Territorial'naya generiruyushchaya kompaniya No 9 OAO Completes Sale of Kizelovskaya GRES 3 and Shirokovskaya GES-AK&M

Tuesday, 5 Feb 2013 07:00pm EST 

AK&M reported that Territorial'naya generiruyushchaya kompaniya No 9 OAO (TGC-9) has completed the sale of the Kizelovskaya GRES-3, the oldest power plant in Perm region and the Shirokovskaya GES, its only hydroelectric power plant in the region, the Kommersant reported. On January 28, the Company's Board of Directors approved the sale of these power generating facilities. The EBRD, the Company's minority shareholder, consented to the deal. Both assets may cost the buyer, a Perm-based company Energoservis, up to RUB 2 billion. The Kizelovskaya GRES-3 (state district power station, location: Gubakha) has been in operation longer than any other power plant of the Ural region. Its two phase 1 turbo generators 3 MW each delivered power in 1924. The Kizelovskaya GRES-3 was the third power plant in the USSR and first in the Ural region constructed under the GOELRO plan. Today, the genco operates as a boiler plant supplying thermal power and electric power to Gubakha city including industrial enterprises such as OJSC Metafrax, OJSC Gubakha Coke. Its installed electrical capacity is a mere 23.6 MW, installed thermal capacity is 238.4 Gcal. The Shirokovskaya GES was constructed on the Kosva River near the settlement Shirokovsky in Perm Krai in 1948. Its installed electrical capacity is 28 MW. 

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