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6 Oct 2015
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Huntsman Corporation (Huntsman), incorporated on October 19, 2004, is a manufacturer of differentiated organic chemical products and of inorganic chemical products. The Company operates all of its businesses through Huntsman International LLC (Huntsman International), a 100% owned subsidiary. The Company also offers titanium dioxide, a white pigment derived from titanium bearing ores, with business in fibers, inks, pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics; functional additives made from barium and zinc-based inorganics used to make colors principally in plastics, coatings, films, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and paper industries; color pigments made from synthetic iron-oxide and other inorganic pigments used by manufacturers of coatings and colorants; timber treatment wood protection chemicals used in residential and commercial applications; water treatment products used to improve water purity in industrial, commercial and municipal applications, and specialty automotive molded components.

The Company operates in five segments: Polyurethanes, Performance Products, Advanced Materials, Textile Effects and Pigments and Additives. Its products consist of a range of chemicals and formulations, which the Company markets to consumer and industrial customers. Its products are used in a range of applications, including those in the adhesives, aerospace, automotive, construction products, personal care and hygiene, durable and non-durable consumer products, electronics, medical, packaging, paints and coatings, power generation, refining, synthetic fiber, textile chemicals and dye industries. The Company’s product lines include methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI), amines, surfactants, maleic anhydride, epoxy-based polymer formulations, textile chemicals, dyes, titanium dioxide and color pigments. The Company produces differentiated organic and inorganic chemical products. Its Polyurethanes, Performance Products, Advanced Materials and Textile Effects segments produce differentiated organic chemical products and its Pigments and Additives segment produces inorganic chemical products.


The Company is a manufacturer and marketer of a range of polyurethane chemicals, including MDI products, propylene oxide (PO), polyols, propylene glycois (PG) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It operates five polyurethane manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and China. It also operates a polyol manufacturing facility focused on the insulation market and three TPU manufacturing facilities in the United States, Europe and China. Its polyurethane products include insulation in construction and appliances, cushioning for automotive and furniture, adhesives, wood binders, footwear and other specialized engineering applications. The Company also process PO into derivative products, such as polyols for polyurethane products and PG. End uses for these products include applications in the home furnishings, construction, appliances, packaging, automotive and transportation, food, paints and coatings and cleaning products industries. It also produces Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) as a co-product of its PO manufacturing process.

The Company competes with BASF, Bayer, Dow, Yantai Wanhua and LyondellBasell.

Performance Products

The Company, through its Performance Products segment, is engaged in the manufacture and sale of amines, surfactants and maleic anhydride and serves various consumer and industrial end markets. Its Performance Products segment is organized by strategic business units (SBUs). In its specialty SBUs, including energy, materials, additives, processing chemicals and agrochemicals, the Company is a producer of amines, carbonates, maleic anhydride and specialty surfactants. It also produces polyetheramines for industrial applications, such as epoxy curing agents, oil drilling, agrochemicals, fuel additives and civil construction materials. The Company is also a licensor of maleic anhydride manufacturing technology and is also the supplier of butane fixed bed catalyst used in the manufacture of maleic anhydride. Its licensing group also licenses technology on behalf of other Performance Products businesses and other segments. It also manufactures surfactants, LAB and ethanolamines products, which are used in detergency, consumer products and industrial applications. The Company also produces EG, which is used in the production of polyester fibers and PET packaging. The Company operates 17 Performance Products manufacturing facilities in North America; Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME), and Asia and Australia. The Company also produces polyetheramines, 2-(2-amino ethoxy) ethanol, which are sold under its DGA brand, ethyleneamines and morpholine and ethanolamines. It also produces propylene carbonate and ethylene carbonate in North America. The Company also produces substituted propylamines. Its amine offerings are used in various consumer and industrial applications, including personal care products, polyurethane foam, fuel and lubricant additives, paints and coatings, composites, solvents and catalysts.

The Company is also a manufacturer of nonionic, anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants products. Its surfactant products are used in consumer detergent and industrial cleaning applications. The Company also produces components for powder and liquid laundry detergents. It manufactures and markets a range of mild surfactants and specialty formulations for use in personal care applications. It also offers specialty surfactant products for use in various industrial applications, such as leather and textile treatment, foundry and construction, agrochemicals, fuels and lubricants, and polymers and coatings. The Company also produces LAB and manufactures a higher-molecular-weight alkylate, which is used as an additive to lubricants. The Company also produces maleic anhydride, a highly versatile chemical intermediate, which is used to produce UPRs, which are used in the production of fiberglass reinforced resins for marine, automotive and construction products.

The Company competes with MEGlobal, Sasol, Petresa, Clariant, Shell, Stepan, Croda and Kao.

Advanced Materials

The Company, through its Advanced Materials segment, manufactures and markets epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane-based polymer products. It focuses on formulations and systems for various industrial and consumer applications. It operates synthesis, formulating and production facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. It sells primarily in the following end markets: civil engineering, consumer appliances, food and beverage packaging, industrial appliances, consumer/do it yourself (DIY), aerospace, LNG transport, electrical power transmission and distribution, printed circuit boards, consumer and industrial electronics, wind power generation, automotive, recreational sports equipment and medical appliances. The Company’s product range spans from basic liquid and solid resins to specialty components like curing agents, matting agents, accelerators, cross-linkers, reactive diluents, thermoplastic polyamides and additives. Its products are used in the formulation of products for the protection of steel and concrete substrates, such as flooring, metal furniture and appliances, buildings, linings for storage tanks and food and beverage cans, and the primer coat of automobile bodies and ships. It operates under the ARALDITE brand in the industrial and consumer adhesives markets.

The Company competes with Hexion, Kukdo, NanYa, Air Products, Arizona Chemical, Cray Valley, Evonics, DIC, Mitsui and Sumitomo.

Textile Effects

The Company through its Textile Effects segment provides textile chemicals and dyes. It operates synthesis, formulating and production facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and South America. It markets various products to customers in multiple end-markets, including consumer fashion apparel, sportswear, career and uniform apparel, military, automotive, home textiles and furnishings, carpet and other functional textiles. The Company focuses on three markets: apparel, home and institutional and technical textiles. Technical textiles include automotive textiles, carpet, military fabrics, and mattress ticking and non-woven.

The Company competes with Achroma, Kiri-Dystar and Longsheng.

Pigments and Additives

The Company, through its Pigments and Additives segment, supplies pigments and additives. Its pigments and additives are used in everyday items including paints, inks, plastics, concrete, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food. It offers a range of products across the color spectrum. The Company operates around 34 manufacturing facilities. Its 10 titanium dioxide manufacturing facilities are located in Europe and 18 color pigments manufacturing and processing facilities are located in the United States. It also operates six facilities producing water treatment, timber treatment chemicals and functional additives. Its products include Titanium Dioxide, which is used in paints, plastics, paper, inks, fibers, food and personal care products. The Company owns a portfolio of brands including TIOXIDE and Hombitan ranges, such as DELTIO, ALTIRIS, SIKOVIT, GRANUFIN, SOLAROX and SOLAPLEX.

It also offers functional additives, such as zinc and barium, which are used in coatings, films, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and paper. It also offers Color Pigments, which include liquid, powder and granulated forms of iron oxide color pigments, natural and synthetic inorganic pigments and automated pigment handling systems. These products are used by manufacturers of coatings, colorants, concrete products, plastics, rubber, paper, vinyl, cosmetics, pet food, ink and toner. It markets various yellow, red, orange, black, manganese violet and blended shades of color pigments. It also manufactures timber treatment wood protection chemicals used in residential and commercial applications. It also manufactures water treatment chemicals to improve water purity in industrial, commercial and municipal applications. The Company also supplies polyaluminium chloride (PAC) in Europe.

The Company competes with DuPont, Tronox, Crista, Solvay S.A., Gruppo Chimico Dalton S.p.A., Sakai Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Huierxin, Fuj Titanium Industry, Kronos, Precheza, Lanxess AG, Cathay Pigments Group, Interstar Materials Inc., Shanghai Yipin Pigments Co., Ltd., Lonza Group, Osmose Inc., Kemira and Feralco.

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