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Aegion Corporation (Aegion), incorporated on August 17, 2011, is engaged in providing infrastructure protection and maintenance. The Company operates through three segments: Infrastructure Solutions, Corrosion Protection and Energy Services. The Company offers service solutions, including rehabilitation of water and wastewater pipelines with Insituform cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) products; fusible polyvinyl chloride products for rehabilitation; fiber reinforced polymer systems for rehabilitation and strengthening; cathodic protection for corrosion engineering control and infrastructure rehabilitation; pipe coatings for corrosion control and prevention; high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe lining for corrosion control, abrasion protection and pipeline rehabilitation, and construction and maintenance of oil and gas facilities.

Infrastructure Solutions

The Company's Insituform CIPP Process for the rehabilitation of sewers, pipelines and other conduits utilizes a custom-manufactured tube, or liner, made of synthetic fiber. After the tube is saturated (impregnated) with a thermosetting resin mixture, it is installed in the host pipe by various processes, and the resin is then cured, by heat using hot water or steam, forming a rigid pipe within a pipe. Its iPlus Infusion Process is a trenchless method used for the rehabilitation of small-diameter sewer pipelines, whereby a felt liner is continuously impregnated with liquid, thermosetting resin through a process, after which the liner is pulled into the host pipe, inflated with air and cured with steam. Its iPlus Composite Process is a trenchless method used for the rehabilitation of large-diameter sewer pipelines, where the felt liner is reinforced with carbon or glass fiber, impregnated with liquid, thermosetting resin, inverted into place and cured with hot water or steam. Its InsituMain System is a cured-in-place pipe solution for pressure pipes. The InsituMain System is for water mains and force mains over 54-inches in diameter. Its InsituGuard, InsituFlex and InsituFold processes are methods of rehabilitating transmission and distribution water mains using HDPE liners. Inserted into an existing pipeline by the Company's installation processes, the liners are continuous and installed tightly against the inner wall of the host pipe, thereby isolating the flow stream from the host pipe wall and eliminating internal corrosion.

The factory-folded C shape liner is winched into the host pipe from a reel and reverted with air and steam. Its Insituform RPP process is a trenchless technology used for the rehabilitation of sewer force mains and industrial pressure pipelines. The felt tube is reinforced with glass and impregnated with liquid, thermosetting resin, after which it is inverted with water and cured with hot water to form a structural, jointless pipe within the host pipe. Its Insituform PPL process is a trenchless technology that is used for the rehabilitation of drinking water and industrial pressure pipelines. A glass-reinforced liner is impregnated with an epoxy or vinyl ester resin, inverted with water and cured with hot water to form a jointless pipe lining within the host pipe. Its Sealing Method process is a method for providing re-connection to a ferrule of a service line from within the bore of a lined host pipe. Its UV/Glass Lining System is a cured in place pipe solution for small- to medium-diameter pipes utilizing a glass fiber tube that is impregnated with a resin sensitive to ultraviolet light or steam curing. Its Fusible PVC technology contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC) formulation that, when combined with its patented fusion process, results in a monolithic, fully-restrained, gasket-free, leak-free piping system. Fusible PVC pipe products include, Fusible C-900, Fusible C-905 and FPVC. Its ServiceGuard Composite Pipe product combines the performance benefits of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) with the strength and durability of an aluminum core to offer the ultimate water service line pipe.

The Company's Fibrwrap and Tyfo processes are methods applying high strength fiber fabric to strengthen structures and the connections between structural components, thereby strengthening, repairing and restoring masonry, concrete, steel and wooden structures. The Fibrwrap and Tyfo products are construction and engineering materials comprising hybrid fiber/epoxy composites used for retrofitting or repairing structures. Its FibrBundle process relates to devices, systems and methods for reinforcing pipes and other structures. The FibrBundle products are non-metal building materials, namely, tows of carbon fibers for strengthening bridges, buildings and other structures. The Company's FibrPipeWrap product and process relates to the construction and civil engineering material in the nature of hybrid fiber/epoxy composites used for retrofitting or repairing structures.

The Company's sewer pipeline rehabilitation activities are conducted principally through installation and other construction operations performed directly by its subsidiaries. It utilizes multifunctional robotic devices developed by a French subsidiary in connection with the inspection and repair of pipelines. It also maintains a manufacturing facility in Wellingborough, the United Kingdom to support its international operations and through which it sells liners to third parties. The Company's infrastructure rehabilitation operations also utilize fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) to rehabilitate and strengthen pipelines, buildings, bridges, tunnels, industrial developments and waterfront structures throughout the United States and Canada through Fibrwrap Construction Services and in its Asian markets through its subsidiaries and through its joint ventures in Borneo, Korea and Indonesia. Through Fyfe Co. (Fyfe), it designs and manufactures the FRP composite systems used in these applications. Its Fyfe entities located in Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong and its Fyfe joint ventures in Borneo, Korea and Indonesia, provide product and engineering services throughout Asia-Pacific.

Corrosion Protection segment

The Company's corrosion protection operations perform maintenance rehabilitation and corrosion protection services for oil and gas, industrial, and mineral piping systems and structures. The Company offers products for gas release and leak detection systems. Its corrosion protection operations are conducted through its various subsidiaries (Corrpro based in Houston, Texas, United Pipeline Systems based in Durango, Colorado, Bayou based in New Iberia, Louisiana, and Aegion Coating Services, LLC (ACS) based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Conroe, Texas). Certain of its corrosion protection operations outside of the United States are conducted through its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Chile, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates and through its joint ventures in Mexico, Oman and Saudi Arabia. Its Corrpro business performs fully-integrated corrosion prevention services, including engineering; product and material sales; construction and installation; inspection, monitoring and maintenance, and coatings. United Pipeline Systems perform pipeline rehabilitation services using its Tite Liner process. Its Bayou business performs internal and external pipeline coating, lining, weighting and insulation services, as well as specialty fabrication services for offshore deep-water installations, including project management and logistics. Its ACS business specializes in the application of internal corrosion coatings services, provision of external field joint anti-corrosion coating services, and the supply of equipment, all for pipeline construction projects onshore and offshore in locations around the world.

The Company's Tite Liner process is a method of lining new and existing pipe with a corrosion and abrasion resistant high-density polyethylene pipe. Its Safetyliner product is a grooved HDPE liner that is installed in an industrial pipeline using the Tite Liner process. The Safetyliner liner is used in natural gas or carbon dioxide (CO2) pipelines to allow release of gas that permeates the HDPE liner. The Safetyliner liner also has been used in pipelines as a leak detection system and for dual containment in mine water pipelines. Its InnerGard product is an internal fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating that provides corrosion protection for water injection lines. Its Enventure product is an internal lubricity coating for solid expandable downhole tubulars. Its CoatCheck product includes instruments for measuring pipe joint and surface treatment quality parameters. Its CorrFlex System is a linear anode system installed parallel to pipeline. Its CorrSpray product provides a solution for preventing corrosion of steel reinforcements in concrete structures. Its Green Rectifier system is an ecologically friendly method of cathodic protection using solar panels and a wind generator to power the cathodic protection process. Its Grid System has set the global standard for preventing releases from external corrosion of at grade storage tanks containing oil and petroleum products, thereby ensuring safe operations and protection of the environment. Its AC Interference Mitigation (ACIM) solution protects pipeline operators and the public from electrical hazards when pipelines share space on rights-of-way with overhead electric transmission lines.

Energy Services segment

The Company's Energy Services segment operates solely in the United States. Its Energy Services segment operates as Aegion Energy Services. Aegion Energy Services performs engineering, procurement, construction, maintenance and turnaround services, primarily for the downstream oil and gas industry. Aegion Energy Services' operations are located in California, Washington, Nevada and Texas. It provides project management and engineering professionals across various disciplines, including chemical, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, project controls, estimating, procurement and safety. AllSafe, a division of Aegion Energy Services, provides safety field services.

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