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Ex-Marble Bar manager readies Mako backed European hedge fund - sources

LONDON - London-based Mako Global Investors is backing former Marble Bar Asset Management portfolio manager Christian Thum to launch a European equities-focused hedge fund in the fourth quarter, sources familiar with the matter said.

Adidas shares jump on report of hedge fund activism

MUNICH - Shares in sportswear maker Adidas jumped on Wednesday on a report that a group of hedge funds is seeking to buy a stake to pressure management to make sweeping changes, although one of the funds dismissed this.

6:59am EDT

Investors boost hedge fund holdings in August

LONDON - Hedge fund investors added more cash than they redeemed from the asset class in September, following performance gains during August, new data showed on Thursday.

12 Sep 2014

The Scottish play - equity investors hedge against UK split

LONDON - As Scottish opinion polls run neck and neck, investors are scrambling to hedge their trading bets on UK equities to protect against market mayhem if Scotland votes next week to break away from the United Kingdom.

11 Sep 2014

UPDATE 1-Tsunami of sovereign funds threatens world markets, say investors

LONDON - With returns on government bonds at rock-bottom prices, sovereign wealth funds are muscling into stock markets and other higher-yielding assets like real estate at a rate that private investors warn could destabilise the world economy.

08 Sep 2014

Bets against pound, cost of hedging rise on nerves over Scotland

LONDON - The cost of hedging against near-term currency swings from a possible "Yes" vote at Scotland's independence referendum jumped on Monday, with the options market showing its greatest bias for sterling weakness against the dollar in more than two years.

08 Sep 2014

Retail hedge funds to raise $49 billion in next 12 months

LONDON - Investors are expected to pump $49 billion into funds that mimic hedge fund strategies over the next year, to make so-called "liquid alternatives" the fastest growing part of the asset management industry, a survey said.

08 Sep 2014

Risk-averse UK investors slash equity holdings in August

LONDON - British investment managers slashed their equity holdings in August and bumped up their bets on bonds as heightened global tensions prompted a move away from risky assets, a poll showed.

29 Aug 2014

Major banks' first-half commodity revenue climbs 21 pct

LONDON - Commodities revenue at the top 10 investment banks climbed by about a fifth in the first half of the year as a cold winter boosted business in U.S. power and gas and some investors returned to the sector, a consultancy said.

28 Aug 2014

The incredible shrinking Bund yield - going, going ... gone?

LONDON - Benchmark 10-year German government borrowing costs have never been lower, and while the prospect of them dwindling to zero and even below is highly unlikely, it is no longer inconceivable.

26 Aug 2014

Is U.S. economic patriotism hurting?

Any Americans believing that their country is being bought up by the Chinese might want to think again, according to the Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment.


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