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Chart Industries, Inc. (Chart), incorporated on June 25, 1992, is a diversified manufacturer of engineered equipment for the industrial gas, energy, and biomedical industries. The Company's equipment and engineered systems are used for low-temperature and cryogenic applications. It operates through three segments, including Energy & Chemicals (E&C), Distribution & Storage (D&S), and BioMedical. The Company's products include vacuum insulated containment vessels, heat exchangers, cold boxes, other cryogenic components and equipment for respiratory therapy. Its E&C and D&S segment's manufacture products used primarily in energy-related and industrial applications, such as the separation, liquefaction, distribution and storage of hydrocarbon and industrial gases. The Company, through its BioMedical segment, supplies cryogenic and other equipment used in respiratory healthcare and life sciences, including biological research and animal breeding.

Energy & Chemicals Segment

The Company's E&C segment facilitates natural gas, petrochemical processing and industrial gas companies in the production of their products. E&C supplies engineered equipment and systems used in the separation, liquefaction, and purification of hydrocarbon and industrial gases that span gas-to-liquid applications, including natural gas processing, liquefied natural gas (LNG), and industrial gas applications. The Company provides natural gas processing solutions that facilitate the progressive cooling and liquefaction of hydrocarbon mixtures for the subsequent recovery or purification of component gases. Its brazed aluminum heat exchangers allow producers to obtain purified hydrocarbon by-products, such as methane, ethane, propane and ethylene, which are commercially marketable for various industrial or residential uses. The Company's cold boxes are engineered systems that incorporate brazed aluminum heat exchangers, pressure vessels and interconnecting piping used to reduce the temperature of gas mixtures to liquefy component gases so that they can be separated and purified for use in energy, industrial, scientific and commercial applications. The Company's air cooled heat exchangers are used to cool or condense fluids to allow for further processing and for cooling gas compression equipment. The Company provides equipment for the liquefaction of LNG, including small to mid-scale facilities, floating LNG applications and base-load export facilities.

The Company is a supplier to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms where it provides equipment or designs the process and provides equipment, providing an integrated approach to the project. These process systems incorporate products, including brazed aluminum heat exchangers, Core-in-Kettle heat exchangers, cold boxes, pressure vessels, pipe work and air cooled heat exchangers. These systems are used for global LNG projects, including projects in China and North America for local LNG production and LNG export terminals. The Company has developed Integrated Pre-cooled Single Mixed Refrigerant (IPSMR) liquefaction process. For industrial gas applications, the Company's brazed aluminum heat exchangers and cold boxes are used to produce atmospheric gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Cold boxes are used to separate air into its atmospheric components, including oxygen, nitrogen, and argon, where the gases are used in a range of applications, such as metal production and heat treating, enhanced oil and gas production, coal gasification, chemical and oil refining, electronics, medical, the quick-freezing of food, wastewater treatment and industrial welding. The Company's brazed aluminum heat exchangers and cold boxes are also used in the purification of helium and hydrogen.

Distribution & Storage Segment

The Company's D&S segment designs, manufactures, and services cryogenic solutions for the storage and delivery of cryogenic liquids used in industrial gas and LNG applications. Its cryogenic storage systems store and transport liquefied industrial gases and hydrocarbon gases at temperatures from 0-degree Fahrenheit to temperatures nearing absolute 0. End use customers for its cryogenic storage equipment include industrial gas producers and distributors, chemical producers, manufacturers of electrical components, healthcare organizations, food processors, and businesses in the oil and natural gas industries. The Company, through Thermax, Inc., provides cryogenic fluid vaporizers and other ambient and powered vaporizer products utilized in industrial gas, petro-chemical and liquefied natural gas applications.

The Company designs, manufactures, installs, services and maintains bulk and packaged gas cryogenic solutions for the storage, distribution, vaporization and application of industrial gases. Industrial gas applications include any end use of the elements of air (nitrogen, oxygen and argon), including manufacturing, welding, electronics, medical, nitrogen dosing, food processing and beverage carbonation. Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, hydrogen and helium applications also utilize the Company's equipment. The Company also offers cryogenic components, including vacuum insulated pipe (VIP), engineered bulk gas installations, specialty liquid nitrogen (LN2), end use equipment and cryogenic flow meters. The Company operates in the United States, China and Europe. It provides installation, service, repair and maintenance of cryogenic products. Principal customers for industrial applications are global industrial gas producers and distributors.

The Company supplies cryogenic solutions for the storage, distribution, regasification and use of LNG. The Company supplies cryogenic trailers, international standards organization (ISO) containers, railcars, bulk storage tanks, fuel stations, loading facilities, and regasification equipment configured for delivering LNG into virtual pipeline applications (LNG distribution products). The Company's LNG vehicle fueling applications consist of LNG and liquefied/compressed natural gas refueling systems for truck and bus fleets. It sells LNG applications around the world to energy companies and gas distributors. Additionally, the Company supplies vacuum insulated storage tanks as optional equipment for purchasers of standard liquefaction plants sold by its E&C business.

BioMedical Segment

The Company's BioMedical Segment consists of various product lines in cryogenics, vacuum insulation, low temperature storage, and pressure swing adsorption, with a focus on the respiratory and biological users of the liquids and gases. Applications in the BioMedical segment include respiratory therapy, life sciences and commercial oxygen generation. The Company's respiratory oxygen product line consists of a range of medical respiratory products, including liquid oxygen systems and stationary, transportable and portable oxygen concentrators, which are used for the in-home supplemental oxygen treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, such as bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.

The Company's life science products include vacuum insulated containment vessels for the storage of biological materials. The applications for this product line include medical laboratories, biotech/pharmaceutical, research facilities, blood and tissue banks, veterinary laboratories, large-scale repositories and artificial insemination, focusing on the beef and dairy industry. The Company's commercial oxygen generation products include self-contained generators, standard generators and packaged systems for industrial and medical oxygen generating systems. Its applications include mining operations, industrial plants, ozone generation, hospital medical oxygen and wastewater treatment.

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