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Cabot Corporation (Cabot), incorporated on July 14, 1960, is a global specialty chemicals and performance materials company. The Company's principal products are rubber and specialty grade carbon blacks, fumed metal oxides, activated carbon, inkjet colorants, aerogel and cesium formate drilling fluids. The Company operates through four segments: Reinforcement Materials, Performance Chemicals, Purification Solutions and Specialty Fluids. It operates in three geographic regions: Americas Region; Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Region, and Asia Pacific Region. Cabot and its affiliates have manufacturing facilities and operations in the United States and over 20 other countries. It focuses on creating particles with the composition, morphology, surface functionalities and formulations.

Reinforcement Materials

Carbon black is a form of elemental carbon that is manufactured in a controlled process to produce particles and aggregates of varied structure and surface chemistry, resulting in various different performance characteristics for a range of applications. Rubber grade carbon blacks are used to enhance the physical properties of the systems and applications, in which they are incorporated. The Company's rubber blacks products are used in tires and industrial products. Rubber blacks are used in the tire industry as a rubber reinforcing agent to increase tread durability and are also used as a performance additive to reduce rolling resistance and improve traction. In industrial products, such as hoses, belts, extruded profiles and molded goods, rubber blacks are used to improve the physical performance of the product, including the product's physical strength, fluid resistance, conductivity and resistivity. It owns, or has a controlling interest in, and operates plants that produce rubber blacks in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, the Czech Republic, France, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands and the United States.

Performance Materials

Performance Chemicals consists of two businesses: the Company's Specialty Carbons and Formulations business, which manufactures and sells specialty grades of carbon black, specialty compounds and inkjet colorants, and its Metal Oxides business, which manufactures and sells fumed silica, fumed alumina and dispersions thereof and aerogel. In Performance Chemicals, the Company designs, manufactures and sells materials that deliver performance in a range of customer applications across the automotive, construction and infrastructure, inkjet printing, electronics and consumer products sectors. Its thermoplastic concentrates and compounds, which it refers to as specialty compounds, are derived from its specialty grades of carbon black mixed with polymers and other additives. These products are used by plastics formulators in thermoplastic polymer applications, such as cable jacketings, films, fibers, moldings, pipes and sheets. In addition, its electrically conductive compound products are used to reduce the risk of damage from electrostatic discharge in plastics applications.

The Company's inkjet colorants are pigment-based black and color dispersions based on its carbon black surface modification technology. The dispersions are used in aqueous inkjet inks to impart color, sharp print characteristics and durability. These products are used in various inkjet printing applications, including commercial printing, small office/home office and corporate office, and applications that require dispersibility and colloidal stability. The Company's inkjet inks, which utilize its pigment-based colorant dispersions, are used in the commercial printing segment for digital print.

Fumed silica is a high-purity particle used as a reinforcing, thickening, abrasive, thixotropic, suspending or anti-caking agent in a range of products for the automotive, construction, microelectronics and consumer products industries. These products include adhesives, sealants, cosmetics, inks, toners, silicone rubber, coatings, polishing slurries and pharmaceuticals. Fumed alumina, also a high-purity particle, is used as an abrasive, absorbent or barrier agent in a range of products, such as inkjet media, lighting, coatings, cosmetics and polishing slurries. Aerogel is a hydrophobic, silica-based particle with a high surface area that is used in a range of thermal insulation and specialty chemical applications. In the building and construction industry, the product is used in insulative sprayable plasters and composite building products, as well as translucent skylight, window, wall and roof systems for insulating eco-daylighting applications. In the specialty chemicals industry, the product is used to provide matte finishing, insulating and thickening properties for use in a range of applications.

Purification Solutions

The Company's activated carbon is a porous material consisting of elemental carbon treated with heat, steam and/or chemicals to create high internal porosity, resulting in an internal surface area that resembles a sponge. It is produced in two forms: powdered and granular, and is manufactured in different sizes, shapes and levels of purity and using a range of raw materials for a range of applications. Activated carbon is used to remove contaminants from liquids and gases using a process called adsorption, whereby the interconnected pores of activated carbon trap contaminants.

The Company's activated carbon products are used for the purification of water, air, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and other liquids and gases, as either a colorant or a decolorizing agent in the production of products for food and beverage applications, and as a chemical carrier in slow release applications. In gas and air applications, one of the uses of activated carbon is for the removal of mercury in flue gas streams. In certain applications, used activated carbon can be reactivated for further use by removing the contaminants from the pores of the activated carbon product. The applications for its reactivated carbon are water treatment and food and beverage purification. In addition to its activated carbon production and reactivation, it also provides activated carbon solutions through on-site equipment and services, including delivery systems for activated carbon injection in coal-fired utilities, mobile water filter units and carbon reactivation services.

Specialty Fluids

The Company's Specialty Fluids segment produces and markets cesium formate as a drilling and completion fluid for use primarily in high pressure and high temperature oil and gas well construction. Cesium formate products are solids-free, high-density fluids that have a low viscosity, enabling well construction and workover operations. The fluid is resistant to high temperatures, minimizes damage to producing reservoirs and is biodegradable. In a range of applications, cesium formate is blended with other formates or products. It also manufactures and sells cesium chemicals that are used in a range of applications, including catalysts and brazing fluxes.

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