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27 Sep 2016
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Merit Medical Systems, Inc. (Merit), incorporated on July 28, 1987, is a designer, developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices used in an array of interventional and diagnostic procedures across the world. The Company operates in the diagnostic and interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, interventional gastroenterology, interventional pulmonology, thoracic surgery, interventional nephrology, vascular surgery, oncology, electrophysiology, cardiac rhythm management and pain management markets. The Company operates in two segments: cardiovascular and endoscopy. Its cardiovascular segment consists of cardiology and radiology devices, which assist in diagnosing and treating coronary arterial disease, peripheral vascular disease and other non-vascular diseases, and includes the embolotherapeutic products. Its endoscopy segment consists of gastroenterology and pulmonology devices, which assist in the palliative treatment of expanding esophageal, tracheobronchial and biliary strictures caused by malignant tumors.

The Company offers a line of devices used to gain and maintain vascular access while protecting the clinician from accidental cuts and needle sticks during procedures. These effective and useful devices and kits include the Futura Safety Scalpel and a line of angiography needles, such as the Merit Advance and the SecureLoc Safety Introducer Needle. In addition, the Company also offers a line of sheath introducers (Prelude) and mini access kits (MAK and S-MAK), which are designed to provide clinicians access to the patient's vasculature. The Company’s PreludeEASE is designed to provide access to the radial artery while minimizing the potential for spasm with a hydrophilic coating that extends to the tip of the sheath.

The Company offers the Rad Board, Rad Board Xtra, Rad Trac and Rad Rest devices for radial access procedures. The Rad Board is designed to provide a work space for physicians and an area for patients to rest their arms during radial procedures and has a section of lead-free Xenolite embedded in the Rad Board to help reduce scatter radiation exposure. The Rad Board Xtra is designed to work in conjunction with the Rad Board by extending the usable work space and allowing for a 90-degree perpendicular extension of the arm for physicians who prefer to perform procedures at a 90-degree angle. The Rad Trac is also designed to be used with the Rad Board and facilitates placement and removal of the Rad Board with the patient still on the table. The Rad Rest is a disposable, single-use product designed to stabilize the arm by ergonomically supporting the elbow, forearm and wrist during radial procedures.

The Company offers a variety of safety-related products and kits. Its ShortStop and ShortStop Advantage Temporary Sharps Holders address the potential safety issues associated with accidental needle sticks. The Company’s line of color-coded Medallion Syringes and the PAL Pen and Label Medication Labeling System are designed to help minimize mix-ups in administering medication. It also offers waste management products to help avoid accidental exposure to contaminated fluids. These include the Company’s waste disposal basins, such as the BackStop, BackStop+, MiniStop, MiniStop+ and DugOut.

The Company offers products to assist clinicians in obtaining and maintaining hemostasis following arterial catheterization by either approach. For hemostasis of the femoral artery, it offers the Safeguard Pressure Assisted Device. For hemostasis of the radial artery, it offers the Safeguard Radial. The Company offers the Clo-Sur PLUS P.A.D, which is utilized in the local management of bleeding wounds and the creation of a barrier to bacterial penetration. Non-invasive devices, including topically applied hemostatic dressings, are used primarily in diagnostic procedures, and the radial access sites use compression devices in both diagnostic and interventional procedures. As a result, the Company has developed and offers two radial compression systems, which include the Finale Compression Device and the RADstat Radial Artery Compression Device.

Merit’s diagnostic guide wires are used to traverse vascular anatomy and aid in placing catheters and other devices. Its pre-coated InQwire Diagnostic Guide Wires are lubricious and are available in a range of configurations to meet clinicians' diagnostic needs. The Merit Laureate Hydrophilic Guide Wire has a consistent, lubricious coating intended to promote rapid catheter exchanges and minimize friction. It also offers the BowTie Guide Wire Insertion Device, which is used to facilitate alignment of the proximal end of a micro guide wire into the tip of a device, such as a dilator, introducer, or catheter. The BowTie has two funneled ends and a tear-away slit for easy removal. The Company also offers a line of torque devices (SeaDragon and H2O Torq), which are guide wire steering tools that can be used on both standard and hydrophilic guide wires in both large and small diameters and are included as a component in its angioplasty packs. Merit also offers Diagnostic Catheters; Hemostasis Valves; Inflation Devices; Drainage Catheters and Accessories; Paracentesis, Thoracentesis and Pericardiocentesis; Thrombosis Products; Multipurpose Microcatheters; Embolic Particles and Products; Vascular Retrieval Devices; Angiography and Angioplasty Accessories; Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis, and Electrophysiology (EP) and Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Products.

The Company offers diagnostic catheters for use during both cardiology and radiology angiographic procedures. Its diagnostic catheters include its Impress line of peripheral catheters and the Performa line of cardiology catheters. These catheters offer interventional radiologists and cardiologists superior performance during a variety of angiography procedures. It has developed a line of hemostasis valves, MAP Merit Angioplasty Packs and angioplasty accessories. Hemostasis valves connect to catheters and allow passage of additional guide wires, balloon catheters and other devices into the vasculature, while reducing the amount of blood loss during the procedures. The Company’s PhD Hemostasis Valve features both a standard primary compression seal, as well as a secondary push-and-release bleedback seal. The two seals allow interventional physicians to maintain and manipulate interventional devices with minimal blood loss. Its hemostasis valve line includes the Honor, AccessPLUS, Access-9, DoublePlay, MBA, PhD and the Passage.

The Company’s basixTOUCH Inflation Syringe offers clinicians one-handed preparation and priming for faster preparation time. The Blue Diamond Digital Inflation Device features an angled gauge. Additionally, its IntelliSystem and Monarch Inflation Devices, as well as the BasixCOMPAK Inflation Syringe, offer clinicians a range of features and prices. The Company has a line of catheters for nephrostomy, abscess, biliary and other drainage procedures. The Company has also developed ReSolve Biliary Drainage Catheter with a hydrophilic coating. It also offers a range of catheter fixation devices, including the Revolution Catheter Securement Device. It also provides a selection of accessories that complement its drainage catheters, including tubing sets and drainage bags. For non-vascular applications, the Company offers mini access kits (MAK-NV).

The Company’s One-Step Drainage Catheter, Safety Paracentesis Procedure Tray (SPPT) and Thoracentesis and Paracentesis Set (TAPS) are designed to provide clinicians with a method for removing this fluid accumulation. Its One-Step product line includes a valved version of the device. It offers a line of products designed to treat clots that block the flow of blood in veins and arteries. Its therapeutic thrombolytic infusion systems include the Fountain Infusion System and the Mistique Infusion Catheter. These catheters are used to treat thrombus (blood clot) formation in the peripheral vessels of the body, including native dialysis fistula and synthetic grafts. An aspiration catheter, the ASAP LP has been added to the ASAP line of Aspiration Catheters, giving clinicians two options for the removal of fresh, soft emboli and thrombi from the vessels of the arterial system. It offers specialty catheters designed for intravascular use, including peripheral and coronary vasculature. The Merit Maestro microcatheter has a swan neck design to seat catheters in the vessel and to reduce the recoiling effect of the embolic agent.

The Company offers embolic microspheres and particles and embolic delivery systems. These products include Embosphere Microspheres and EmboGold Microspheres; HepaSphere Microspheres; QuadraSphere Microspheres, and Bearing nsPVA Particles. The Company’s snares or vascular retrieval devices are single-use products designed for foreign body manipulation and retrieval and can be used to retrieve inferior vena cava filters, reposition indwelling venous catheters, strip fibrin sheath formation, and assist in central venal access venipuncture. It offers the ONE Snare, a single loop device, and the EN Snare Endovascular Snare System, which has three interlaced loops. Both are offered in multiple sizes to accommodate a range of vessels throughout the body. It offers the Ostial PRO Stent Positioning System, a medical-grade disposable guide wire system designed to provide stent implantation in aorto-ostial lesions during coronary or peripheral interventional procedures. It offers a range of specialty syringes, including color-coded Medallion Syringes and the VacLok Vacuum Pressure Syringe. Additionally, it offers a line of kits containing fluid management products, such as syringes, manifolds, stopcocks, tubing and disposable pressure transducers (Meritrans) for measurement of pressures within the vessels and chambers of the heart.

The Company offers peritoneal dialysis catheters and accessories as part of its dialysis and interventional nephrology product line, including the Flex-Neck and ExxTended Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters and Y-TEC Implantation Kits. The Centros and CentrosFLO Long-Term Hemodialysis Catheters anchor its chronic dialysis line. The ProGuide provides a platform for the development of additional Merit products in the dialysis and interventional nephrology market. It also offers a range of guide wires, diagnostic catheters, therapeutic infusion systems and safety products that can be used during dialysis-related procedures. The OuTake Catheter Extractor is used to remove tunneled chronic dialysis catheters from dialysis patients. The Slip-Not Suture Retention Device provides a method for securing a purse-string suture that controls bleeding after an arteriovenous (AV) fistula intervention. In addition, it offers the Impress 30 cm Fistula Catheters, which can be used by interventional nephrologists. Its dialysis and interventional nephrology products are designed to provide coverage for completing AV fistula interventions.

The Company offers solutions to address lead implantation and therapeutic delivery in the cardiac rhythm management and electrophysiology fields. CRM is the field of cardiovascular disease therapy that relates to the detection and treatment of abnormally fast (tachycardia) and abnormally slow (bradycardia) heart rhythms, or electrical patterns in the heart, and heart failure. The ClassicSheath Splittable Hemostatic Introducer System allows for insertion of cardiac pacer leads for pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators. It also offers the Worley Advanced LV Delivery System to aid in the insertion and implantation of left ventricular leads, which are wire electrodes inserted into the coronary sinus to the left lateral wall of the heart to pace the left side of the heart for heart failure patients. It offers the HeartSpan Transseptal Needle and the HeartSpan Transseptal Sheath. The Company has also designed the HeartSpan Steerable Sheath Introducer designed to reduce the risk of atrial wall perforation when navigating cardiac chambers.

Merit provides endoscopy products for gastroenterology, pulmonology and thoracic surgery. Through its Merit Endotek division, it sells a variety of non-vascular stents. The Company’s AERO and AERO DV Fully Covered Tracheobronchial Stents are used by interventional pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons. The Company’s AEROmini is designed to provide additional flexibility to aid in the accurate placement of stents in difficult anatomy. The Alimaxx-ES and the EndoMAXX Fully Covered Esophageal Stents are used by interventional gastroenterologists, otolaryngologists and thoracic surgeons to palliate symptoms associated with malignant tumors and strictures affecting the esophagus, as well as to treat concomitant tracheoesophageal fistulae. The EndoMAXX EVT is an esophageal stent with a reflux control valve that is only available for sale outside the United States. The Alimaxx-B Biliary Stent System is used by interventional gastroenterologists to palliate symptoms associated with malignant tumors affecting the bile duct. Additionally, the Company also sells a plastic biliary stent that is used to restore patency and relieve symptoms associated with strictures and blockages within the biliary system. Merit Endotek also sells the AEROSIZER tracheobronchial stent sizing device, which is used in interventional pulmonology procedures.

The Company’s MAXXWIRE is a line of specialty guide wires that have pulmonology and gastroenterology applications. Its Brighton Bipolar Probe is sold directly by Merit Endotek and its original bipolar probe is sold on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis to customers, who market them to a number of gastroenterologists. Merit Endotek's BIG60 Inflation Device is a 60 milliliter device designed to inflate and deflate non-vascular balloon dilators while monitoring and displaying inflation pressures up to 12 atmospheres. Merit Endotek also offers Endotek-labeled versions of the BasixCOMPAK and Monarch Inflation Device to customers in pulmonology, gastroenterology and thoracic surgery. Merit Endotek's BiliQUICK Cholangiography Rapid Refill Continuous Injection Kit incorporates an all-in-one kit that is used in gastroenterology. Its Inject10n Coronary Control Syringe is included in the kit. The TIO Three-in-One is a combination product that incorporates the benefits of an oropharyngeal airway, bite block and oxygen administration device into one device. It also provides the bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) Convenience Kit.

The Company offers a variety of devices and accessories used during interventional radiology and other special procedures. The Merit SureCross Support Catheter is designed to cross partial and total chronic occlusions in the peripheral arteries. Its digital inflation devices (IntelliSystem and Monarch) are used in pain management clinics. The Company provides coating services for medical tubes and wires under OEM brands. It offers coated tubes and wires to customers on a spool or as further manufactured components, like hypotubes, guide wire components, coated mandrels/stylets and coated needles. The Company’s sensor division manufactures and sells microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) pressure sensor components focusing on piezoresistive pressure sensors in various forms, including bare silicon die, die mounted on ceramic substrates, and custom assemblies for specific customers.

The Company competes with Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific Corporation, Medtronic, St. Jude Medical, C.R. Bard, Abbott Laboratories, Teleflex, Cook Incorporated, Terumo Corporation, AngioDynamics, Vascular Solutions, B. Braun, Olympus, Edwards Lifesciences, ICU Medical, BTG, CeloNova Biosciences, Inc. and Pfizer Inc.

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