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Kaiser Aluminum Corp - Noranda refinery under fire for mercury releases - AMMMKT

Monday, 8 Feb 2016 01:20am EST 

Kaiser Aluminum Corp:An environmental organization has put Noranda Aluminum Holding Corp. and Kaiser Aluminum Corp. on notice that it intends to sue both companies over alleged mercury emissions coming from an alumina refinery in -Gramercy, La. - AMMMKT.A notice of intent to sue directed at Noranda president and chief executive officer Layle “Kip” Smith and Kaiser chief executive officer Jack Hockema was sent Feb. 1 on behalf of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN), - AMMMKT.which alleged that the refinery (which is currently owned by Noranda) is depositing high levels of mercury pollution into the surrounding river, groundwater, and air - AMMMKT.The notice further claims that the site has been doing so since 1959, when the refinery first began production under Kaiser’s ownership - AMMMKT.The allegedly high levels of mercury pollution come from the process of refining bauxite into alumina, LEAN said in the letter, causing the water of a nearby river to show signs of contamination, as well as a fishing advisory dating back to 1993 - AMMMKT.One of LEAN’s goals is to prompt Noranda to undertake cleanup activities at the site, Richard Webster, an attorney with Public Justice, a nonprofit legal organization representing LEAN in the litigation, told AMM Feb. 4 - AMMMKT.