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8 Oct 2015
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Adept Technology, Inc. (Adept), incorporated on August 17, 2005, is a global, robotics-based automation supplier. The Company designs and manufactures industrial (fixed) and mobile robots along with a range of control and vision systems and software which are used for assembly, packaging, handling, testing and logistics applications in both fixed repetitive and unstructured environments. Adept operates through two segments: Robotics, and Services and Support. The Company provides robotics systems, software and services to a variety of markets, including electronics, food, semiconductor, warehouse/logistics, medical and automotive. Adept also offers on-site field service, training courses, applications support, field upgrades, factory repair and remanufactured products. Adept classifies robots into two categories, fixed (industrial) robots (multi-axis) and mobile robots (autonomous vehicles). Adept manufactures both types of robots and offers various options, such as vision and automation control software and related hardware, parts feeding and enterprise-level software.

The Company supplies industrial robots, including selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA)/four axis; articulated/six axis; parallel/three or four axis, and Cartesian/up to 24 axis. The Company supplies mobile robots, including autonomous mobile robots for the transportation of materials; autonomous mobile robots with an integrated conveyor; autonomous mobile robots with integrated collaborative SCARA for the handling and transport of materials, and autonomous mobile robots for research applications in a non-commercial environment. Adept robots are used in various applications, such as manufacturing parts assembly; handling of parts/food/packages; packaging; transporting/logistics; warehouse-order fulfillment; testing, and dispensing.

Industrial (Fixed) Robots

The Company offers a range of industrial robots, such as Adept Quattro parallel robots, Adept Viper six-axis articulated robots, Adept Cobra SCARA robots, Adept Python Cartesian robots and Adept Hornet parallel robots. The Adept Quattro robot is a parallel robot with a four-arm design, advanced control algorithms, embedded amplifier and large work envelope, which is used for assembly, processing, packaging and other manufacturing applications. The Adept Viper robot is a six-axis robot with a 650, 850, 1,300 or 1,700 millimeter reach. Adept Viper robots include the Adept's controls, equipping each with conveyor tracking and vision guidance capabilities. Viper robots are available in wash-down configurations, and the Viper s650 and s850 are available in cleanroom configurations. The Adept Cobra robot is a four-axis SCARA robot with a 350, 600 or 800 millimeter reach. Adept Cobra s-Series robots (s350, s600, s800 and s800 inverted) include the Adept SmartController, equipping each with conveyor tracking and vision guidance capabilities. Adept eCobra robots feature embedded controls and amplifiers in the robot's base. eCobra robots are available in three performance tiers: Lite, Standard and Pro.

Adept Python modules have design features, which are used for single-axis, dual- axis, three-axis or four-axis applications with rotation, gantry and cantilever configurations. Adept Python modules are configured into multi-axis robots and are delivered as a fully-assembled and tested system. All Python modules are available in both cleanroom and electrostatic discharge (ESD) versions. The Hornet 565 is a parallel robot for picking and packaging applications. Adept's controls are embedded into the base of the robot. The Hornet 565 features a hygienic design, including a standard ingress protection (IP) 65 rating and corrosion resistant materials for wash down. The Hornet is part of Adept's robotic packaging solution that includes integrated conveyor tracking, vision guidance and application software created specifically for the packaging market.

Mobile Robots

The Company offers a range of mobile robots, such as Adept Lynx, Adept Lynx Courier, Adept Lynx Transporter-Semi, Adept Lynx Handler-Semi, Adept Lynx Conveyor, Adept Lynx Cart Transporter and Adept Enterprise Manager. The Adept Lynx is an autonomous indoor vehicle with a configurable payload for the transport and handling of goods. The Lynx includes Mobile Planner, Adept's self-navigation software for use in dynamic environments, tight hallways and applications. Adept original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partners and payload developers (integrators) have access to a drive system, an onboard power supply, automated self-charging, and input/output (I/O) for integrating payload hardware onto the mobile platform. The Adept Lynx Courier is a mobile transporter that combines a high payload autonomous platform with an onboard controller and software for map generation and vehicle guidance. Material transports can be initiated from a wireless call box located at operator stations and dispatched using pre-programmed destination buttons located on the vehicle. The Lynx Courier, with its wireless communication capability and payload compartment, can be used for applications in logistics, warehouse, offices, biotech and manufacturing facilities.

The Adept Lynx Transporter-Semi combines a Lynx autonomous indoor vehicle with a multi-wafer pod carrier to move wafer pods across a semiconductor fab. It is designed to transport up to four wafer pods in a dynamic cleanroom environment while operating alongside people. The Adept Lynx Handler-Semi combines a Lynx autonomous indoor vehicle with a collaborative four-axis robot to produce a mobile robot designed to pick, place and move semiconductor wafer pods across a wafer fab. The Lynx Handler can exchange wafer pods from a range of processing equipment, stockers and storage (work in progress or WIP) racks. The Adept Lynx Conveyor combines a Lynx autonomous indoor vehicle with a motorized conveyor platform, producing a mobile robot designed to receive, transport and deliver materials or goods across warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing environments.

The Adept Lynx Cart Transporter combines a Lynx autonomous indoor vehicle with an automated latching mechanism and a removable caster-based cart platform, enabling the Lynx to automatically engage move and disengage a movable cart. For operations such as line-side replenishment, WIP movement and finished goods movement, the Lynx Cart Transporter remains active while carts filled with material are being loaded or unloaded. The Lynx Cart Platform can be configured with shelving or flow racks, or operates as a tote mover. Enterprise Manager provides the role of managing activities for traffic control and job allocation by communicating with existing information technology (IT) systems, interfacing with I/O on internal devices and equipment, and storing navigation parameters for the entire system. Adept Enterprise Manager is a management system that operates on Adept's Enterprise Manager 1100 hardware and uses a systems-network approach for the coordination of autonomous indoor vehicles while providing traceability, job allocation and traffic control across the entire fleet.


The Company offers various controllers, such as Adept SmartController and Adept SmartVision. The Adept SmartController is a robot motion controller, featuring distributed architecture for scalability, embedded software for real-time operations, communication for belt encoder and camera support, and a processor for performance. The Adept SmartController integrates robots with conveyors, cameras, end of arm tooling and software. The Adept SmartVision vision processor is a ruggedized, industrial computer optimized for machine vision applications. It is compatible with a range of GigE and universal serial bus (USB) 3.0 machine vision cameras. AdeptSight software adds vision tools that identify and inspect randomly oriented products, and provides their location to the robot.


The Company's software products include Adept Automation Control Environment (ACE), ACE PackXpert, AdeptSight and Adept ePLC Connect. Adept ACE is a personal computer (PC)-based software for configuring, calibrating and managing equipment in a workcell. The software features an integrated, point-and-click development environment for Adept's product portfolio of robots and controls. Managing single and multi-robot systems, machine vision, conveyors, feeders and device I/O assignment is done through a PC-based interface. ACE also features a three-dimensional (3D) emulator that allows system configuration and testing in a virtual environment. ACE PackXpert is a software package designed to deploy packaging automation solutions. The software wizard walks the user through the configuration of packaging applications and generates all of the underlying robot programming, synchronizing cameras, conveyors, grippers and robots.

AdeptSight is an extension of Adept ACE, designed for vision guidance and inspection applications. AdeptSight enables the calibration and synchronization of cameras, conveyors, grippers and robots. The software is capable of identifying randomly oriented products of various sizes and colors at cycle times. The Adept ePLC Connect server software provides connectivity with a customer supplied programmable logic controller (PLC). All robotic application programs and locations are defined and reside within the user's PLC. The ePLC Connect software runs on the Adept SmartController and interprets PLC ladder logic programming, and commands the robot to move accordingly. Customers new to robotics can install, program, operate and support robots with the interface and programming language of their existing PLC.


The Company offers various infeeds include Adept AnyFeeder and Adept FlexiBowl. The Adept AnyFeeder, paired with an Adept robot and integrated vision guidance, supports a degree of product variation and brings flexibility to part feeding. AnyFeeders are designed to handle a range of loose small parts, including parts of different shapes and materials. The Adept FlexiBowl is a feed solution for use with any Adept robot and vision system. The feeder is designed to handle a range of loose small parts, including parts of different shapes and materials. The feeder is capable of feeding parts that are tangled or made of different materials, such as rubber or silicone, or parts that are fragile, cylindrical or even oiled. The Adept FlexiBowl is available in a 350 millimeter and 500 millimeter diameter models.

The Company competes with ABB, Epson, Fanuc, Kuka, Yaskawa, Denso, Motoman, Staubli, Amazon, Aethon, MetraLabs Seegrid, Savant and Neobotix.

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