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Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (Intellicheck Mobilisa), incorporated in 1994, is engaged in developing and marketing wireless technology and identity systems for various applications including mobile and handheld access control and security systems for the government, military and commercial markets. Its primary businesses include identity systems products and the development of wireless security applications. Identity systems products include commercial applications of identity card reading and verification and government sales of defense security and identity card applications. Wireless products include Aegeus, a wireless security buoy system for the government, military and oil industry The Company’s products include the defense identification data (ID) and fugitive finder systems.

Identity Systems

Intellicheck Mobilisa’s Identity Systems are marketed to the commercial and government identification sectors. Commercial identification product includes ID√Check Family, data collection devices and instant credit application kiosk software applications. ID√Check technology is its advanced document verification software. ID√Check is contained in its software products, and is capable of reading and verifying in one swipe or scan the encoded format contained on the United States United States and Canadian driver licenses, state issued non-driver identification cards and military IDs.

Intellicheck Mobilisa’s ID√Check Family includes ID√Check SDK, ID√Check POS, ID√Check BHO, ScanInn AssureScan, ID√Check PC and ID√Check Mobile. ID√Check SDK is designed for software developers that incorporate its ID√Check technology into their applications. It contains the technology, as well as a device controller, which is also capable of reading the smart chip contained in the military common access card (CAC). The SDK is available for multiple platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, AIX and certain versions of Linux.

The Company’s ID√Check POS is a software application that runs on multiple VeriFone devices, such as the Omni 37xx series. Its software uses both the onboard magnetic stripe reader and an optional external two-dimensional (2-D) CAC bar code reader that plugs into an open port on the back of the unit. The terminal has an integrated, high-speed thermal printer. The VeriFone devices are multi-application terminals that allow the ID√Check software to run side by side with credit card processing software, as well as other value added software applications certified by VeriFone.

The Company’s ID√Check BHO is a browser helper object (BHO) for Internet explorer. The BHO allows customers to integrate its core ID√Check technology into their Web-based applications. The BHO can be programmed through a series of drop down menus to populate driver license data in the fields of specific Webpage based on universal resource locator (URLs) and Web page field names. The technology also provides the ability to check the encoded formats of ID documents.

The Company’s ScanInn is a software application that speeds up check-in and ID verification at hotels and motels. This product builds on the BHO and ID√Check PC. ScanInn allows the check-in at a hotel to occur in seconds and is incorporated into property management systems. Its AssureScan is an application that assists pharmacies with ID verification and tracking drug related purchases. This product focuses on capturing data from drivers’ licenses and tracking the sale of controlled medicines, such as pseudoephedrine.

The Company’s ID√Check PC is a standalone software solution that is designed to provide the features of ID√Check for Windows based platforms. It allows the user to instantly view data from driver licenses, as well as from the smart chip contained in the military CAC, for further verification and then archives it into a personal computer. It contains features, such as recurring entry and age verification.

The Company’s ID√Check Mobile is the designation for multiple hand held devices that the Company offers customers. By allowing the user to move between locations, ID√Check Mobile products provide the ability to check the encoded format of ID documents at multiple entry points. It additionally has the capability of providing a yes/no response when used for age verification purposes.

The Company’s data collection devices are commercially available in various compact forms and may contain either one or both of two-dimensional bar code and magnetic stripe readers. These devices enable its software applications to be used on commercially available data processing devices, including credit card terminals, personal data assistant (PDA), tablets, laptops, desktops and point-of-sale terminals. Many of these devices contain an electronic serial number (ESN) to prevent unauthorized use of its software.

The Company’s instant credit application kiosk software applications are custom software applications that Intellicheck Mobilisa has developed for a variety of financial service companies and retail stores. The software installed on multiple kiosk devices provides the customers of the major financial service companies with the ability to perform in-store instant credit approval on these devices. The hardware platforms, on which the software applications run, range from stationary devices to handhelds to tablet PCs. The process involves the swiping or scanning of the driver license to verify the encoded format and after verification, the information parsed from the encoded data is populated into the proper fields on the application displayed on the kiosk. The applicant then completes the application by entering the remaining required information that is not encoded on the driver license, such as social security and telephone numbers. The software application then sends the data to the financial service company’s backend decisioning tool for credit approval.

Intellicheck Mobilisa’s government identification offering includes defense ID system and fugitive finder. Defense ID system offers law enforcement personnel and military security officers additional information for protecting their facilities. The defense ID system uses rugged, handheld, mobile devices and desktop visitor/vendor approval workstations to read barcodes, magnetic stripes, (RFID) radio frequency identification and (OCR) optical character recognition codes printed on current forms of identification cards. By scanning and comparing the information contained on the ID card to over 100 databases, Defense ID can determine if the card has been reported lost or stolen, the individual’s identity information matches watch lists or law enforcement databases, or if they are on an authorized roster of previously-cleared personnel.

Fugitive finder product builds on its ID reading technology that has been purchased nationwide at approximately 100 federal facilities and military bases. Fugitive Finder scans various forms of IDs, such as driver’s licenses, military IDs or passports, and instantly compares the database made from over 100 bad guy lists.

The Company’s transportation worker identification credential (TWIC) includes TWIC Reader (IM 2700) and Visitor Center (IM 3000). TWIC Reader (IM 2700) verifies the on the TWIC. The TWIC reader can also be incorporated into all aspects of the Defense ID System. Visitor Center (IM 3000) is a component of its Defense ID or Fugitive Finder systems. Using a desktop computer, the system pre-populates fields, performs a real time background check utilizing over 100 databases to verify the individual is not on a wanted list and also if the individual has been pre-approved to access the facility or building. The Visitor Center can then take photos and prints a visit pass or ID card.

Wireless Security

Intellicheck Mobilisa’s Wireless Security products and services include wireless over water technology (WOW), floating area network (FAN), Aegeus wireless security buoy and littoral sensor grid (LSG) and AIRchitect. WOW technology allows users to access the Internet while in motion on water. WOW was used to develop the FAN technology. FAN technology was developed for the United States Navy. FAN utilizes WOW technology to create a mesh type network for Navy Vessels underway and provides an alternative communications methodology for the United States Navy. LSG is the next evolution of WOW and FAN. Using the technology developed for WOW and FAN, the Company incorporated the use of buoys to provide both security and environmental monitoring. Varieties of sensors measure/monitor anything above, on, or below the water and provide that information real time to an operations control center. This technology allows for security monitoring of harbors and waterways both from a terrorist attack or accidental environmental conditions.

Intellicheck Mobilisa’s AIRchitect is a wireless local area network (LAN) design expert system that is tailored to military ships, installations and infrastructure. This product uses blueprint drawings in AutoCAD or Visio format and allows a network engineer to optimally design a wireless network including the best location for access points and uses requirements of users, throughput performance, interference, physical structures and co-channel interference.

The Company competes with CardCom, TriCom Technologies, ID-Logix, Legal Age, Safran Group, ActivIdentity Corporation, EFJ, Inc., Sea-Mobile, Motorola and Honeywell.

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