CADE Investigates M Dias Branco SA Industria e Comercio de Alimentos

Thursday, 18 Apr 2013 09:07am EDT 

M Dias Branco SA Industria e Comercio de Alimentos announced that in context of the investigation opened by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense - CADE, the employees of this organ paid a visit in the headquarters of the Company and of two of its subsidiaries, which, in compliance with the injunction granted by the Judge of the Sixth Federal Court of Ceara, conducted the search and seizure of some documents and files, with reference to facts allegedly occurred in the late 2007 and 2008. The Company clarifies that, despite the strangeness of how the information was collected, it provided all the documents and handed all the files that employees of CADE required in full compliance with the Court's decision. The Company confirms the absence of any irregularity in its operations, as well as its confidence that, whatever the object of the inquiries is (yet unknown) there have been no irregularities in its operations. 

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