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Kyocera Corporation (Kyocera), incorporated in 1959, develops, produces and distributes a range of products for the information and communications market and environment and energy market worldwide. Kyocera develops, produces and distributes parts and devices for electronic equipment, such as printers and multifunctional peripherals, as well as consumer electronic equipment, such as mobile phone handsets. The Company categorizes its operations into seven segments: Fine Ceramic Parts Group, Semiconductor Parts Group, Applied Ceramic Products Group, Electronic Device Group, Telecommunications Equipment Group, Information Equipment Group, and Others. Its manufacturing and distribution operations are conducted worldwide. The Company’s customers include individuals, corporations, governments and governmental agencies.

On July 31, 2009, Kyocera Mita Corporation (Kyocera Mita), a subsidiary of Kyocera, acquired a 100% interest in two distributors of information equipment in Korea and made them subsidiaries in the name of Kyocera Mita Korea Co., Ltd and Kyocera Mita Korea Document Solution Co., Ltd. On October 1, 2009, Kyocera Mita Canada, Ltd., a subsidiary of Kyocera Mita, acquired Gold Business Machines Ltd. and Gold Business Machines Brandon Ltd. On December 1, 2009, Kyocera Mita America, Inc., a subsidiary of Kyocera Mita, acquired Allister Business Systems, Inc. On August 3, 2009, Kyocera Communication System Co., Ltd. acquired a 67% interest in Net it works, Inc. Kyocera Mita held a 95.43% interest in TA Triumph-Adler AG (TAAG) as of March 31, 2010. In April 2010, Kyocera Corporation’s Kyocera International, Inc. (KII), announced the merger of its two wholly owned subsidiaries, including Kyocera Wireless Corp. (KWC) and Kyocera Communications, Inc., serving the wireless communications equipment market. In September 2010, the Company announced that Tycom Canada, Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyocera Tycom Corporation.

Fine Ceramic Parts Group

The Company’s products in this segment are used in the computing, telecommunications, automotive and a number of other industrial sectors. These products are made from a range of ceramic materials, such as silicon carbide, silicon nitrides and zirconia, as well as alumina. The products Kyocera develops, manufactures and sells in this segment include substrates, which are thin ceramic bases used by manufacturers for hybrid integrated circuit (IC) foundations. Kyocera also develops, manufactures and sells substrates for thermal printheads, thin film ceramic/alumina tape substrates for chip resistors, substrate for hard disk drive (HDD) thin film magnetic heads, sapphire substrates for liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors and light emitting diode (LED), components for semiconductor processing equipment, components for LCD manufacturing equipment, engine components for the automobile industry, mechanical seals for pumps, friction tight discs and thread guides for yarn texturing machines in the textile industry, rings for fishing rods, nozzles and parts for papermaking machinery.

Semiconductor Parts Group

Kyocera develops, manufactures and sells inorganic (ceramic) and organic packages and substrates in this segment. Kyocera products in this segment include ceramic packages for crystal and acoustic wave (SAW) devices, charge-coupled-device/complementary metal oxide semiconductor CCD/CMOS sensor ceramic packages, LSI ceramic packages, such as ball grid array packages and optical communication device packages and ceramic parts for fiber-optic communications connectors. Ceramic packages for crystal and SAW devices are used for SAW filters and temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs), which are inserted into mobile phone handsets. CCD/CMOS sensor ceramic packages are used in camera-equipped mobile phone handsets and digital still cameras. In the organic package business, Kyocera supplies organic flip-chip packages for application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and system in a package (SiP) substrates used in mobile phone handsets.

Applied Ceramic Products Group

This segment consists of four product lines: Solar Energy Products, Cutting Tools, Medical and Dental Implants, Jewelry and Applied Ceramic Related Products. Kyocera develops, manufactures and sells solar cells and modules, applied solar cell products and residential and industrial solar power generating systems. The solar module production is conducted in Japan, China, the Czech Republic and Mexico. Kyocera also develops, manufactures and sells cutting tools made from composite materials based on ceramics and metal. Cutting tools are used for metal processing in industrial production, particularly in the automotive industry. The Company produces a range of products, such as medical and dental implants and artificial knee joint replacement systems. In addition, Kyocera develops, manufactures and sells recrystallized jewelry comprising synthetic emeralds, alexandrines and rubies. Kyocera also develops, produces and sells applied ceramic related products, such as kitchen accessories.

Electronic Device Group

Kyocera develops, manufactures and sells electronic components and devices for the information and communication market. The Company develops, manufactures and sell products, such as miniature ceramic capacitors with high capacitance, tantalum capacitors, radio frequency modules, miniature timing devices and connectors for digital consumer equipment, such as mobile phone handsets and personal computers. It also delivers thin-film products utilizing its thin-film device technologies, such as thermal printheads, amorphous silicon photoreceptor drums and LCDs for office automation equipment and industrial equipment. AVX Corporation develops, manufactures and sells ceramic capacitors, tantalum capacitors and other components for information and communication equipment. AVX Corporation sells products of Kyocera’s Electronic Device Group.

Telecommunications Equipment Group

This segment includes code division multiple access (CDMA) mobile phone handsets business and telecommunication system equipment business, such as personal handyphone system (PHS) mobile phone handsets and base stations. Mobile phone handsets are produced and distributed for KDDI Corporation in Japan, as well as for SPRINT NEXTEL CORPORATION and other telecommunication service providers. The Company also develops, manufactures and sells base stations, terminals and handsets for WILLCOM, Inc., which provides PHS services and UQ Communications Inc., which provides WiMAX wireless broadband system.

Information Equipment Group

The Company’s products in this segment comprise page printers, copying machines and multifunctional peripherals. Its page printers are marketed under the name, ECOSYS. Kyocera Mita Corporation develops, manufactures and sells the products in this segment. Kyocera Mita manufactures hardwares of page printers, copying machines and multifunctional peripherals in China.


This segment includes revenues from telecommunication network systems. This segment also develops, manufactures and sells electronic component materials, electric insulators and synthetic resin molded products. Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. operates a telecommunications engineering business, including system development to design, construction and maintenance services. In addition, Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. provides data center services for mobile phone content distribution services and information technology solutions business for business users by developing products featuring network services, as well as system integration business. Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. also operates management consulting business based on operating of Amoeba Management System, which is Kyocera’s management method.

Company Address

Kyocera Corp

6 Takeda Tobadono-cho Fushimi-ku
KYOTO-SHI   KYT   612-8501
P: +8175.6043500
F: +8175.6043501

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