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24 Jul 2014
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Mettler-Toledo International Inc., incorporated in 1991, is a global supplier of precision instruments and services. The Company is a provider of weighing instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company has five segments: U.S. Operations, Swiss Operations, Western European Operations, Chinese Operations and Other. It is also a provider of analytical instruments for use in life science, reaction engineering and real-time analytic systems used in drug and chemical compound development and process analytics instruments used for in-line measurement in production processes. In addition, it is a supplier of end-of-line inspection systems used in production and packaging for food, pharmaceutical and other industries. The Company manufactures a variety of precision instruments and provides value-added services to its customers. In August 2011, the Company acquired a vision inspection solutions business located in Germany. In March 2011, the Company completed acquisitions related to an x-ray inspection solutions business.

U.S. Operations represent certain of the Company’s marketing and producing organizations located in the United States. Western European Operations include the Company’s marketing and producing organizations in Western Europe, excluding operations located in Switzerland. Swiss Operations include marketing and producing organizations located in Switzerland, as well as extensive research and development (R&D) operations that are responsible for the development, production and marketing of precision instruments, including weighing, analytical and measurement technologies for use in a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Chinese Operations represent the Company’s marketing and producing organizations located in China. The Company’s market organizations are geographically focused and are responsible for all aspects of the Company’s sales and service.

Laboratory Instruments

The Company makes a variety of precision laboratory instruments, including laboratory balances, pipettes, titrators, thermal analysis systems and other analytical instruments. Its laboratory balances have weighing ranges from one ten-millionth of a gram up to 64 kilograms. The Company also manufactures mass comparators, which are used by weights and measures regulators, as well as laboratories to ensure the accuracy of reference weights. Laboratory balances are primarily used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, cosmetics and other industries. Pipettes are used in laboratories for dispensing small volumes of liquids. The Company operates its pipette business with the Rainin brand name. Rainin develops, manufactures and distributes advanced pipettes, tips and accessories, including single- and multi-channel manual and electronic pipettes.

Titrators measure the chemical composition of samples and are used in environmental and research laboratories as well as in quality control labs in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and other industries. Its high-end titrators are multi-tasking models, which can perform two determinations simultaneously on multiple vessels. Its offering includes robotics to automate routine work in quality control applications. Thermal analysis systems measure material properties as a function of temperature, such as weight, dimension, energy flow and viscoelastic properties. Thermal analysis systems are used in every industry, but primarily in the plastics and polymer industries and increasingly in the pharmaceutical industry. pH meters measure acidity in laboratory samples. The Company also sells density and refractometry instruments, which measure chemical concentrations in solutions. In addition, the Company manufactures and sells moisture analyzers, which precisely determine the moisture content of a sample by utilizing an infrared dryer to evaporate moisture.

LabX, its personal computer (PC)-based laboratory software platform, manages and analyzes data generated by its balances, titrators, pH meters, moisture analyzers and other analytical instruments. LabX provides full network capability; has efficient, intuitive protocols; and enables customers to collect and archive data in compliance with the United States Food and Drug Administration’s traceability requirements for electronically stored data (also known as 21 CFR Part 11). Its automated chemistry solutions focus on selected applications in the chemical and drug discovery process. Its automated lab reactors and in situ analysis systems are considered integral to the process development and scale-up activities of its customers. Its on-line measurement technologies based on infrared and laser light scattering enables customers to monitor chemical reactions and crystallization processes in real time in the lab and plant.

The Company’s process analytics business provides instruments for the in-line measurement of liquid parameters used primarily in the production process of pharmaceutical, biotech, beverage, microelectronics, chemical and refining companies. The Company is a solution provider for liquid analytical measurement to control and optimize production processes. Its solutions include sensor technology for measuring pH, dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide, conductivity, turbidity, ozone and total organic carbons and automated systems for calibration and cleaning of measurement points. Intelligent sensor diagnostics capabilities enable asset management solutions for its customers to reduce process downtime and maintenance costs. Its instruments offer multi-parameter capabilities and plant- control system integration, which are key for integrated measurement of multiple parameters to secure production quality and efficiency.

Industrial Instruments

The Company manufactures numerous industrial weighing instruments and related terminals and offer dedicated software solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. In addition, it manufactures metal detection and other end-of-line product inspection systems used in production and packaging. The Company supplies automatic identification and data capture solutions, which integrate in-motion weighing, dimensioning and identification technologies for transport, shipping and logistics customers. The Company also offers heavy industrial scales and related software.

The Company offers a line of industrial scales and balances, such as bench scales and floor scales, for weighing loads from a few grams to several thousand kilograms in applications ranging from measuring materials in chemical production to weighing packages. Its products are used in a range of applications, such as counting applications and in formulating and mixing ingredients. Its industrial scale terminals collect data and integrate it into manufacturing processes, helping to automate them. Its terminals allow users to remotely download programs or access setup data and can minimize downtime through predictive rather than reactive maintenance.

The Company is a global supplier of automatic identification and data capture solutions, which integrate in-motion weighing, dimensioning and identification technologies. With these solutions, customers can measure the weight and cubic volume of packages for appropriate billing, logistics and quality control. Its solutions also integrate into customers’ information systems. Its primary heavy industrial products are scales for weighing trucks or railcars (weighing bulk goods as they enter or leave a factory or at a toll station). Heavy industrial scales are capable of measuring weights up to 500 tons and permit accurate weighing under extreme environmental conditions. The Company also offers advanced computer software that can be used with our heavy industrial scales to facilitate a range of customer solutions and provides a complete system for managing vehicle transaction processing.

The Company offers software that can be used with its industrial instruments, which include FreeWeigh.Net, statistical quality control software, Formweigh.Net, its formulation/batching software and OverDrive, which supports the operation of vehicle scales. FreeWeigh.Net and Formweigh.Net provide network capability and enable customers to collect and archive data in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. The Company is a global provider of metal detectors, x-ray and camera-based visioning equipment and checkweighers that are used in these industries. Metal detectors are used to detect fine particles of metal that may be contained in raw materials or may be generated by the manufacturing process itself. X-ray-based vision inspection helps detect non-metallic contamination, such as glass, stones and pits, which enter the manufacturing process for similar reasons. Its x-ray systems can also detect metal in metallized containers and can be used for mass control.

The Company provides camera-based vision inspection solutions that provide in-line inspection of package quality and content and enable its customers to implement traceability and serialization tracking, which are needs for food and beverage, consumer goods and pharmaceutical companies. Checkweighers are used to control the filling content of packaged goods, such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Both x-ray and metal detection systems may be used together with checkweighers as components of integrated packaging lines. FreeWeigh.Net is its statistical and quality control software that optimizes package filling, monitors weight-related data and integrates it in real time into customers’ enterprise resource planning and/or process control systems.

Retail Weighing Solutions

The Company offers scales for basic counter weighing and pricing, price finding and printing. In addition, it offers networked scales and software, which can integrate backroom, counter, self-service and checkout functions and can incorporate fresh goods item data into a supermarket’s overall food item and inventory management system. Customer benefits are in the areas of pricing, merchandising, inventory management and regulatory compliance. Its instruments have been expanded to allow in-store marketing, which permits customers to make more decisions at the point of sale.

Company Address

Mettler-Toledo International Inc

Im Langacher, CH 8606 Greifense
P.O. Box MT-100
COLUMBUS   OH   43240
P: +1614.4384511
F: +1302.6555049

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