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14 Aug 2003
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IXC Communications, Inc. provides data and voice telecommunications transmission services, owning and operating a coast-to-coast digital communications network that includes 9,300 fiber route miles of fiber optic transmission facilities. (Substantial additions to the network are under construction, and the Company projects it will include approximately 16,400 fiber route miles by the end of 1999.) The Company's other facilities include nine long distance switches and 26 ATM-Frame Relay switches to capitalize on the growing demand for Internet and electronic data transfer services. Through a combination of Company-owned facilities and those of other carriers, IXC originates and terminates long distance traffic in all 50 U.S. states, and terminates long distance traffic in over 200 countries. The Company's revenues for 1998 were $668.6 million, compared with $521.6 million in 1997.

The Company markets a variety of wholesale and retail switched long distance services, including 1-800,credit card, operator services, directory assistance and international service. Additional services include 1 Plus Switched Service, which provides direct-dial service over IXC's network; 1 Plus Dedicated Service, which provides direct-dial service over the network for end users that have arranged to connect to the Company's nearest hub through a local loop; and 800/888 Switched Service, which provides service for business over the network that allows calls to be made for specific location at no charge to the calling party. An 800/888 Dedicated Service provides 800/888 service over the Company's network for end users that have arranged to connect to IXC's nearest hub through a local loop. The Company's Calling Card Service provides telephone card service and its Debit Card Service provides prepaid telephone card service. A Switched Termination Service provides carrier customers using a switch in one area with termination services in other areas,while Direct Access Line Service provides customers with direct access to long distance lines, bypassing the LEC lines.

The Company leases dedicated circuits, or private lines, to other companies for the transmission of voice and data. Private line customers include Internet Service Providers (ISPs), long distance carriers and cable television companies who may transmit voice, data, or Internet traffic over the Company's network. Pricing for private line sales contracts varies with both the amount of capacity, or bandwidth, and the length of the leased circuit. The Company provides capacity in varying increments, including the ability to provision circuits with multiple OC-192 capacity. IXC provides private line circuit contracts to over 275 customers, including AT&T, MCIWorldCom, Sprint, PSINet, Level 3 Communications, Cable & Wireless, Qwest Communications, and Frontier.

IXC also provides long distance switched services by transmitting long distance traffic through its own switches. Long distance switched services are processed through digital switches and carried over the Company's network or over other long distance circuits and transmission facilities that the Company leases. The Company sells these services on a per-call basis, charging by minutes of use, with payment due monthly after services are rendered. The Company's focus in this business is on end users, which consist primarily of small and medium sized businesses. It also services long distance resellers (both switchless resellers and switched resellers that lack switches in geographic regions). The Company sells long distance switched services to over 113,000 end users and more than 245 long distance resellers.

Additionally, the Company acts as an Internet services and backbone provider and provides ATM- Frame Relay-based switched data services.The Company's network includes 26 ATM-Frame Relay switches and was built with SONET technology and broadband capabilities. It supports advanced, capacity-intensive products that use comparatively large amounts of bandwidth, such as ATM-Frame Relay, multimedia, and Internet-related applications. The Company markets a full line of data/Internet products and services to ISP's, resellers, CLECs and end users. Included in the Company's suite of products are back office support functions including branded order entry and provisioning.

The Company acquired four companies in the Internet technology business: Network Evolutions, Inc., a provider of data consulting services and network design solutions; The Data Place, Inc, which supplies companies with complete network systems integration solutions; ntr.net Corporation, an ISP that offers custom back office support to wholesale customers as well as multiple Internet dial-up services; and SMARTNAP, a subsidiary of SMART Technologies,an ISP that provides aggregated Internet access, collocation of Web servers and routers and end-site Internet managed connectivity. In addition to these acquisitions, the IXC consummated an agreement with PSINet, Inc. in which IXC provided PSINet an indefeasible right to use (IRU) agreement in 10,000 miles of OC-48 capacity on the Company's network. The Company also acquired 34% of Applied Theory Communications, Inc., which services the New York state research and education community.

In December 1998, The Company activated the first coast-to-coast next generation Internet Protocol OC-48 backbone network to carry both commercial and research community traffic. Named Gemini2000, this network carries traffic at speeds of 2.5 gigabits per second. Gemini2000 will offer a full range of voice, data, Internet and integrated communications services to the Company's customers. The Company has sold IRUs in excess fiber to various other communications companies including MCIWorldCom,LCI International Management Services, Inc. (now a subsidiary of Qwest), and The Williams Companies. In addition to fiber sales, The Company has swapped excess fiber with other carriers.

The Company formed Storm Communications, Ltd., a joint venture with Telenor AS, the Norwegian national telephone company, to provide telecommunication services to carriers and resellers in Europe. The Company also indirectly holds a minority interest in Grupo Marca-Tel S.A. de C.V., a Mexican telecommunications provider.

The Company's main competitors include AT&T, which is the largest supplier of long distance voice and data transmission services in the United States, MCIWorldCom, Sprint, Qwest, and the Williams Company. In the future, the Company expects to face competition from the RBOCs, GTE Corporation and others such as electric utilities and cable television companies.

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