Moskovskaya ob''yedinennaya elektrosetevaya kompaniya OAO To Start Placing RUB 5 Billion In BO-03 Bonds-Interfax

Tuesday, 5 Feb 2013 11:38pm EST 

Interfax reported that Moskovskaya ob''yedinennaya elektrosetevaya kompaniya OAO (MOESK) plans to start placing its three-year BO-03 exchange bonds worth RUB 5 billion on February 13, 2013 the Company said in a statement. The placement will be made under open subscription in the form of a tender for the first coupon rate on the MICEX Stock Exchange. Gazprombank has been appointed the underwriter for the issue. Semiannual coupons will be paid out on the bonds. The rates of the second through sixth coupons will be equal to the first. Face value is RUB 1,000 per bond. The MICEX Stock Exchange registered RUB 15 billion rubles worth of MOESK's BO-01, BO-02 and BO-03 exchange bonds last July. MOESK has RUB 5 billion rubles each in its BO-01 and BO-02 bonds outstanding.