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30 Jan 2015
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Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc., incorporated on March 10, 2011, is engaged in providing environmental technologies and specialty chemicals to the coal-burning electric power generation industry. The Company operates in three segments, including Refined coal (RC), Emission control (EC) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) capture (CC).The Company serves as the holding entity for a family of companies that provide emissions solutions to customers in the power generation and other industries. Through its subsidiaries and joint ventures, the Company provides clean coal technologies and associated specialty chemicals, primarily serving the coal-fueled power plant industry. Its environmental technologies and specialty chemicals enables power and coal-fired plants to enhance existing air pollution control equipment, minimize mercury and other emissions, maximize capacity and improve operating efficiencies. The Company conducts research and development efforts in CO2 separation, capture and control from coal-fired boilers and other process streams .

The RC segment includes revenues from the lease or sale of RC facilities and RC sales which approximate the cost of raw coal acquired for RC facilities operated for Clean Coal’s own account. The EC segment includes revenue from the supply of emissions control systems including activated carbon injection (ACI) systems to control mercury, dry sorbent injection (DSI) systems to control Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Sulfur Trioxide (SO3) and hydrochloride (HCl) and electrostatic precipitator (ESP) liquid flue gas conditioning systems, the licensing of certain technology and provision of chemicals and consulting services. The CC segment includes revenue from projects relating to the CO2 capture and control market including projects co-funded by government agencies, such as the DOE and industry supported contracts.

Refined Coal

The RC segment includes revenues from the lease or sale of RC facilities and RC sales which approximate the cost of raw coal acquired for RC facilities operated for Clean Coal’s own account. The Company markets its CyClean , M-45 and M-45-PC technologies, services and equipment through ADA’s joint venture Clean Coal. In July 2012 ADA licensed its M-45 technology (the M-45 License) to Clean Coal in order to leverage Clean Coal’s operating the other synergies that can be obtained by Clean Coal provide and use either the CyClean or M-45 technology. In addition, the CyClean license and the M-45 License each give Clean Coal, on a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-bearing basis, the right to sublicense to limited utilities that purchase or have purchased RC produced using the M-45 technology, the right to use the M-45 technology under certain circumstances for the purpose of Mercury Only Emission Control.

Clean Coal operates two RC facilities using the M-45 technology at plants. In addition, tests have demonstrated the ability to apply these RC technologies to bituminous coals. The two RC facilities are installed at two different power plants in the Midwest each of which operates two cyclone boilers burning Powder River Basin (PRB) coal from Wyoming. The Company’s RC technology includes a patent pending blended chemical covered under the terms of the M-45 License. Clean Coal is marketing this product as M-45-PC. The M-45-PC chemical can be blended by third parties and delivered to the power plant, or, if chemical handling equipment is available, it can be blended by Clean Coal at the site of the RC facility.

Emission Control

ACI systems are the established and accepted technology to specifically control mercury emissions and have been widely deployed to meet the existing state and new plant regulations. In addition to ACI systems for mercury control, it has developed and are providing commercial DSI systems that inject dry alkaline sorbents to control acid gases such as SO3 and HCl. The Company’s DSI technology is also used to control SO2, one of six criteria air pollutants. The use of DSI for SO3 reduction in conjunction with ACI has also been shown to enhance the capture of mercury from bituminous coal-fired boilers.

The Company provide M-Prove technology through two channels : through Arch Coal for use on PRB coal at the mine and through direct coal treatment applied on-site at power plants. The Company has developed and deployed technologies for conditioning flue gas streams from coal-fired combustion sources that allow existing air pollution control devices such as ESPs to operate more efficiently without the use of traditional SO3 additives, which have been shown to be detrimental to effective mercury control. Through various suppliers and contractors, it manufactures engineered systems for each individual application. The systems mix, pump and monitor the feed of chemical blends. The liquid chemical blends are applied to the flue gas streams by a pressurized system of specially designed lances and nozzles. Such treatment of the flue gas stream allows for effective collection of fly ash particles that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere. The use of the chemical blends may help existing marginally sized ESPs continue to operate effectively when applied exclusively or in combination with other chemicals such as hydrated lime (DSI systems), activated carbon products or other high-resistivity materials.

The Company offers consulting services to assist electric power generators and others in planning and implementing strategies to meet the new and increasing government emission standards requiring reductions in SO2, NOx, particulates, acid gases and mercury. This includes demonstrations of its commercial products. It receives funding for consulting and a portion of its development and testing activities from industry partners that have a strategic interest in the technology. In addition to its commercial products and services, it continues to demonstrate its position as a developer of technologies to advance cleaner energy.

CO2 Capture

The Company is considering different potential future commercial markets for carbon capture technology including producing CO2 for use in enhanced oil recovery. This technology appears to offer potential cost and energy advantages over competing liquid-solvent-based technologies. One program is focused on reducing operating costs of a carbon capture plant based on ADA’s technology by managing energy demands and recovering heat from other processes. The second program is focused on evaluating a sorbent made with aerogels, a material that has significantly different thermal properties than other sorbents. Both programs are designed to enhance the energy efficiency of the carbon capture process.

Company Address

Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc

Suite 200
9135 South Ridgeline Boulevard
P: +1303.7341727
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