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Chemtura Corporation, incorporated on May 27, 1999, is a chemical company. The Company is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of engineered industrial specialty chemicals. The Company's products are sold to industrial manufacturing customers for use as additives, ingredients or intermediates. The Company's segments are Industrial Performance Products and Industrial Engineered Products. The Industrial Performance Products segment manufactures and markets lubricant additive components, synthetic lubricant base-stocks, synthetic finished fluids, calcium sulfonate specialty greases and phosphate and polyester based fluids, and is also engaged in the development and production of hot cast elastomer pre-polymers. The Industrial Engineered Products segment develops and manufactures bromine and bromine-based products and organometallic compounds. The Company operates in a range of industries, including automotive, building and construction, electronics, lubricants, packaging and transportation.

Industrial Performance Products

The Industrial Performance Products segment develops, manufactures and markets specialty performance chemicals, formulations and polymers. Industrial Performance Products include synthetic base-stocks and petroleum additives that enable engine and machine protection through friction reduction, thermal and oxidative stabilization, detergency, corrosion inhibition, and wear protection in transportation and industrial lubricating fluids and greases; specialty synthetic finished lubricants and greases for aviation, marine, refrigeration, power generation and general industrial applications; thermoset and thermoplastic urethane polymers engineered to provide performance properties in a range of industrial and recreational applications, and polyester polyols for cast polyurethane pre-polymers, flexible polyurethane foams and water-based polyurethane dispersions used in various types of coatings, such as wood floor finishes, glass fiber coatings and textile treatments.

The Company manufactures and markets base-stocks, additive components, finished synthetic lubricants and specialty greases. Its specialty synthetic lubricant base-stocks, including high-viscosity SYNTON polyalphaolefins, REOLUBE phosphate esters, and a portfolio of HATCOL esters, are used in automotive, aviation, refrigeration, hydraulic systems and various industrial applications. Its specialty additive components, such as NAUGALUBE alkylated diphenylamine antioxidants, play a critical role in meeting rising regulatory mandated automotive standards for engine performance and emissions. Its oil-soluble HYBASE and LOBASE calcium sulfonate surfactants enable lubricants to keep car, truck and ship engines clean with minimal wear by providing detergency and corrosion protection properties. Additionally, it markets a specially-developed overbased magnesium sulfonate detergent to prevent corrosion in turbines, which burn heavy fuels for electrical power generation. Its ANDEROL and ROYCO branded specialty and synthetic finished lubricants come with original equipment manufacturer approvals for the aerospace and defense and industrial markets. Additionally, ROYCO lubricants are approved under the specifications of the United States military agencies and approving bodies, including the United States Department of Defense and the Society of Automotive Engineers. The Company manufactures and sells calcium sulfonate specialty greases and phosphate ester-based fluids for extreme temperature applications. In addition to its branded lubricants, the Company also manufactures private label finished lubricants.

The Company supplies a range of low-free monomer and conventional cast urethane pre-polymers, thermoplastic polyurethanes, custom curatives and urethane chemicals serving a range of industries. Cast polyurethane products produced from its ADIPRENE and VIBRATHANE urethane pre-polymers offer durability, abrasion resistance, cut resistance, high temperature resistance and chemical resistance for performance-oriented applications. Its ULTRALAST thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) polymers can be used in a range of high performance applications in the oil and gas, mining, construction, and sports equipment industries. As of December 31, 2016, its urethane chemicals business consists primarily of two product lines. FOMREZ polyester polyols serve as raw materials for its pre-polymer line of products and are also utilized in industrial applications, such as flexible foam for seating. WITCOBOND polyurethane dispersions are primarily utilized for glass fiber sizing, wood floor coatings and ballistics protection applications.

Industrial Engineered Products

The Industrial Engineered Products segment manufactures and sells engineered specialty chemicals utilized in the plastics, agriculture, fine chemicals, oil and gas, building and construction, insulation, electronics, mercury control, solar energy, pharmaceutical and automotive industries. Its products include catalyst components, surface treatments, flame retardants and an extensive bromine based product line used as agricultural and pharmaceutical intermediates, completion fluids for oil and gas extraction and mercury control products for coal fired power stations. These products are sold across the entire value chain ranging from direct sales to monomer producers, polymer manufacturers, compounders and fabricators, fine chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, photovoltaic panel and light-emitting diode (LED) producers, oilfield service and electricity generation companies to industry distributors.

The Company's Great Lakes Solutions manufactures and markets bromine, bromine intermediates and flame retardant products and solutions. Its flame retardant products are used in applications, such as electronic components, electrical enclosures and building products, including insulation and furniture foam, and automotive, while bromine and bromine intermediates are used in the manufacture of a range of industrial and consumer products and energy producing industries. Its additives help stop fire before it starts by resisting ignition and slowing the rate of combustion and are used in a range of applications, including flexible and rigid foams, fabrics and furniture, auto interiors and under the hood, circuit boards and electrical connectors, computer cabinetry and wiring in building and construction.

The Company's products include the Emerald Innovation Series, Firemaster bromine-based flame retardants; Kronitex, Reofos phosphorus-based flame retardants; Fyrebloc flame retardants; Fire Shield LSFR, Ongard, Oncor, Pyrobloc, Smokebloc, Thermoguard/Timonox/Trutint antimony-based flame retardants/synergists, and PetCat antimony-based catalysts. Its bromine and bromine intermediates are utilized in various industries, including agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, butyl rubber, polymers and biocides. Great Lakes Solutions' solids-free clear brine fluids are an important part of oil exploration and development, which are used in the preparation of well equipment for production, including insertion of liners, screens, packers and other equipment. Its GeoBrom line of bromine and bromine derivative products are used to control mercury emissions from coal-fired power stations. Organometallics are a special group of metals containing organic chemicals, which play an important role in a range of industrial applications. Organometallics are essential catalyst components used to initiate the polymerization reactions that transform monomers into polymers and cure certain paints. They are also used as precursors in glass coatings, metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) agents in the production of semiconductors, LEDs and photovoltaic panels, as well as reagents used in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates.

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