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First Jobs: How to make it to the governor's mansion


NEW YORK The road to the governor's mansion is not always paved with public-service positions. Many state leaders got their starts in much humbler jobs before they even thought about running for office.

Journey to running top hotels started with rigorous first jobs

NEW YORK No matter your politics, it's the middle of winter and most Americans would be happy to take a vacation right about now.

Podcasting precursors: Hay baling, chopping onions and waiting tables

NEW YORK It might not make a lot of sense to our grandparents, but today's media superstars are not necessarily big-screen actors or anchors of the evening news.

Ted Talk prophets started with prosaic first jobs

(This Nov. 30 story corrects the spelling of the band Little Feat in the second-to-last paragraph)

Lowly first jobs are just fodder for authors

NEW YORKWriters need good stories to stoke their fiction. What better way to get material than a crazy first job?

Hollywood endings start with humble first jobs

NEW YORK Despite their current world of glamor, not everyone with a Hollywood ending grew up in glitz.

First jobs: Coming to America

NEW YORK If there is one subject at the forefront of the 2016 U.S. election, it is immigration.

Gold medal gigs: The first jobs of U.S. Olympians

NEW YORK There are some pretty exclusive clubs in the world, but perhaps none more so than Olympic gold medalists.

Unfashionable first jobs led designers to the runway

NEW YORK Fashion designers inhabit such a unique and stylish world that you might imagine they began working with fabrics and colors as soon as they emerged from the womb.

Before the Ivory Tower: University presidents' first jobs

NEW YORK It is graduation season, and you know what that means: Bright-eyed diploma-holders are emerging into the workforce with big dreams and big hopes (and big debt).

Lights! Camera! Action! The first job tales of filmmakers

NEW YORK When you ask people about their first jobs, you hear a lot of similar answers: newspaper delivery boys, lawn mowers, checkout cashiers.

Small first jobs can lead to the highest offices

NEW YORK (The writer is a Reuters contributor. The opinions expressed are his own.)

Even billionaires start with small first jobs

NEW YORK The vast majority of the world's nearly two thousand billionaires are entirely self-made, according to Forbes' annual list of the world's billionaires.

Super Bowl greats tackled grunt work in first jobs

NEW YORK Some U.S. football legends play their entire careers without getting close to acquiring a ring for winning the Super Bowl. Others like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who has won four, do not know what to do with them all.

Our survey says: Famed TV game show hosts started small

NEW YORK If you boiled down television to its purest essence, you might end up with a game-show host.

First jobs of 'Million Dollar' sales gurus

Historical legends range from Dale Carnegie to cosmetics queen Mary Kay Ash. But today's TV viewers may be more familiar with stars of the Bravo franchise "Million Dollar Listing."

The first jobs of four social entrepreneurs who changed the world

In the days of railroad barons and oil tycoons, it might have meant amassing the most cash possible. These days, the idea of true success has shifted toward the "social entrepreneur" - those who can create thriving enterprises while bringing about positive social change.

U.S. political pundits' careers began with paper routes, stocking shelves

These days, it is very likely a political pundit, weighing in on the 2016 presidential campaign. They have become stars in their own right.

Circus roadie, ice-cream scooper: The first jobs of famous couples

NEW YORK Before they found fame, or found each other, what did celebrity couples like Dr Phil and Robin McGraw do in their first jobs?

Rise and shine: Five morning show hosts talk about their first jobs

NEW YORK It takes a special kind of person to be a morning-show host.


Hedge fund manager Eric Mindich shuts down Eton Park

BOSTON Thirteen years ago Eric Mindich set an industry record when he raised $3 billion for his new hedge fund Eton Park. Now the fund is being shut down, becoming the year's most prominent casualty in an increasingly tough trading and fund raising environment.