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Guidance Software, Inc. incorporated in November 1997, is a provider of digital investigative solutions. The Company’s EnCase platform provides an investigative infrastructure that enables its customers to search, collect, and analyze electronically stored information in order to address human resources matters, litigation matters, allegations of fraud, suspicious network endpoint activity and defend their organization’s data assets. The Company operates in four segments: Products, Professional services, Training and Maintenance. The Company’s main products are EnCase Enterprise, EnCase eDiscovery, EnCase Cybersecurity, EnCase Forensic and EnCase Portable. The Company complements its software offerings with an array of professional and training services, including technical support and maintenance services to help its customers implement its solutions, conduct investigations and train their information technology (IT) and legal professionals to use its software products.

EnCase Enterprise

EnCase Enterprise provides organizations with visibility into laptops, desktops and file servers in order to conduct internal investigations and to determine the root cause of suspicious network activity. EnCase Enterprise provides an investigative platform that enables an organization to search, collect, preserve and analyze data on the servers, desktops and laptops across the network. EnCase Enterprise enables organizations to respond to electronic discovery requests and conduct internal investigations, including those related to human resources or those focused on compliance or fraud. Companies can also collect and preserve data in response to regulator requests or for civil litigation matters and take decisive action in the face of security and data breaches, whether the origin of the worm, virus or other exploit is internal or external.

EnCase Enterprise serves as the platform for an enterprise investigative infrastructure, to which additional products can be added to enhance and automate the search, collection, preservation and analysis of data in order to accomplish specific business tasks, such as responding to electronic discovery requests; performing proactive, enterprise-wide, data audits for sensitive information, including personally identifiable information, classified data and intellectual property, and responding to and remediating network threats or intrusions. These products include EnCase eDiscovery, EnCase Portable and EnCase Cybersecurity.

EnCase eDiscovery

EnCase eDiscovery performs automated search, collection, preservation and processing, analysis and first-pass review of electronically stored information (ESI) around the clock. Using a distributed enterprise-wide scalable architecture, it collects and processes only relevant data. In addition, evidence and metadata are preserved in the court validated EnCase Evidence File format to ensure complete chain of custody from the moment the legal hold is issued until load files are generated for attorney review. EnCase eDiscovery tracks activity at every step of the e-discovery process so that the status of projects can be viewed, audited, and communicated to others.

Once the initial search has been conducted and the information has been collected, EnCase eDiscovery then is able to cull and process the data to further reduce the volume of irrelevant or duplicate information. The solution distributes processing in an organized fashion so that several dozen machines can process terabytes of data without disrupting business and degrading network performance. EnCase eDiscovery’s in-house processing capabilities enable secondary culling and load file creation for common attorney review platforms. The collected and processed data is placed in a court-validated digital container called an EnCase Logical Evidence file (LEF) and the data can be uploaded to third-party eDiscovery attorney review platforms to complete the eDiscovery process.

EnCase Cybersecurity

EnCase Cybersecurity is a forensic response and data auditing software solution that automates time-sensitive aspects of the incident response process. EnCase Cybersecurity is designed to determine root cause and scope of any given event and provides forensic level visibility and analysis of endpoint data in order to find and remediate threats designed to evade layered security solutions, centralize incident response, enforce data policy and return endpoints to a trusted state. The EnCase Cybersecurity data audit functionality searches out sensitive intellectual property (IP), personally identifiable information (PII) and classified data, exposing systems that pose a risk.

EnCase Forensic

EnCase Forensic software is a tool for searching, collecting, preserving and analyzing computer forensic data and authenticating such data in court. EnCase Forensic enables an investigator to conduct a range of forensic functions on a single machine while preserving the integrity of the evidence for use in court. Used by investigators and consultants in law enforcement, government agencies, small businesses, consulting firms and corporations, EnCase Forensic software provides a way to authenticate, search and recover computer evidence.

EnCase Portable

EnCase Portable is a triage and collection solution, delivered on an universal serial bus (USB) device, that allows forensic professionals and non-experts to quickly and easily triage and collect digital evidence in a forensically sound and court proven manner. It enables personnel not trained in computer forensics to forensically acquire documents, Internet history and artifacts, images, and other digital evidence, including entire hard drives by connecting a USB device rather than a laptop. Also, law enforcement, government, law firm and corporate customers can cost effectively target systems that are not on the network, cannot be transported or multiple systems simultaneously where it is cost prohibitive to acquire data with laptops. EnCase Portable leverages the search and acquisition capabilities of EnCase software.

Tableau Hardware

Tableau hardware includes write blockers, forensic duplicators and storage devices. Write blockers and forensic duplicators are used to acquire forensically sound copies of digital storage devices, such as hard disks and solid state drives. Users will analyze this data with forensic software, such as EnCase Forensic. Tableau storage products, used in conjunction with write blockers or forensic duplicators, provide availability storage for data acquired and produced during forensic examinations.

Professional Services

The Company’s Professional Services Division provides various consulting services to its clients, including eDiscovery, network security incident response, civil/criminal digital investigation, implementation services and a software advisory program. In addition, it offers certain packaged services based on the specific needs of its customers, including its government customers. Its professional services include e-discovery services, incident response services, implementation services and guidance software advisory program (GAP). It offers complete end-to-end e-discovery consulting and project management services, from litigation hold to the production of files for attorney review.

Using EnCase Cybersecurity, consultants investigate and remediate security breaches in an organization’s network infrastructure. Consultants determine which methods of entry were used to break into the system, the extent and duration of the intrusion and exactly what data was compromised. They can also kill malware and/or rogue processes. It provides implementation and consulting services in connection with the deployment of its EnCase Enterprise, EnCase eDiscovery, EnCase Cybersecurity and related software. GAP provides a comprehensive review of current policies and procedures, including a gap analysis, which identifies risk areas that could impact the customer.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customers typically purchase software maintenance with each new product license. Maintenance generally involves software updates, telephone and e-mail support on a around-the-clock per day, five days per week basis, as well as customer self-service on the Company’s Website. Customers are typically provided an option to renew their maintenance agreements on an annual basis. Its technical support organization provides product support to the Company’s customers with multi-tiered offerings and includes support availability 24 hours per day, five days per week, in English, and is also available during normal business hours in several other languages, including German and Spanish.


The Company’s Training Division trains thousands of students per year in computer forensics principles and the use of its EnCase software products and methodology. It provides an array of training courses on topics, such as computer forensics, digital investigations, the proper use of its software products, and the EnScript programming language, which teaches the Company’s customers’ IT and data security professionals the basic principles of computer forensics, trains them on the basic and advanced capabilities of its software products and teaches them to write EnScript programs. The Company operates two training classrooms in Pasadena, California, two near Washington, D.C., one in Houston, Texas, one near Chicago, Illinois and two near London, England.

The EnCE program certifies the competency of public and private sector employees in the best practices of computer forensic investigations and in the proper use of EnCase while conducting such investigations. As of December 31, 2011, more than 3,400 people worldwide had achieved EnCE certification.

EnCase Certified eDiscovery Practitioner (EnCEP) program certifies private and public sector professionals in the use of EnCase eDiscovery software, as well as their proficiency in e-discovery planning, project management and best practices spanning legal hold to load file creation. EnCase eDiscovery is the e-discovery solution for the search, collection, preservation and processing of ESI.

The Company competes with Autonomy, EMC, FTI, Navigant, Checkpoint, McAfee, Paraben, Access Data, Symantec, Iron Mountain and Big 4.

Company Address

Guidance Software Inc

1055 E. Colorado Blvd.
PASADENA   CA   91106-2375
P: +1626.2299191
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