Epigenomics AG Announces Its Methylated SHOX2 Biomarker's Promising Results for Therapy Monitoring of Lung Cancer Patients

Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013 09:15am EST 

Epigenomics AG announced the results from a clinical study, that demonstrated the Company's methylated SHOX2 to be a sensitive and specific biomarker for therapy monitoring and early detection of tumor response in lung cancer patients. The blinded study was conducted between December 2012 and June 2013, whereby blood samples from a total of 32 advanced stage lung cancer patients were taken prior to and during therapy every seven to ten days for approximately three months. Re-staging after that period was confirmed by a local tumor board based on clinical and imaging (CT scan) results. The Company's biomarker mSHOX2 was detected using a modified Epi proLung BL assay. According to the Company's Chief Operating Officer statement, the results of the study demonstrated further potential of SHOX2 DNA methylation biomarker.