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Column: Ten-fold gain in retirement saving? No thanks, say Republicans

CHICAGO At the risk of stating the obvious: People are much more likely to save for retirement when they can do it automatically at work. How much more likely? Ten times, according to a study released this week.


JP Morgan prepares wealth clients for change in IRAs

NEW YORK JPMorgan Chase & Co has sent some wealth management customers letters this month notifying them that they could be moved to the firm's self-directed platform soon ahead of a pending Labor Department retirement regulation, the bank said on Monday.


Merrill Lynch may keep commission-based retirement accounts: source

Merrill Lynch, a unit of Bank of America Corp, may not entirely do away with its commission-based retirement accounts, after Trump ordered the Labor Department last month to delay the proposed retirement-savings rule.


Column: Threatened pension cuts will test Trump ties to U.S. Rust Belt voters

CHICAGO Karen Friedman has been traveling the country speaking at meetings of retired union members - and they are angry. What riles them is the prospect of deep cuts in promised pension benefits, and they are hoping for relief from President Donald Trump.


Column: Republican health reform is the real disaster for older Americans

CHICAGO The Republican leadership in Washington says Obamacare is an imploding disaster. But if your income is low and your age is high, the real disaster is the repeal-and-replace healthcare reform bill on offer from U.S. President Donald Trump and House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan.