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20 Jan 2017
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Masimo Corporation, incorporated on May 7, 1996, is a medical technology company that develops, manufactures and markets non-invasive patient monitoring products. The Company's business is measure-through-motion and low-perfusion pulse oximetry monitoring, known as Masimo Signal Extraction Technology (SET) pulse oximetry. Its product offerings include monitoring blood constituents with an optical signature, optical organ oximetry monitoring, electrical brain function monitoring, acoustic respiration monitoring and exhaled gas monitoring. In addition, the Company has developed the Root patient monitoring and connectivity platform, the Radical-7 bedside and portable patient monitor and the Radius-7 wearable wireless patient monitor. It has also developed the Patient SafetyNet remote patient surveillance monitoring system, which allows over 200 patients to be monitored simultaneously and remotely through a personal computer (PC)-based viewing station or by care providers through their pagers, voice-over-Internet Protocol (IP) phones or smartphones.

The Company's solutions and related products are-based upon its Masimo SET and rainbow algorithms. These technologies are incorporated into a range of product platforms depending on its customers' specifications. In addition, the Company provides its technologies to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in a form factor to integrate into their patient monitors, defibrillators and infant incubators. The Company also exclusively licensed from Cercacor Laboratories, Inc. (Cercacor) the right to OEM rainbow technologies and to incorporate rainbow technology into its products intended to be used by professional caregivers, including hospital caregivers and alternate care facility caregivers. The Company develops, manufactures and markets patient monitoring technologies that incorporate a monitor or circuit board and sensors, including single-patient use, reusable and rainbow ReSposable sensors and patient cables. The Company also offers remote alarm or monitoring solutions, software and connectivity solutions. The Company provides its products directly and through distributors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partners to hospitals, emergency medical service (EMS) providers, physician offices, veterinarians, long-term care facilities and consumers.

The Company's patient monitoring solutions include circuit boards and modules; monitors and devices; patient monitoring and connectivity platforms; sensors; line filters and mainstream adapters; remote alarm and monitoring solutions; measurements, and connectivity. The Company's consumer monitoring solutions include devices. The Company's Circuit Boards include Masimo SET MS Circuit Boards, Masimo rainbow SET MX Circuit Boards and uSpO2 Cable/Board. The Company's Masimo SET MS Circuit Boards performs signal processing and other pulse oximetry functions incorporating the Masimo SET platform. Its boards include MS-2003, MS-2011, MS-2013 and MS-2040. The MX circuit boards offer full functionality of its rainbow technology for non-invasive measurements for total hemoglobin (SpHb), oxygen content (SpOC), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO), methemoglobin (SpMet) and acoustic respiration rate (RRa), in addition to providing Measure-Through-Motion and Low-Perfusion oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR) and perfusion index (PI) measurement capabilities of Masimo SET pulse oximetry. The uSpO2 cable/board provides full Masimo SET Measure-Through-Motion and Low-Perfusion pulse oximetry found in its other products.

The Company's monitors or devices include Radical-7, SatShare, Radius-7, Root, Pronto, Pronto-7, Rad-8, Rad-5, Rad-57, SedLine MOC-9 Module, O3 MOC-9 Module, Capnography and Gas Monitoring and uSpO2 Cable/Board. The Radical-7 incorporates its MX circuit board, which enables rainbow SET measurements and offers three-in-one capability that can be used as a standalone device for bedside monitoring; a detachable, battery-operated handheld unit for portable monitoring, and a monitor interface through SatShare. The Radical-7 is a wireless, touch screen device, which is on an upgradeable rainbow SET platform. Radical-7 monitors a patient from the ambulatory environment, to the emergency room, to the operating room, to the general floor and on, until the patient is discharged. Root is a patient monitoring and connectivity platform that integrates its rainbow and SET measurements with additional measurements through Masimo Open Connect (MOC-9) in an integrated, clinician-centric platform.

The Company's Radius-7 for the Root is the wearable, wireless monitor with its rainbow SET technology, enabling early identification of clinical deterioration. With rainbow SET non-invasive measurements, Radius-7 with Root can alert clinicians at the bedside or remotely, through Masimo Patient SafetyNet, of critical changes in a patient's oxygen saturation and pulse rate, even during states of motion and low perfusion, as well as respiration through RRa.

The Company's SatShare technology enables a conventional monitor to receive continuous measurement updates using Masimo SET through a cable connection from the back of Radical-7 to the sensor input port of the conventional monitor. Pronto is a handheld non-invasive multiparameter testing device that uses Masimo rainbow SET technology to provide oxygen saturation, pulse rate, perfusion index and spot-checking of hemoglobin levels for both hospitals, such as emergency departments, and remote settings, such as physician offices. Rad-8 is a bedside pulse oximeter featuring Masimo SET. Its Rad-5 and Rad-5v are handheld oximeters with Masimo SET.

The Company's Rad-57 is a handheld Pulse CO-Oximeter that provides non-invasive measurement of hemoglobin, carboxyhemoglobin and methemoglobin in addition to oxygen saturation, pulse rate and perfusion index. Its rugged and lightweight design makes it applicable for use in hospital and field settings, specifically for fire departments and emergency medical service units. SedLine MOC-9 Module has SedLine monitor that measures brain function on a continuous basis. The SedLine MOC-9 module for Root is an electroencephalogram (EEG)-based brain function monitor that provides information about a patient's response to anesthesia. O3 MOC-9 Module for Root uses near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to detect regional hypoxemia by continuously measuring tissue oxygen saturation (rSo2), automating the differential analysis of regional to central oxygen saturation. The Company offers a portfolio of capnography and gas monitoring products ranging from external 'plug-in-and-measure' capnography and gas analyzers, integrated modules, and handheld capnograph and capnometer devices. Its gas analyzers, IRMA and ISA, and emergency capnometer (EMMA), offers Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen Dioxide (N2O), Oxygen (O2) and anesthetic agent monitoring in hospital environments. Its SET technology-in-a-cable contains the Company's low power (MS-2040) technology in a reduced size, allowing it to be embedded into patient cables as part of the sensor connector.

The Company has a range of single-patient use (disposable), reusable and rainbow ReSposable sensors and cables. In total, the Company has over 100 different types of sensors to meet all clinical needs. Masimo SET sensors are designed to reduce interference from physiological and non-physiological noise. Its reusable sensors are primarily used for short-term, spot-check monitoring. SofTouch Sensors are designed with less adhesive or no adhesive at all for compromised skin conditions. These include single-patient sensors for newborns and multi-site reusable sensors for pediatrics and adults. The Company has approximately two sensor lines, specifically designed for trauma and resuscitation situations, as well as for newborns. Blue Sensors are sensors used to monitor arterial blood oxygen saturation levels in cyanotic infants and children with abnormally low oxygen saturation levels. E1 Ear Sensor is designed for field emergency medical services utilization. TFA-1 Adhesive Forehead Sensor can combine Masimo SET performance and central monitoring to provide access and responsive assessment of oxygenation, for hospitals desiring forehead monitoring with a disposable sensor. The Company has multi-wavelength sensors for use with its rainbow Pulse CO-Oximetry products. Rainbow sensors are available in single-patient use, rainbow ReSposable and reusable spot-check sensor types. The rainbow DCI-mini is the noninvasive hemoglobin (SpHb) spot-check sensor for infants and small children (weight 3 to 30 kilograms). Paired with its handheld Pronto device, the rainbow DCI-mini sensors help clinicians to spot-check hemoglobin levels in infants and small children.

The Company's rainbow Acoustic Sensors detects the sounds associated with breathing and converts the sounds into continuous respiration rate using signal processing that is based on Masimo SET. SEDLine Sensor is used with the SEDLine MOC-9 module for the Root patient monitor, the SedLine sensor is a disposable sensor that collects EEG data for its SedLine monitor. Rainbow Universal ReSposable SuperSensor is the non-invasive sensor to provide simultaneous monitoring of SpHb, SpCO, SpMet, SpfO2, SpOC, Perfusion Index, PVI, and Measure-Through Motion and Low Perfusion SpO2, and pulse rate.

Remote Alarm and Monitoring Solutions consists of Masimo Patient SafetyNet, which is a remote monitoring and clinician notification system. It routes bedside-generated alarms through a server to a clinician's handheld paging device in real-time. Each system can support approximately 200 bedside monitors and can either be integrated into a hospital's existing information technology (IT) infrastructure or operate as a stand-alone wireless network. The Company's rainbow measurements include Oxygen Reserve Index (ORI), PI, PR, PVI, RRp, SpHb, SpO2, SpCO, SpMet, SpOC and fractional arterial oxygen saturation (SpfO2), as well as rainbow Acoustic Monitoring and RRa.

Iris connectivity in Root enables third-party devices, such as intravenous pumps and ventilators to connect through Root enabling display, notification and documentation to the electronic medical record through Masimo Patient SafetyNet. The Company's MightySat fingertip pulse oximeter for personal use provides oxygen saturation and pulse rate measurements. In addition to standard SpO2, PR and PI measurements, MightySat is also available with optional respiration rate (RRp) and PVI, a measure of the dynamic changes in the PI that occur during one or more complete respiratory cycles. MightySat provides measurements in a compact, battery-powered design with a color screen that can be rotated for real-time display of the pleth waveform, as well as measurements. Bluetooth wireless functionality enables measurement display through a free, downloadable Masimo Personal Health application on iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as the ability to trend and communicate measurements, including the Apple Health Kit.

The Company competes with Medtronic plc.

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