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W.R. Grace & Co. (Grace), incorporated on August 6, 1997, is engaged in the production and sale of specialty chemicals and specialty materials. The Company operates in three segments: Grace Catalysts Technologies, which includes catalysts and related products and technologies used in refining, petrochemical and other chemical manufacturing applications; Grace Materials Technologies, which includes packaging technologies and engineered materials used in consumer, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications, and Grace Construction Products, which includes specialty construction chemicals and specialty building materials used in commercial, infrastructure and residential construction.

Grace Catalysts Technologies

The Company's Grace Catalysts Technologies segment produces and sells catalysts and related products and technologies used in refining, petrochemical and other chemical manufacturing applications, including Fluid catalytic cracking catalysts (FCC), Hydroprocessing catalysts (HPC), and Polyolefin catalysts and catalyst supports. FCC catalysts helps to crack the hydrocarbon chain in distilled crude oil to produce transportation fuels, such as gasoline and diesel fuels, and other petroleum-based products; FCC additives are used to manage sulfur in gasoline, manage propylene production from refinery FCC units, and manage emissions of sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide from refinery FCC units. It has designed its MIDAS catalyst, IMPACT catalyst, NEKTOR catalyst, and GENESIS catalyst product portfolios to enable its customers to manage high-resid feedstock refining. The Company has developed a portfolio of products designed to assist refiners in meeting their gasoline sulfur-reduction targets, including its D-PRISM and GSR additives, and its SURCA catalyst family. The Company's ZSM-5-based technology, including its OLEFINSMAX and OLEFINSULTRA additive products, is designed to manage the propylene output of FCC units. Its DESOX additive manages units. The Company sulfur oxides emissions from commercial FCC markets HPC through Advanced Refining Technologies LLC (ART), a joint venture with Chevron Products Company. It offers products for fixed-bed resid hydrotreating, on-stream catalyst replacement and ebullating-bed resid hydrocracking processes. It also offers a line of catalysts, customized for individual refiners, used in distillate hydrotreating to produce sulfur content gasoline and diesel fuel, including its SMART CATALYST SYSTEM and APART catalyst systems.

The Company's Polyolefin catalysts and catalyst supports, also known as specialty catalysts (SC), are used for the production of polypropylene and polyethylene thermoplastic resins, which are customized to manage the performance of a range of industrial and consumer end-use applications, including high pressure pipe, geomembranes, food packaging, automotive parts, medical devices, and textiles; chemical catalysts used in a range of industrial, environmental and consumer applications, and gas-phase polypropylene process technology, which provides the Company's licensees with a capability to manufacture polypropylene products for a range of end-use applications. The Company's MAGNAPORE polymerization catalyst is used to produce polyethylene in the slurry loop process for pipe and film applications. Its POLYTRAK polymerization catalyst focuses on managed polypropylene performance, primarily for resistant applications, such as automobile bumpers and household appliances. The Company's DAVICAT catalysts offer a range of chemical and physical properties based on its material science technology for supported catalysts, polystyrene, herbicide, neutraceuticals and on-purpose olefins. Its RANEY nickel, cobalt and copper hydrogenation and dehydrogenation catalysts are used for the synthesis of organic compounds for the fibers, polyurethanes, engineered plastics, pharmaceuticals, sweeteners and petroleum industries. Its non-phthalate CONSISTA and SHAC catalysts, along with CONSISTA and ADT donors, are designed for the UNIPOL gas-phase polypropylene process technology but are also manageable to a range of other polypropylene gas-phase and slurry-phase polymerization processes.

Grace Materials Technologies

The Company's Grace Materials Technologies segment produces and sells specialty materials, coatings and sealants and related products used in coatings, consumer, industrial, pharmaceutical, and packaging applications, including engineered materials and packaging products. The Company's engineered materials include silica-based and silica-alumina-based materials used in a range of applications, such as coatings and print media applications, consumer applications, industrial applications, and pharmaceutical, life science and related applications. Its coatings and print media applications include functional additives that provide matting effects and corrosion protection for industrial and consumer coatings and media and paper products. Its consumer applications are used as a free-flow agent, carrier or processing aid in food and personal care products; as a toothpaste abrasive and thickener, and for the processing and stabilization of edible oils and beverages. Its industrial applications include tires and rubber, precision investment casting, refractory, insulating glass windows, adsorbents for use in petrochemical and natural gas processes and biofuels, various functions, such as reinforcement, high temperature binding and moisture scavenging. Its pharmaceutical, life science and related applications include silica-based separation media, excipients and pharmaceutical intermediates; complementary purification products, chromatography consumables, and instruments, and carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbents used in anesthesiology and mine safety applications.

The Company's packaging products (Darex) include can and closure sealants used to seal and manage the shelf life of can and bottle contents; coatings for cans and closures that manage metal corrosion, protect package contents from the metal and manage adhesion of sealing compounds, and scavenging technologies designed to manage off-taste and extend the shelf-life of packaged products. The Company's Grace Materials Technologies brands include SYLOID, SHIELDEX, SYLOSIV, SYLOWHITE, SYLOJET, DURAFILL, LUDOX, SYLOBLANC, PERKASIL, SYLOBLOC, SYLOBEAD, SYNTHETECH, DAVISIL, VYDAC, MODCOL, SPRING, MULTIPACKER, DAREX, DARAFORM, DARASEAL, DARABLEND, SINCERA, CELOX, APPERTA and SISTIAGA.

Grace Construction Products

The Company's Grace Construction Products segment produces and sells construction chemicals and building materials, such as Specialty construction chemicals (SCC) and Specialty building materials (SBM). SCC is used to manage the performance of portland cement and materials based on portland cement, including concrete admixtures that are sold to ready-mix, precast and sprayed concrete producers, and cement additives that are sold to manufacturers of portland cement. SBM is used in both new construction and renovation/repair projects, including sheet and liquid membrane systems that protect commercial buildings, residential buildings and infrastructure from above- and below-grade water penetration, and above-grade vapor and air penetration and underlayments used to protect sloped roofs from wind and water penetration. The Company's Grace Construction Products brands include WRDA, ADVA, STRUX, MIRA, POLARSET, ECLIPSE, CBA, ESE, SYNCHRO, HEA2, TDA, DRY-BLOCK, OPTEC, QUANTEC, ICE & WATER SHIELD, TRI-FLEX, VYCOR and BETEC.

The Company competes with Albemarle Corp., BASF, SINOPEC, Johnson Matthey, Criterion, Haldor Topsoe, UOP, Axens, LyondellBasell, Lummus Novolen Technology, INEOS Technologies, Waters Corporation, Agilent Technologies, Thermo-Fisher and Sika.

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