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LinkedIn Corporation (LinkedIn), incorporated in March 6, 2003, is a professional network on the Internet with approximately 277 million members in over 200 countries and territories. The Company’s Free Solutions includes ability to manage professional identity, ability to build and engage with professional networks, access to knowledge, insights and opportunities and ubiquitous access. The Company generates revenue across three product lines: Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions. All three product lines are sold through two channels, an offline field sales organization, which engages with both large and small enterprise customers, as well as an online, self-serve channel where it generates revenue from both enterprise customers and individual members purchasing subscriptions. On February 28, 2014, LinkedIn acquired the entire share capital of Bright Media Corporation (Bright). In July 2014, LinkedIn Corp acquired Newsle Inc, a San Francisco-based provider of online networking services. In July 2014, it acquired Newsle Inc. In August 2014, LinkedIn Corp. acquired Bizo, Inc.

Free Solutions

The Company’s Free Solutions includes ability to manage professional identity, ability to build and engage with professional networks, access to knowledge, insights and opportunities and ubiquitous access. Its core offering provides every member an online professional profile. A member’s profile is accessible to all members on its network and includes user-generated information, including current job title and employer, education, career history, domain expertise, accomplishments, skills and additional professional information, such as honors, awards, association memberships, patents, publications, certifications and languages spoken. Members populate their own profile information, enabling them to ensure their professional identity is accurate, current and under their control. In addition, the Company is piloting Direct-to-Profile Certifications allowing members to update their Profiles with certifications of courses completed through partner sites.

The Who’s Viewed Your Profile module provides real-time analytics to help members manage their professional profile, including information on who has viewed their profile, top search keywords used to reach their profile, and other details and trends on the demographics of the audience that has viewed their profile. Additional features of this product are available for members with Premium Subscriptions. Members can provide examples of their work and skills by sharing media content in their profiles. In addition, members are able to both specify skills on their professional profiles and search for skills and expertise across its network, which surfaces key people within a community, top locations, related companies, relevant jobs, and groups where members can interact with like-minded professionals. In addition, Endorsements enables members to endorse their first degree connections for skills with one click.

Once two members are connected, their profile information is shared and, subject to privacy settings, each member has access to the other member’s list of connections for further networking. Connections across the network are classified to three degrees: first degree connections are members who agree to connect, second degree connections are members who share one or more mutual connections, and third degree connections are related via two connections. Members can retrieve the contact information of their first degree connections and browse their second and third degree connections in order to find additional opportunities to network and connect. Members can expand their networks by sending invitations. Any non-member accepting an invitation simultaneously becomes a LinkedIn member, connected to the sender, after completing the registration process.

The Company’s search technology allows users to conduct real-time, multilingual searches of its dataset in a completely personalized manner, as a member’s profile and network affect relevance and ranking of results. The Company’s search covers: people, job postings, companies, groups, network updates, inbox messages, address book, influencer content and universities. Members can bring all of their contacts from their address books, e-mail accounts, and calendars together and keep them up to date in one place. Contacts are available both on, as well as an app for the iPhone. The Company also provides other products to help its members develop their professional networks, including: Introductions, which allows one member to request an introduction to another member through a mutual connection; People You May Know, which recommends members whom you may already know and with whom you may want to create a first degree connection; Addressbook Importer, which allows members to import contact information from their existing digital address books to LinkedIn, and People Following, which allows members to follow individuals or groups on LinkedIn.

Network Updates provide a real-time stream of data from professionals and professional sources, personalized for each member. The stream allows each member to control and select data by relevancy and remain up-to-date on what is happening in their professional world. Pulse enables its members to be informed in their everyday jobs by showing them relevant news that has been collected and organized by the members in their networks and fellow professionals in their industries. LinkedIn Influencers provides a publishing platform for thought leaders to post knowledge and professional insights on LinkedIn. Members can follow these individuals to receive relevant content directly in their Network Updates and e-mail.

Groups provide a forum for its members to discuss topics of interest and meet and interact with other professionals who share those interests and have opinions and domain expertise in specific areas. Company Pages provide members with a view of a company. By aggregating data across the members employed at a particular company, it can show which members have recently joined a company, recently changed their title at a company or recently left a company. Members can also see who they know at a particular company. Companies can add information to their profiles, including information about careers at the company and can highlight specific brands and products via Showcase Pages. Members can follow companies and automatically receive recent updates and recommend products and services.

Apply with LinkedIn enables members to submit their profiles for job applications by clicking the Apply with LinkedIn button on company websites. Members can choose to update their profiles in real time, and members will also be shown their professional connections who work at the company where the profile is submitted. University Pages provide students, prospective students, and alumni access to insights and information on more than 1,500 universities globally. Members can receive updates on campus news and activities from the schools themselves and engage with both the campus community and alumni of schools. LinkedIn Alumni provides its members with insights about the alumni of their schools, enabling members to explore alumni career trends, make connections, and find opportunities. The product allows members to analyze the career trends of their fellow alumni by providing an interactive tool to view alumni by location, company, and job function.

Slideshare provides the Company’s members with access to the community for sharing presentations on the Internet. Slideshare supports a range of media, including presentation files, documents, portable document formats (PDFs) PDFs, videos and webinars. It also provides other products to help its members access knowledge, insights and opportunities, including the Personalization Platform, which has a number of analytically driven customized products, such as Jobs You May Be Interested In, Groups You May Like, Companies To Follow, People Who Viewed This Profile Also Viewed and People Who Viewed This Job Also Viewed. The Company’s platform is accessible online anytime and anywhere, including on mobile devices. LinkedIn mobile applications are provided across a range of platforms and languages, including iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Asha, and Windows Mobile.

The Company provides a set of widgets for features to allow any Web developer to include content from its network into their Website or application without complex programming. Its widgets include Profile Widget., Company Insider, sharing, recommendation and alumni widget.

Monetized Solutions

LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions include LinkedIn Corporate Solutions, LinkedIn Jobs and Subscriptions. LinkedIn Corporate Solutions include LinkedIn Recruiter, Job Slots, LinkedIn Recruitment Media, LinkedIn Career Pages and LinkedIn Talent Pipeline. Its flagship talent solution enables enterprises and professional organizations to find, contact and hire qualified candidates. Recruiter provides premium functionality, including Advanced Searches, Project Management, InMail and Collaboration. A Job Slot entitles an enterprise or professional organization to post a job. The job that is posted can be changed, updated or modified at any time over the life of the contract.

With LinkedIn Recruitment Media, enterprises and professional organizations can target career-related messaging to qualified candidates. It provides promotional material in the form of advertisements, videos, or e-mails to specific audiences defined by enterprises and professional organizations based on professional profile data. With LinkedIn Career Pages, enterprises and professional organizations are able to customize the career section of Company Profiles and content on Career Pages to allow candidates to learn more about what it is like to work at the enterprise or professional organization, whom to contact if they are interested in a position and what relevant opportunities are available. With LinkedIn Talent Pipeline, enterprises and professional organizations can manage all of their talent leads in one place.

Enterprises and professional organizations of all sizes are able to advertise job opportunities on the Company’s network. Self-Service Posting service enables recruiters and hiring managers to post and manage job opportunities on its network. Candidate recommendations are presented to a job poster. Once a job is posted, TalentMatch evaluates the characteristics of the job and automatically finds the most relevant member profiles. TalentMatch customers can view these recommendations and directly message relevant candidates. It uses profile data to display relevant job postings to members even if they are not conducting a job search. Job recommendations are displayed on a member's homepage and can also be displayed on other Websites. In addition, companies can highlight job recommendations in Jobs You May Be Interested In (JYMBII) through Sponsored Jobs. With Work With Us enterprises and professional organizations can elect to display the JYMBII module as an add-on to each of their employee's profiles.

Subscriptions include Recruiter Lite, Talent Basic, Talent Finder and Talent Pro, and Job Seeker Basic, Job Seeker and Job Seeker Plus. The Talent family of products enables recruiters and hiring managers to find, contact and manage candidates. The Job Seeker family of products enables members to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers via the Job Seeker badge, which is visible on their profile and in search results, Featured Applicant status in the applicant list for jobs they apply to, and InMail.

Enterprise Solutions targets larger advertisers, which receive account management and have access to additional Marketing Solutions, such as Display Ads and Sponsored InMails. Advertisers can use the same targeting engine used for LinkedIn Ads to serve ads in a variety of sizes and formats, including rich media. In addition, LinkedIn-specific formats are also available, including Follow Ads, Poll Ads, and SlideShare Content Ads. Advertisers can directly reach their target audience with long-form, customized messages through LinkedIn’s InMail functionality.

Available via both Enterprise and self-service channels, Sponsored Updates are content promoted updates that enable advertisers to share content marketing messages to a targeted audience. Sponsored Updates appear in the desktop and mobile streams of targeted members. The Company’s self-service platform enables advertisers to build and target their advertisement to its members based on information in their profile. LinkedIn Ads includes features, such as targeting, daily campaign budgets, campaign management and reporting. LinkedIn’s Ads API program enables its social ad partners to build custom solutions for creating and managing LinkedIn Ads and Sponsored Updates campaigns at scale.

The Company’s Premium Subscription services target small- and medium-sized enterprises and professional organizations, individual members and business groups in larger enterprises. Key features found in the subscription bundles include: 3rd Degree Name Visibility, InMail, Who’s Viewed Your Profile Pro, Premium Search Filters, Saved Searches and Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a social selling solution that provides sales professionals with the ability to find, qualify and create new opportunities and helps sales management to develop the social selling capabilities of their sales organization. It includes features, such as TeamLink, Lead Builder & Premium Search, and customer relationship management (CRM) integration.

The Company competes with Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Xing, Viadeo, Monster, CareerBuilder,, Oracle, SAP and IBM.

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LinkedIn Corp

2029 Stierlin Court
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