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3D Systems Corporation, incorporated on May 14, 1993, is a holding company. The Company provides three-dimensional (3D) products and services, including 3D printers, print materials, parts services and digital design and manufacturing tools. Its ecosystem supports applications from the product design shop to the factory floor to the operating room. Its precision healthcare capabilities include simulation, Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP), and printing of medical and dental devices, as well as patient-specific surgical instruments. Its customers can use 3D printing to design and manufacture parts. Its customers include companies and small and midsize businesses in a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, government, defense, technology, electronics, education, consumer goods, energy and healthcare.

The Company operates through subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East (EMEA) and the Asia Pacific region (APAC or Asia Pacific). The Company markets its products and services in those areas, as well as in other parts of the world. The Company conducts its business through various facilities located throughout the Asia Pacific region (Australia, China, India, Japan and Korea), Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom), Israel, Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay), Russia and the United States.

3D Printers

The Company's 3D printers transform digital data input generated by 3D design software, computer-aided design (CAD) software, or other 3D design tools, into printed parts using various print engines that employ additive layer by layer building processes with a range of print materials, including plastic, metal, nylon, rubber, wax and composite materials. It offers a range of 3D printing technologies, including Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Direct Metal Printing (DMP), MultiJet Printing (MJP), ColorJet Printing (CJP) and PlasticJet Printing (PJP). Its SLA 3D printers cure liquid resin materials with a laser beam to produce plastic parts. It offers SLA printers with a range of materials, sizes and price points that are suited for prototypes, end use parts, casting patterns and molds, tooling, fixtures and medical models. Its SLS 3D printers use a laser beam to melt and fuse powder-based nylon and engineered plastic and composite print materials to produce durable parts. Customer uses of its SLS printers include functional test models and end use parts, such as housings, machinery components, ducting, jigs and fixtures and medical devices and personalized surgery kits and guides.

The Company's Direct Metal 3D printers use a laser beam to sinter powders in a range of metal materials to produce metal parts. It offers DMP printers that can process a range of materials and powders. It sells DMP systems in various sizes and certain models for specific metals, including titanium, stainless steel and nickel super alloys. Its DMP printers are suited for medical and dental implants, aerospace, automotive, hi-tech and industrial applications, such as conformal cooling, simplifying assemblies, light weight parts, fluid flow, topology optimization and other complex parts. Its MultiJet 3D printers utilize jetting head technology with resolution in tough plastic, wax, elastomer and engineered materials. Its ColorJet 3D printers produce parts from ceramic-like powder based materials. CJP printers build color parts that can be sanded, drilled, tapped, painted and electroplated. CJP printers are used for producing models used in mechanical design, healthcare, architecture, education, entertainment and packaging applications. Its PlasticJet 3D printers utilize plastic extrusion print engine technology to print parts in nylon and other plastics. Its PJP printers are designed for prototyping, assembly and functional testing.


The Company's printers utilize a range of print materials. The Company's range of print materials includes plastic, nylon, metal, composite, elastomeric, wax and Class IV bio-compatible materials. It offers a range of liquid resin materials under the Accura brand name that are designed to mimic specific, engineered thermoplastic and provide a range of characteristics, including polypropylene-like, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)-like and Class IV bio-compatible. SLA print materials include general purpose, as well as specialized materials, which are used for product design and testing, casting, patterns and molds, and healthcare applications, such as medical models and devices. Its selective laser sintering materials include a range of plastics, nylon and composite materials marketed under the DuraForm, LaserForm and CastForm brand names. These materials are available in formulations for an array of prototyping and direct manufacturing applications. SLS materials are used for resistant parts, functional tooling, injection molding tool inserts, investment casting, end use parts for manufacturing and patient-specific surgical guides.

The Company's direct metal printing materials include metal powders. These materials include titanium, stainless steels, tool steels, super alloys, non-ferrous alloys, precious metals and aluminum. Its DMP printers and materials are used for detail parts for industrial and healthcare applications, including aerospace, automotive, semi-conductor and medical and dental devices and implants. Its MJP and CJP printers utilize materials that it markets under the VisiJet brand name. These materials consist of a range of plastic, wax, elastomeric, ceramic-like and engineered materials. VisiJet materials are used in prototyping, design communication and testing, casting, medical modeling and manufacturing applications. Materials for use in its PJP 3D printers include polylatic acid (PLA), ABS, polyamide (Nylon) and rinse away support materials.

Software and Related Products

The Company provides digital design tools, including software, scanners and haptic devices. The Company offers products for product design, mold and die design, 3D scan-to-print, reverse engineering, production machining and inspection. These products are designed to enable workflow for customers. It also offers software and drivers embedded within its printers that provide part preparation, part placement, support placement, build platform management and print queue management.

Other Products

As part of its solutions for precision healthcare, the Company also offers 3D virtual reality simulators and simulator modules for medical applications. These 3D simulators offer clinicians to prepare for upcoming procedures and create patient specific simulations. It also provides digitizing scanners for medical and mechanical applications.


The Company provides a range of customer services, local application support and field support on an around the world basis for its products, including installation of printers at customers' sites, printer warranties, maintenance agreements, periodic hardware upgrades and software updates. It also provides services to assist its customers and partners in developing applications for its technologies, to facilitate the use of its technology for specific applications, to train customers on the use of printers and to maintain its printers at customers' sites. It provides these services and field support either directly or through a network of partners. It distributes spare parts on an around the world basis to its customers, from locations in the Americas, EMEA and APAC. It also offers upgrade kits for certain of its printers.

The Company provides custom parts manufacturing through its Quickparts brand through a global network of facilities. It provides a range of production and finishing capabilities for precision plastic and metal parts and tooling with a range of additive and traditional manufacturing processes. It also provides professional 3D scanning, printing and custom parts related to the entertainment industry through its Gentle Giant brand. In addition to its software license products, the Company offers software maintenance, which includes updates and software support for each software product. Its software products are sold with maintenance service that generally covers a period of one year.

Through its precision healthcare services, the Company provides medical prototyping and manufacturing services that involve printing and finishing of medical and dental devices, models and tools, as well as modeling and design services, including VSP. It also provides service on its surgical simulators that are sold under its Simbionix brand.

Company Address

3D Systems Corp

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