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Infoblox Inc., incorporated on May 23, 2003, provides enterprise and service provider-class solutions to automate management of the critical network infrastructure services. The Company provides network control, network automation and domain name system (DNS) security though appliance-based solutions. The Company's solutions combine real-time Internet protocol address management (IPAM), automation of network control, change and configuration management processes and DNS-based infrastructure security in purpose-built physical and virtual appliances. The Company's functions include delivering critical network protocol services, such as dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), network change and configuration management, and network infrastructure security. The Company offers four product families: Core Network Services, Infrastructure Security, Cloud Network Automation, and Network Change and Configuration Management.

Core Network Services

The Core Network Services product family enables automated layer-2 layer-3 network discovery and real time protocol delivery, including DNS, DHCP and IPAM (collectively DDI). The components of its Core Network Services product family, which can be purchased separately from each other, are Trinzic DDI, Network Insight, IPAM for Microsoft, Trinzic Reporting and DNS Traffic Control. The Company's Trinzic DDI product is an appliance that is designed to ensure the continuous operation of critical network services. Trinzic DDI uses its software, which automates the routine, repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks associated with deploying and managing DNS, DHCP and IPAM. A Trinzic DDI appliance can be used in a standalone configuration or combined with other appliances using its Grid technology to view and manage through a Web-based management interface to support complex networks that can scale to thousands of Trinzic appliances and millions of Internet protocol (IP) addresses. The Company's Network Insight delivers visibility and control to network administrators. Network Insight automatically and continuously discovers all networks and devices on those networks and stores that information in a central repository. In addition to automated discovery, Network Insight delivers switch port inventory and control, enabling network administrators to provision and control switch port resources and monitors all IP resources under management.

The Company's IPAM for Microsoft provides a single, Web-based management interface for the centralized management of Microsoft DNS, DHCP and multiple IP address pools without any installation of software on Microsoft servers. When implemented together with its Trinzic DDI product, IPAM for Microsoft permits network-wide management of the Company's DDI appliances and Microsoft servers from a single point of control. Its Trinzic Reporting integrates into the Company's Grid and works directly with other appliances, providing visibility through reporting, trending analysis and tracking of near real-time network data. Trinzic Reporting automates time-consuming manual tasks associated with collecting, tabulating and correlating data through its single point of control. All of the data collection and processing is performed on a separate reporting appliance, eliminating load and performance impact on the protocol serving DDI appliances. Its DNS Traffic Control combines global server load balancing (GSLB) functionality with the Company's DNS server functionality, enabling networking teams to obtain DNS and GSLB functionality in one integrated solution. Acting as the DNS appliance, DNS Traffic Control uses the DNS query/response mechanism to automatically return the IP address of the server that is suited to fulfill the user's request.

Infrastructure Security

The Infrastructure Security product family includes External DNS Security, Internal DNS Security and DNS Firewall, which enable customers to protect their DNS infrastructure from cyber-attacks, and detect and block DNS queries to botnet and malware domains, respectively. External DNS Security is an appliance that is designed to protect the customer network from cyber-attacks by using threat intelligence to distinguish malicious DNS traffic (attack traffic) from legitimate DNS traffic and to block the malicious queries while responding to legitimate queries. This helps to prevent the appliance from being overwhelmed by attack traffic and enables the organization to continue to deliver network services while under attack. Internal DNS Security is intended to serve inside an organization's information technology (IT) network to provide security functionality to internal DNS servers. This product analyzes outbound queries from inside the network and determines if they are attempting to contact known malicious domain destinations. Upon detection of such queries, Internal DNS Security blocks the query from resolving, thereby disrupting malware communications. In addition to malware protection, Internal DNS Security is able to detect and defend against DNS infrastructure attacks that are initiated from inside the network, such as internal DNS Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The DNS Firewall helps organizations detect and protect themselves from malware and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) security threats that might reside inside the customer network. This product uses a live feed of malware domains enabling the DNS server to create a black list of malicious domains and block queries to those domains. This prevents malware and APT call backs to botnet controllers and helps IT security teams to identify the infected end-points that made the query request. DNS Firewall is fully integrated with the Company's DDI product and can be managed from the same interface.

Cloud Network Automation

The Cloud Network Automation product family enables integration with cloud orchestration technologies, such as VMware vRealize Automation, Microsoft System Center Orchestrator, OpenStack and BMC Atrium Orchestrator. This solution, alongside its Cloud Platform Appliances, enables its customers to automate network provisioning and control functions in private, hybrid and public cloud deployments. When Cloud Network Automation is in place, the solution automatically detects the new virtual machines when they are created and then in real-time assigns IP addresses to them and automatically creates appropriate DNS entries. As the virtual machines are de-provisioned, the Company's solutions automatically de-provision the IP addresses and update the DNS records. The Company's DDI for Amazon Web Services (AWS) extends its DNS and DHCP functionality to the AWS cloud networking environment, enabling users to have one unified solution to run DDI in a consistent manner.

Network Change and Configuration Management

The Network Change and Configuration Management product family includes NetMRI and Automation Change Manager and Security Device Controller, which automates the process handling complex network configuration management. The Company's solutions discover network devices, capture all configuration information in a centralized repository and enables automated change management, including change tracking, change deployment and roll-backs, and compliance validation. The components of Network Change and Configuration Management are NetMRI and Automation Change Manager. Its NetMRI product automates network change and configuration management processes. NetMRI enables IT organizations to automate time-sensitive network changes, gain visibility into the impact of changes occurring on the network, manage network configurations and meet a range of compliance requirements for both physical and virtual machines. Its Automation Change Manager automates network configuration functions so that end customers can make network changes without manual intervention and in real-time.

The Company competes with BMC Software, Inc., EMC Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, International Business Machines Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, F5 Corporation, Palo Alto Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, British Telecom, BlueCat Networks, Inc., BT Group plc, Efficient IP, Inc. and Nominum, Inc.

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