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17 Dec 2014
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American Science and Engineering, Inc.(AS&E), incorporated on September 29, 1958, develops, manufactures, markets and sells X-ray inspection and other detection products for homeland security, force protection and other critical defense and security applications. AS&E provides maintenance, warranty, engineering, and training services related to these products. The Company manufactures sophisticated X-ray inspection products that can be used to inspect parcels, baggage, vehicles, pallets, cargo containers, and people. The Company sells its products throughout the world to a variety of customers, including authorities responsible for port and border security; customs agencies; military organizations; critical infrastructure and high threat commercial and government facilities; aviation security agencies, and law enforcement agencies.

AS&E’s products are used by these customers to help combat terrorism, trade fraud, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, and illegal immigration. Its products are also used for military force protection and general facility security. The Company’s X-ray imaging products utilize several technologies including traditional transmission X-ray technology, dual-energy transmission X-ray technology, high-energy transmission X-ray technology, Forwardscatter X-ray technology, its Z Backscatter X-ray technology, and Radioactive Threat Detection (RTD). The Company’s products and services can be grouped into five different areas: Cargo Inspection Systems, Mobile Cargo Inspection Systems (formerly referred to as Z Backscatter Systems), Parcel and Personnel Screening Inspection Systems, Custom Products (formerly referred to as Contract Research and Development), and Service and Support.

Cargo Inspection Systems

The Cargo Inspection family of systems includes non-intrusive inspection systems that are primarily used for the screening of trucks, cars, cargo containers, pallets, and air cargo at locations including border crossings, seaports, military bases, airports, and cargo and transportation hubs. The Cargo Inspection systems are designed to combat trade fraud, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, and terrorism.

OmniView Gantry System is a multi-view, relocatable high-energy cargo and vehicle inspection system. The OmniView Gantry System utilizes AS&E's Shaped Energy technology to penetrate densely loaded cargo containers. The Shaped Energy technology shapes the high energy spectrum to filter out non-essential radiation, making the system safe for operators and staff and reducing the need for exclusion zones. High energy six megaelectron volts transmission X-rays can penetrate almost 16 inches (400 millimeters) of steel, a capability that enables inspection of the overwhelming cargo containers. The Z Backscatter images are used for the detection of organic or low Z materials, including explosives, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco that transmission X-rays alone can miss. The System's multiple Z Backscatter views of the cargo improve detection while facilitating interpretation of the X-ray image. The OmniView Gantry System's scanning platform operates by moving on rails over vehicles and cargo. The system is bi-directional allowing for a throughput of approximately 28 trucks per hour.

Z Portal System is a multi-view, high throughput, drive-through inspection system capable of scanning cargo and vehicles for threats and contraband. The Z Portal System is available in two basic configurations: a tunnel version for screening trucks, buses, and cargo containers, and a small tunnel version for scanning passenger vehicles. The relocatable Z Portal System can be installed with one, two or three Z Backscatter X-ray modules, allowing for left, right and/or top-side imaging of the vehicle under examination. The images produced by the Z Portal System are ideal for the detection of organic materials including explosives, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and stowaways.

Z Gantry System is a multi-view Z Backscatter inspection system capable of scanning cars, vans, trucks, and their cargo for concealed threats and contraband in a gantry configuration. The relocatable Z Gantry System is configured with three Z Backscatter imaging modules, allowing a left, right, and top view of the vehicle under examination. The rail-mounted Z Gantry System moves over vehicles and cargo while scanning for threats and contraband such as stowaways, explosives, drugs, and alcohol. Sentry Portal System is a high-throughput drive through transmission X-ray inspection system designed to screen cargo for security threats and contraband. The Sentry Portal System enables high volume scanning while producing a transmission image able to penetrate 12 inches (300 millimeters) of steel, which is sufficient for the inspection of even densely loaded cargo containers.

Mobile Cargo Inspection Systems

Backscatter Van (ZBV) is a mobile X-ray screening system built into a commercially available chassis. The ZBV system utilizes Z Backscatter X-ray technology to produce photo-like images of the contents of a vehicle or cargo container, highlighting organic materials such as plastic explosives or other anomalies. With one-sided, Backscatter-only imaging, security officials can use the ZBV system for screening vehicles, sea containers, and other cargo for terrorist threats, trade fraud, and contraband, simply by driving past the objects. The ZBV system can be equipped with Radioactive Threat Detection (RTD) capability. With RTD, the ZBV system can produce Z Backscatter images for general screening while simultaneously scanning the object for the presence of radioactive material. The ZBV is available in three configurations ZBV C-Class, ZBV R-Class, and ZBV S- Class systems to meet the diverse needs of ZBV customers.

ZBV Military Trailer is a rugged X-ray screening system built onto a standard 5-ton military trailer. With Z Backscatter X-ray imaging, security officials can use ZBV Military Trailer for screening vehicles, containers, and other cargo for terrorist threats and contraband simply by towing the trailer past the subjects, or by remaining stationary while vehicles drive past the trailer. To complement the Z Backscatter imaging, the trailer can include Forwardscatter technology to present a second scatter perspective to display dense objects in cargo, such as shielding or hidden compartments.

Parcel and Personnel Screening Inspection Systems

Parcel Inspection Systems are designed for the non-intrusive X-ray scanning of parcels, baggage, and mail. These systems are primarily used in government facilities, airports, commercial office buildings, high-security federal facilities and convention centers.

Gemini System is a parcel and baggage inspection system that combines AS&E’s Z Backscatter technology with dual-energy transmission X-ray to provide enhanced detection for a wide range of threats. Dual-energy transmission is suited for the detection of metallic threats such as guns and knives, and for identifying wires and other components of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Z Backscatter imaging provides enhanced detection of organic materials such as explosives and narcotics, which may be missed by transmission-only systems. In addition, the complementary photo-like Z Backscatter image makes it easier for security officers to interpret images, thus reducing analysis time and minimizing operator fatigue. The Gemini system is offered in a range of tunnel sizes to suit a customer’s applications. Personnel screening is also important in the effort to intercept prohibited substances, such as liquids, drugs and alcohol.

SmartCheck System is a personnel screening system for the effective screening for contraband and threats hidden under a person’s clothing. The SmartCheck system simultaneously detects both metallic and non-metallic objects, such as guns and knives, plastic explosives, liquid explosives, composite weapons, drugs and other hidden threats and contraband. The SmartCheck system creates an easily interpreted image that gives the operator an easy-to-read display of where a threat or contraband is hidden, thus eliminating the need for intrusive and time-consuming pat-down search. The SmartCheck system is safe for all individuals and complies with all applicable personnel scanning safety regulations. The SmartCheck system is also available in a high throughput dual-sided or single-sided model or a ruggedized container configuration called the SmartCheck Imaging Module (SIM) for deployment in harsh environments.

Custom Products

AS&E engages in a variety of contracts for the development of custom products primarily for agencies of the U.S. government to develop systems that meet their scanning needs. It pursues those opportunities that may provide avenues to advance its core technologies or developing product offerings for strategic customers or markets.

Service and Support

AS&E's skilled Field Service Engineers (FSE) provide support services worldwide. FSEs are available round the clock, and are located at AS&E sites in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North and South America. AS&E provides technical training on all X-ray inspection systems. The Company's instructors specialize in threat detection techniques and employ both classroom theory and hands-on training to help clients become users of AS&E equipment.

Company Address

American Science and Engineering Inc

829 Middlesex Turnpike
BILLERICA   MA   01821
P: +1978.2628700
F: +1978.2628804

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