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The Hershey Company, incorporated on May 22, 1981, is a producer of chocolate in North America and a provider in chocolate and sugar confectionery. The Company’s principal product groups include chocolate and sugar confectionery products; pantry items, such as baking ingredients, toppings and beverages; and gum and mint refreshment products. It manufactures, markets, sells and distributes its products under more than 80 brand names. The Company operates in United States, the Americas, and Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (AEMEA). The Company markets its products in approximately 70 countries worldwide. In January 2012, the Company acquired Brookside Foods Ltd. (Brookside).

The Company’s key regions include the United States; the Americas, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Central America, Puerto Rico and global exports and AEMEA, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and exports to these geographical areas. In addition, The Hershey Experience manages its retail operations globally, including Hershey’s Chocolate World Stores in Hershey, Pennsylvania, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Shanghai, Niagara Falls (Ontario), Dubai, and Singapore.

United States

The Company’s primary products sold in the United States under the HERSHEY’S brand franchise includes HERSHEY’S milk chocolate bar, HERSHEY’S milk chocolate with almonds bar, HERSHEY’S Extra Dark candy, HERSHEY’S NUGGETS chocolates, HERSHEY’S DROPS chocolates, HERSHEY’S AIR DELIGHT aerated milk chocolate, HERSHEY’S MINIATURES chocolate candy, HERSHEY’S BLISS chocolates, HERSHEY’S COOKIES ‘N’ CREME candy bar, HERSHEY’S COOKIES ‘N’ CREME DROPS candy, HERSHEY’S POT OF GOLD boxed chocolates, HERSHEY’S sugar free chocolate candy and HERSHEY’S HUGS candies. Its products sold under the REESE’S brand franchise includes REESE’S peanut butter cups, REESE’S peanut butter cups minis, REESE’S PIECES candy, REESE’S BIG CUP peanut butter cups, REESE’S NUTRAGEOUS candy bar, REESE’S sugar free peanut butter cups, REESE’S crispy and crunchy bar, REESE’S WHIPPS candy bar, REESESTICKS wafer bars and REESE’S FAST BREAK candy bar. Under the KISSES brand franchise the Company's products includes HERSHEY’S KISSES brand milk chocolates, HERSHEY’S KISSES brand milk chocolates with almonds, HERSHEY’S KISSES brand milk chocolates with cherry cordial creme, HERSHEY’S KISSES brand chocolate meltaway milk chocolates, HERSHEY’S KISSES brand milk chocolates filled with caramel, HERSHEY’S KISSES brand SPECIAL DARK chocolates and HERSHEY’S KISSES AIR DELIGHT aerated milk chocolates.

The Company’s other products sold in the United States includes 5th AVENUE candy bar, ALMOND JOY candy bar, ALMOND JOY PIECES candy, CADBURY chocolates, CARAMELLO candy bar, GOOD & PLENTY candy, HEATH toffee bar, JOLLY RANCHER candy, JOLLY RANCHER sugar free candy, KIT KAT wafer bar, MILK DUDS candy, MOUNDS candy bar, MR. GOODBAR chocolate bar, PAYDAY peanut caramel bar, ROLO caramels in milk chocolate and SKOR toffee bar. Its products also include SPECIAL DARK chocolate bar, SPECIAL DARK PIECES candy, SYMPHONY milk chocolate bar, SYMPHONY milk chocolate bar with almonds and toffee, TAKE5 candy bar, THINGAMAJIG candy bar, TWIZZLERS candy, TWIZZLERS sugar free candy, WHATCHAMACALLIT candy bar, WHOPPERS malted milk balls, YORK peppermint pattie, YORK sugar free peppermint pattie, YORK PIECES candy, ZAGNUT candy bar and ZERO candy bar.

Artisan Confections Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Hershey Company, markets SCHARFFEN BERGER high-cacao dark chocolate products, and DAGOBA natural and organic chocolate products. The Company’s SCHARFFEN BERGER products include chocolate bars, tasting squares and home baking products. DAGOBA products include chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and baking products.Its line of refreshment products includes ICE BREAKERS mints and chewing gum, ICE BREAKERS ICE CUBES chewing gum, BREATH SAVERS mints, and BUBBLE YUM bubble gum. Pantry items include HERSHEY’S, REESE’S, HEATH, and SCHARFFEN BERGER baking products. The Company’s toppings and sundae syrups include REESE’S, HEATH and HERSHEY’S. The Company sells hot cocoa mix under the HERSHEY’S BLISS brand name.


The Company’s products sold in Canada include HERSHEY’S milk chocolate bars and milk chocolate with almonds bars; OH HENRY! candy bars; REESE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS candy; HERSHEY’S KISSES brand milk chocolates; TWIZZLERS candy, and GLOSETTE chocolate-covered raisins, peanuts and almonds. It also includes JOLLY RANCHER candy; WHOPPERS malted milk balls; SKOR toffee bars; EAT MORE candy bars; POT OF GOLD boxed chocolates, and CHIPITS chocolate chips.


The Company manufactures, imports, markets, sells and distributes chocolate, sweets, refreshment and beverage products in Mexico. It sells its products under the HERSHEY’S, KISSES, JOLLY RANCHER and PELON PELO RICO brands.


The Company manufactures, imports and markets chocolate, sweets and refreshment products in Brazil. Its products include HERSHEY’S chocolate and confectionery items and IO-IO items. It also imports, markets, sells and distributes chocolate, sweets and refreshment products in Central America and Puerto Rico, and export products to other countries in the Americas.

Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa

The Company manufactures, markets, sells and distributes sugar confectionery, beverage and cooking oil products in India, including NUTRINE and MAHA LACTO confectionery products and JUMPIN and SOFIT beverage products. The Company markets, sells and distributes chocolate products in China, primarily under the HERSHEY’S and KISSES brands. It markets, sells and distributes chocolate products in the Middle East, primarily under the HERSHEY’S, REESE’S and KISSES brands. The Company licenses the VAN HOUTEN brand name and related trademarks to sell chocolate products, cocoa, and baking products in Asia and the Middle East for the retail and duty-free distribution channels. It also exports products to countries in the Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

Company Address

Hershey Co

100 Crystal A Drive, Rptg & Com
P O Box 810-External
HERSHEY   PA   17033-0810
P: +1717.5344200
F: +1302.6555049

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