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3 Aug 2015
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Magal Security Systems Ltd., incorporated on March 27, 1984, is an international provider of products and solutions for physical and cyber security safety and site management. The Company's products are categorized into different technologies, consisting of physical and cyber security solutions, including perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), close circuit television (CCTV) systems, including a perimeter security robot, cyber security systems, command and control systems, and miscellaneous systems tailored for specific vertical market needs. The Company offers integrated solutions for critical sites, managed by Fortis4G, its fourth generation Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM). The solutions leverage its portfolio of homegrown PIDS, outdoors CCTV/ intelligent video analysis (IVA), technology and cyber security solutions.

The Company's systems are used in over 80 countries to protect sensitive facilities, including national borders, military bases, power plants, airports, seaports, prisons, industrial sites, oil and gas facilities, Olympic villages and stadiums and municipalities from intrusion, crime, sabotage or vandalism to infrastructure, assets and personnel. The Company's portfolio of infrastructure and site protection technologies includes a variety of barriers and fences, fence mounted detectors, virtual gates, buried and concealed detection systems and a protection package for sub-surface intrusion. The Company's integrated solutions are based on a range of in-house product portfolio, complemented by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and third party products.

Perimeter Security Products

Perimeter security products enable customers to monitor, limit and control access by unauthorized personnel to specific regions or areas. High-end perimeter products are used for correctional facilities, borders, nuclear and conventional power plants, air and sea ports, military installations and other high security installations. Its line of perimeter security products utilizes sensor devices to detect and locate intruders and identify the nature of intrusions. The Company's line of outdoor perimeter security products consists of taut wire, hybrid perimeter intrusion detection systems with physical barrier; fence mounted vibration detection systems, mechanical, copper microphonic wire sensors, fiber optic sensors or electronic ranging sensors; smart barriers, a variety of detection grids, gates and fences, designed to protect water passages, very important person (VIP) residences and other outdoor applications; buried sensors, volumetric buried cable sensors for PIDS and seismic and fiber sensors to secure pipelines and critical assets against digging; electrical field disturbance sensors (volumetric), and microwave sensors.

The Company's taut wire perimeter systems consist of wire strung at high tension between anchor posts. Sensor posts are located at the middle between anchor posts. These sensor posts contain one or more devices that detect changes in the tension being exerted on and by the taut wires. Any abnormal force applied against these wires or released from them (such as by cutting automatically triggers an alarm. Taut wire technology provides three critical elements of protection against unauthorized intruders: deterrence, detection and delaying (until first responders may react and intercept the intruder). The Company's sealed sensors are not affected by radio frequency (RF) interference, climatic or atmospheric conditions, or electrical transients from power lines or passing vehicles. The sensors self-adjust to, or remain unaffected by, extreme temperature variation, minor soil movements and other similar environmental changes that might trigger false alarms in less sophisticated systems. Its taut wire perimeter systems are designed to distinguish automatically between fence tension changes, such as caused by small animals, violent weather or forces more typically exerted by a human intruder. The Company's taut wire perimeter systems offer customers a range of installation options. Sensor posts can be as far as 200 feet apart, with relatively inexpensive ordinary fence anchor posts between them. These systems may stand alone, be mounted on a variety of fence posts or added to an existing wall or other structure, or mounted on short posts, with or without outriggers.

The Company offers various types of vibration detection systems. Its vibration detection devices are most effective when installed on common metal fabric perimeter systems, such as chain link or welded mesh. In its BARRICADE system, electro-mechanical sensors are attached to fence panels approximately three meters apart on any of several common types of fence structures. Once attached to the fence, each sensor detects vibrations in the underlying structures. The sensor system's built-in electro-mechanical filtering combines with system input from a weather analysis to minimize the rate of false alarms from wind, hail or other sources of nuisance vibrations. The last development is the Fensor, an accelerometer based fence mounted vibration detection system that is capable of locating the exact location of an intrusion within three meters and is optimized for rigid fences, such as palisade.

Omnitrax is a fifth generation covert outdoor perimeter security intrusion detection sensor that generates an invisible radar detection field around buried sensor cables. An alarm is emitted and the exact location identified within one meter if an intruder disturbs the field. Targets are detected by conductivity, size and movement and the digital processor is able to filter out common alarms caused by environmental conditions and small animals. PipeGuard and TunnelGuard are products developed around commercial off-the-shelf seismic sensors in order to detect digging around critical assets. TunnelGuard is installed in Latin America to protect bank vaults and prisons, archeological sites in China and a critical oil and gas site in Europe. FiberPatrol is also offered to protect pipelines against sabotage, with the capability to protect up to 50 kilometers of a pipeline with a single processor.

Terrain following volumetric sensors can detect intrusions before the intruder touches the sensor. Sensors are installed on buildings, free-standing posts, existing fences, walls or rooftops, and senses changes in the electrostatic field when events, such as intruders penetrating through the wires, take place. The system's tall, narrow, well contained detection zone allows the sensor to be installed in almost any application and minimizes nuisance alarms caused by nearby moving objects. Its flagship product is X-Field, which consists of a set of four and up to eight parallel field sensing wires. The Company also offers a K-band all digital bi-static microwave system, designed for operation in extreme outdoor environments. Coverage distance range from five meters to 200 meters.

Perimeter Security Robot

RoboGuard is a robot that runs on an elevated rail along the perimeter of protected sites or border lines, carrying an assortment of sensors. The robot responds promptly and rushes to the exact zone or location where intrusions are suspected, or automatically patrol and inspect the fence integrity, looking for holes or suspicious nearby objects, by using sophisticated laser scanner. The robot is powered by a removable battery which is recharged automatically every few hours. A RoboGuard configuration includes one or two fixed cameras with IR illuminators for fence surveillance, one PTZ camera with IR illuminator, and two-way intercom in order to communicate with intercepted would-be intruders.

CCTV Systems

The Company delivers CCTV and IVA solutions that are designed for use in outdoor applications. MTC-1500I is a dual technology (thermal Imaging and charged coupled device (CCD)) outdoor surveillance system.

Cyber Security Solutions

The Company's products include Tungsten, Yttrium, Vanadium and Rubidium. Tungsten is a hardened managed switch with built in security capabilities to monitor unauthorized traffic which is optimized for outdoors security and industrial control system (ICS) networks. Yttrium is an international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) catcher appliance that is capable of enforcing a cellular usage policy at a site by using a configurable set of rules. Vanadium is a IMSI catcher detector designed to protect cellular subscribers within a secured site against diversion of mobile devices (calls and data) through unauthorized pseudo operators. Rubidium is a security information and event management (SIEM) application, designed to manage CyberSeal's products, as well as third party network and cyber monitoring devices.

Command and Control Systems

The Company offers three types of command and control systems: Fortis4G, StarNet 1000 and Network Manager. Fortis4G is PSIM system. It is a command and control solution, designed for entities requiring management of security, safety and site management, as well as cyber events. It is designed to manage daily routines and site activities, security, regular and irregular events, as well as crisis situations. StarNet 1000 manages basic sites consisting of a PIDS with a few other devices. Network Manager is a middleware (software) package interfacing between its family of PIDS sensors and any command and control solution.

Miscellaneous Systems

The Company's products include alarm systems to protect personnel in prisons. These products identify individuals in distress and can pinpoint the location of the distress signal with an indoor-to-outdoor and floor-to-floor accuracy. Flash and flare personal emergency locating systems use RF technology to provide a one touch emergency system that can be worn on a belt. The systems, sold to prisons, consist of transmitters that send distress signals to receivers mounted throughout the building. Receivers relay the signal to a central location, indicating that someone requires assistance and location in the building. The systems employ an automated testing mechanism that helps to reduce maintenance costs. PAS is another personal alarm system that uses an ultrasonic based emergency notification system. The system, sold mainly to prisons in the United States, allows individuals moving throughout a facility to quickly indicate the exact location in a crisis situation.

The Company competes with Elfar Ltd., RB-Tec Ltd, South West Microwave Inc., Future Fiber Technologies, Optasense, Detection Security Systems Inc., Fiber Sensys Inc. Geoquip Ltd., GPS Standard SpA, Cias Elettronica, Srl Gallagher, Future Fibre Technologies Pty. Ltd., Optasense, FOTech, Actall Corp., Visonic Networks, ADT, Honeywell, Siemens, C. Mer Industries Ltd., Afcon Industries Ltd., Shamrad Electronics (1977) Ltd., EL-FAR Electronics Systems and Orad Ltd.

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