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27 May 2015
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Acorn Energy, Inc. (Acorn), incorporated on July 23 1986, is a holding company. The Company is engaged in providing energy infrastructure asset management. The Company operates in three segments: Energy & Security Sonar Solutions (through its DSIT subsidiary), GridSense and USSI. In addition, its Other segment represents information technology (IT) and consulting activities at its DSIT subsidiary. The Company through its wholly owned operating subsidiaries provides energy and security sonar solutions, smart grid distribution automation, and energy and security sensor systems.

Energy and security sonar solutions-DSIT SOLUTIONS LTD.

The Company provides is energy and security sonar solutions through its subsidiary, DSIT Solutions Ltd. (DSIT). The Company offers a range of sonar and acoustic-related solutions to strategic energy installations, as well as defense and homeland security markets. In addition, it provides solutions to both governmental and commercial customers.

DSIT’s Energy and Security Sonar Solutions activities are focused on two areas, such as sonar and acoustic solutions for energy and security markets and other real-time and embedded hardware and software development and production. These solutions include AquaShield diver detection sonar (DDS), PointShield portable diver detection sonar (PDDS), mobile acoustic range (MAR), generic sonar simulator (GSS), underwater acoustic signal analysis system (UASA) and sonar building blocks.

DSIT’s AquaShield provides critical coastal and offshore protection of sites through long-range detection, tracking, classification and warning of unauthorized divers and swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs) for deployment and response. Its AquaShield DDS system is fully automatic and customizable, and requires intervention of a security person only for final decision and response to the threat. The DDS sensors can be integrated with other sensors into a comprehensive command and control (C&C) system to provide a tactical picture both above and below the water for evaluation of and response to threats. The PointShield PDDS is medium range portable diver detection sonar aimed at protecting vessels at anchorage and covers restricted areas, such as water canals and intakes.

The Company’s MAR measures a submarine’s or surface vessel’s radiated noise; thus enabling navies and shipyards to monitor and control the radiated noise and to silence their submarines and ships. By continuously tracking the measured vessel and transmitting the data to a measurement ship, the MAR system enables real time radiated noise processing, analysis and display. The system also includes a platform database for measurement results management and provides playback and post analysis capability. DSIT has developed a GSS for the training of anti-submarine warfare (ASW), submarine and mine detection sonar operators. This personal computer (PC)-based training simulator is designed for all levels of sonar operators from beginners to the experienced. The simulator includes all aspects of sonar operation, with emphasis on training in weak target detection in the presence of noise and reverberation, torpedo detection, audio listening and classification.

DSIT’s UASA system processes and analyzes all types of acoustic signals radiated by various sources and received by naval sonar systems (submarine, surface and air platforms and fixed bottom moored sonar systems). DSIT has developed a number of generic building blocks of sonar systems, such as signal processing systems and sonar power amplifiers. Some customers designing and building their own sonar systems have purchased these building blocks from the Company. These elements are specifically tailored and optimized for sonar systems.

Additional areas of development and production in real-time and embedded hardware and software include Applications, Computerized Vision for the Semiconductor Industry and Modems, data links and telemetry systems. DSIT specializes in Weapon/C&C Operating Consoles for naval and air applications, designed through synergistic interaction with the end user. DSIT develops and manufactures hardware and embedded software for computerized vision systems, and it supplies this multi-disciplinary field in the integration of digital and analog technologies, image processing and intricate logic development. DSIT is providing development and production services of hardware and embedded signal processing software. DSIT’s other operations include IT and consulting activities.

The Company competes with Sonardyne International Ltd., Atlas Elektronik and Kongsberg group.

Smart grid distribution automation-GRIDSENSE

GridSense develops and markets remote monitoring systems to electric utilities and industrial facilities worldwide. These systems, used in a range of utility applications, including outage management, power quality monitoring, system planning, trouble shooting and proactive maintenance, and condition monitoring, provide transmission and distribution network operators. GridSense's solutions allow end-users to monitor the power quality and reliability parameters of electric transmission and distribution systems in applications. GridSense has developed a range of offerings that addresses all the critical points of the electricity delivery system, including distribution and transmission lines, substations and transformers, and the point of electricity consumption.

GridSense's offerings include PowerMonic Systems, Line IQ Systems, Cable IQ, Transformer IQ and Bushing IQ. The PowerMonic range of outdoor power analyzers and analytical software allows electric utilities to monitor and investigate power quality problems in homes, offices, factories and key points on the electricity distribution infrastructure. The Line IQ provides real-time monitoring of electricity grids and captures important operational, maintenance, planning and regulatory reporting information, such as current, temperature and power factor. The Cable IQ system provides real-time monitoring of underground infrastructure, enabling utilities to optimize the loading of underground feeders, detect outages and other events and monitor various power quality parameters.

The Transformer IQ is a monitoring system that consolidates all transformer monitoring functions onto a single platform using hardware, and allows utilities to effectively predict nearly all the failure modes known to occur to transformers. The Bushing IQ is a continuous online system for monitoring power factor in high voltage capacitive bushings.

The Company competes with General Electric, Siemens, Qualitrol Company LLC, PowerSense and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.

Energy and security sensor systems-US SEISMIC SYSTEMS, INC.

US Seismic Systems, Inc. (USSI)'s primary focus is to develop and produce fiber optic sensing systems for the energy and security (both commercial and defense) markets. Primary product lines, for which USSI is developing products include downhole fiber optic sensor systems for oilfield four dimensional (4D) seismic reservoir monitoring, shale gas microseismic monitoring, fiber optic perimeter security systems (including commercial and defense), and fiber optic pipeline/coal mine monitoring systems. USSI’s systems are being installed for evaluation by companies in North America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

USSI’s fiber optic sensors provide the ability to monitor the fracking process for production efficiency and minimize potential environmental damage. USSI provides pipeline monitoring for Oil and Gas pipelines, through a fiber optic sensing cable. The USSI system detects unusual acoustic activity, such as leaks, tampering, theft or damage caused by construction equipment. The USSI system can detect attempted illegal tapping of pipelines in remote areas, as well as intrusion into pipeline facilities for terrorist activities. USSI has developed an all-optical security system based upon a microphonic cable that can be mounted on a fence, buried along a border/perimeter, or placed underwater in a harbor. In addition, the USSI system detects and classifies multiple simultaneous events. The system utilizes signal processing techniques to screen out false alarms, and detect, pinpoint and notify on any attempts to infiltrate a facility.

The Company competes with OYO Geospace Corporation, Sercel S.A., ION Geophysical Corporation, Stingray Geophysical Ltd., Weatherford International Ltd., Petroleum Geo-Services ASA., Southwest Microwave Inc., Magal Security Systems, Ltd., Future Fibre Technologies Pty Ltd., FiberSensys Inc., Sensoptics Ltd. and Senstar Corporation.

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