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28 Jan 2015
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Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK), incorporated on May 2, 1990, is an aerospace, defense, and commercial products company that operates in 22 states, Puerto Rico, and internationally. The Company operates in four segments: aerospace systems, armament systems, missile products, and security and sporting. The Company is a producer of military small-caliber ammunition for use in soldier-carried weapons, such as automatic and semi-automatic rifles, and machine guns. ATK is also a producer of medium-caliber ammunition used by tanks. In addition, the Company is a producer of ammunition for the sport enthusiast and law enforcement markets. ATK is a manufacturer of solid rocket motors, supporting tactical, strategic, missile defense, and space launch applications. In June 2013, Alliant Techsystems Inc announced that it has completed the acquisition of Caliber Company. In June 2013, Alliant Techsystems Inc acquired Savage Sports Corp. On November 1, 2013, the Company acquired Bushnell Group Holdings, Inc. In August 2014, Alliant Techsystems Inc announces filing of registration statement for spin-off of its sporting group.

The Company produces solid rocket motors used to launch a variety of strategic missiles and launch vehicles for satellite insertions or deep-space scientific exploration, including the Trident II (D5) and Minuteman III, which provide strategic deterrence capability for the United States and its allies, Ground-based Missile Defense interceptors, SM-3 interceptors, and missile defense targets, and Graphite Epoxy Motors and Orion Motors for launch vehicles, such as the Delta II, Delta IV, Minotaur and Taurus. The Company also produces smaller solid rocket motors for tactical missiles, such as the Hellfire and Maverick. In addition, ATK also provides orbit insertion solid rocket motors that place satellites in their proper orbit once they have arrived in space.

ATK is a provider of composite components for commercial and military aircraft, as well as precision-strike weapon systems. The Company manufactures medium-caliber chain guns for use on a variety of land, sea and airborne platforms. It is a provider of satellite and spacecraft components and subsystems and tactical accessories for military, security, law enforcement and sport enthusiast markets. It provides advanced missile warning sensors for a variety of aircraft, fuzes for a variety of weapon systems and advanced barrier systems used by the United States Armed forces and its allies. Additional business lanes include special mission aircraft for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, and advanced flares and decoys used for night operations and search and rescue missions.

Aerospace Systems

The Company’s aerospace systems develops and produces rocket motor systems for human and cargo launch vehicles, conventional and strategic missiles, missile defense interceptors, small and micro-satellites, satellite components, structures and subsystems, lightweight space deployables and solar arrays, and provides engineering and technical services. Additionally, Aerospace Systems operates in the military and commercial aircraft and launch structures markets. Other products include illuminating flares and aircraft countermeasures. The aerospace structures is a provider of composite aircraft components for military and commercial aircraft manufacturers, primarily leveraging advanced automated composite fabrication techniques, including Fiber-Placement Machines and ATK- Automated Stiffener Forming Machines (ASFM). It provides a variety of composite parts for the F-35 II Lightning, a fifth-generation fighter aircraft for the United States military and its allies, these parts include upper and lower wing skins, fuselage skins, nacelles, ducts, and access covers. It also provides composite radomes and apertures for a number of military aircraft, including the RQ-4 Global Hawk.

ATK’s space systems operations division is the production home for the Company's reusable solid rocket motors for NASA's current and planned human spaceflight programs, including Space Launch System (SLS) heavy lift vehicle and the International Space Station Cargo Resupply Services. In addition, the division produces a launch abort system (LAS) motor for the Orion crew capsule that was designed to safely pull the crew away from the launch vehicle in the event of an emergency during the launch. During the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012, the Space Shuttle program was completed. ATK operates under an undefinitized contract action that has transitioned ATK's activities on the Ares I program into the Space Launch System architecture, which continues to have Congressional support. The division also produces large solid rocket motors for the Trident II (D5) Fleet Ballistic Missile and the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. The division supplies Orion motors for all three stages of the ground-based missile defense system. In addition, the division produces advanced flares and decoys that provide illumination for search and rescue missions, and countermeasures against missile attacks. The division also produces thermal management systems that provide heating and cooling for spacecraft, either on-orbit or traveling through the solar system.

Armament Systems

The Company’s armament systems develops and produces military small medium, and large-caliber ammunition, precision munitions, gun systems, and propellant and energetic materials. It also operates the United States Army ammunition plants in Independence, MO and Radford, VA. The advanced weapons division is home to the majority of ATK's precision fire weapons and large-caliber ammunition programs. It is under contract to produce the Precision Guidance Kit for 155 millimeters artillery and is the developer and producer of the Mortar Guidance Kit for the United States Army's Advanced Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI). The division is a producer of large-caliber ammunition for the United States and allied nations. An additional program of note is the Individual Semi-Automatic Airburst System (ISAAS) under development for the United States Army.

The Company’s energetic systems division operates the Radford Army Ammunition Plant (RFAAP) in Radford, Virginia, where it develops and produces a variety of energetics, including nitrocellulose and nitroglycerin. It also manufactures propellants for medium- and large-caliber ammunition and tactical rocket motors. ATK is under contract to operate the RFAAP through June 30, 2012. In fiscal 2012, the Company produced approximately 1.5 billion rounds of small-caliber ammunition in the facility. ATK is under contract with the United States Army to operate the LCAAP until September 2013. The prime contract at Lake City, which includes modernization, accounted for approximately 15% of ATK's total revenue in fiscal 2012. The division also provides non-NATO munitions and weapons systems to the United States Army for use by security forces in Afganistan.

Missile Products

The Company’s missile products, which generated 15% of ATK's external sales in fiscal 2012, develops tactical solid rocket motor and produces a variety of air-, sea- and land-based systems. The group serves a variety of domestic and international customers in the defense, aerospace, security and energy markets in either a prime contractor, partner or supplier role. Missile Products is home to ATK's missile defense interceptor capabilities, airborne missile warning systems, advanced fuzes, and defense electronics. The group develops the United States Navy's Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile (AARGM) and the Multi-Stage Super Sonic Missile (MSST), as well as advanced air-breathing propulsion systems and special mission aircraft for specialized applications.

The Company’s defense electronics systems division provides customers advanced radiation homing missile systems, special-mission aircraft, missile warning systems, and mission support equipment. Key programs include the AARGM missile, which is undergoing operational testing and evaluation by the United States Navy, the AAR-47 missile warning system used by United States and allied fixed and rotor-wing aircraft to defeat incoming missile threats, and the MSST supersonic target missile for the United States Navy. The division also provides special-mission aircraft that integrate sensors, fire control equipment, and air-to-ground weapons capability for use in counterinsurgency, border/coastal surveillance, and security missions.

The Company’s missile subsystems and components division provides customers with tactical, high-performance, solid rocket motor propulsion for a variety of surface and air launched missile systems, including Hellfire, Maverick, Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) and Sidewinder. The division is also home to fuzing and sensors for various artillery, mortar, grenade and air-dropped weapons; metal components for various medium-caliber gun and 120 millimeters tank ammunition and production of specialty composite and ceramic structures used on military platforms and in energy applications.

The Company’s propulsion and controls division provides customers with the third-stage propulsion and the solid divert and attitude control system (SDACS) used to guide the kinetic warhead on the Standard Missile (SM-3) missile defense interceptor. The division is also home to precision fuzing programs, such as the Hard Target Void Sensing Fuze (HTVSF). Additional capabilities include the STAR family of satellite orbit insertion motors, high performance rocket boosters, the attitude control motor for NASA's launch abort system on the Orion crew vehicle and advanced air-breathing propulsion for platforms designed for Mach 3+ flight.

Security and Sporting

The Company’s security and sporting, which generated 22% of ATK's external sales in fiscal 2012, develops and produces ammunition and accessories sold to sporting, law enforcement, United States Government, and international markets. The Company’s accessories division includes ATK's accessories product lines, such as reloading equipment, gun care products, targets and traps, riflescopes and mounts, and binoculars. These products are marketed brand names, including: RCBS, Outers, Shooter's Ridge, Weaver Optics, and Alliant Powder. This division also produces tactical systems and equipment to the armed forces and allies, special operations forces, and law enforcement, both domestic and international. These products are marketed brandnames, including BLACKHAWK! and Eagle. The ammunition division develops and produces ammunition for the sport hunting/sport enthusiast markets. It also produces ammunition for the local law enforcement, United States Government, and international markets. Additional brands include Fusion, Estate Cartridge, CCI, and Speer.

The Company competes with Aerojet-General Corporation, Kilgore Flares Company, LLC, Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, Inc., Orbital Sciences Corporation, General Dynamics-Integrated Space Systems, Sierra Nevada Corporation, AASC, GKN plc, Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc., Applied Aerospace Structures Corporation, Ball Corporation & Technologies Corporation, Keystone & ARDE of United Technologies Corporation, SpaceX, General Dynamics Corporation, BAE Systems, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation, Raytheon Company, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Textron Inc., Pratt & Whitney Space and Missile Propulsion, Nammo AS, The Boeing Company; L-3 Communications Corporation; Northrop Grumman Corporation, AAR Corp.; Goodrich Corporation; Science Applications International Corporation, Olin Corporation, Remington Arms, Hornady, Black Hills Ammunition, Wolf, Rio Ammunition, Fiocchi Ammunition and Selliers & Belloitt

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