the younger brother of convicted hedge fund titan Raj Rajaratnam suggests prosecutors will have a tougher time pursuing people accused of trading on inside information they received indirectly.

11 Jul 2014

UK hedge fund Oceanwood wins $50 million from Ohio pension fund

LONDON - Europe-focused hedge fund Oceanwood Capital Management has won a $50 million investment from School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS), a nearly 3 percent boost to its $1.85 billion assets under management.

02 Jul 2014

Stock investors seek new hedges in unnatural market calm

LONDON - Investors are seeking new defences against possible falls in European stocks as indexes plateau near multi-year highs and traditional hedges prove ineffective in a market anaesthetised by near-zero interest rates.

23 Jun 2014

With markets at crossroads, investors eye 'special situation' funds

MONACO - Hedge fund managers who seek out quick returns from company turnarounds and short-term bets on specific assets are in fashion as investors ponder their next move after long rallies in stocks and bonds.

20 Jun 2014

Is U.S. economic patriotism hurting?

Any Americans believing that their country is being bought up by the Chinese might want to think again, according to the Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment.


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