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Magyar Telekom Telecommunications Public Limited Company (Magyar Telekom), incorporated on December 31, 1991, is a provider of fixed line telecommunications services in Hungary. It operates under the name Magyar Telekom Plc. Magyar Telekom is the principal supplier of telecommunications services in Hungary, Macedonia and Montenegro and alternative service provider in Bulgaria, Romania and in the Ukraine. The Group's operating segments in Hungary are: Consumer Services Business Unit, Business Services Business Unit, Group Headquarters and Technology Business Unit. In addition, the Group also has operations in Macedonia and Montenegro, which represent two additional reporting segments. On September 30, 2009, T-Kabel Magyarország Kft. (T-Kábel) and Del-Vonal Kft. (Del-Vonal) were merged into Magyar Telekom Plc.

The Company holds a 100% interest in Stonebridge Communications AD, which controls Makedonski Telekom, the fixed line telecommunications services provider and, through its subsidiary T-Mobile Macedonia, the mobile telecommunications operator in Macedonia. The Company also holds a 76.53% ownership in Crnogorski Telekom and through its subsidiary T-Mobile Crna Gora, the mobile telecommunications operator in Montenegro. In addition to the operating segments, the Company has a Media Business Unit and a few other business operations for internal management purposes that do not qualify as business segments for financial reporting purposes.

Consumer Services Business Unit (CBU)

The Consumer Services Business Unit (CBU) operates in Hungary, providing mobile, fixed line telecommunications and television (TV) distribution services (including marketing, sales and customer relations activities) to residential and small business telecommunications customers in Hungary, with several million customers mainly under the T-Mobile and T-Home brands. The operations of CBU consist of fixed line and mobile voice retail services, fixed line and mobile Internet services, data transmission, pay TV, telecommunications equipment sales, as well as other services. CBU provides services for residential and small office, home office (SOHO) customers. CBU offers home-related telecommunications services under the T-Home brand and mobile communications services under the T-Mobile brand.

The Company provides local, domestic and international long distance telephone services for its fixed line subscribers. The Company offers directory inquiry services. The domestic directory assistance database includes all fixed line and postpaid mobile subscribers' data in Hungary. T-Home provides broadband Internet services for residential and SOHO customers through three different technologies, such as copper (asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), very high speed digital subscriber line (VDSL)), cable (Cable Internet) and gigabit passive optical network (GPON) (Optical Internet). It also provides cable Internet by using cable television infrastructure.

In April 2009, the Company introduced its optical Internet portfolio on GPON network and offer optical Internet packages with 5/15/25/50 Megabits per second (Mb/s) download speeds. In September 2009, it introduced 80 (Mb/s) download speeds aligned with its ED3 portfolio. T-Home offers pay TV services on three different TV platforms: on cable (T-Home analogue and digital cable TV), on Internet protocol (IPTV) and on satellite (Sat TV). It distributes an extensive range of telecommunications equipment, from individual telephone sets to modems, HAGs, set-top-boxes and network systems, through a network of customer service centers and CBU's technical unit.

Business Services Business Unit (BBU)

The Business Services Business Unit (BBU) operates in Hungary, providing mobile and fixed line telecommunications, info-communications and system integration services (including marketing, sales and customer relations activities) mainly under the T-Systems and T-Mobile brands to business partners (large corporate and public sector customers), as well as Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). The operations of BBU consist of fixed line and mobile voice retail services, Internet services, data transmission, SI/IT services, TV, telecommunications equipment sales, as well as other services. The Company provides local, domestic and international long distance telephone services to its fixed line subscribers. It provides integrated voice, Internet and corporate data packages for its SMB segment within fixed line portfolio. It offers virtual PBX services via VoIP providing internal voice and data integrated business networks for the small and medium business segment.

Magyar Telekom offers its business customers Internet services based on ADSL technology, as well as access through cable, wireless local area network (WLAN) and leased lines. BBU provides ADSL service on PSTN lines named BDSL. Packages without traffic limits are available with four different download speeds: 5, 10, 15 and 25 Mbit/s. BBU also offers voice and Internet bundles (T-DSL) targeting small and medium business customers. MLLNI provides transport and access facilities to IP traffic and it is offered mainly to its business customers. It offers a range of standard analogue and digital lines for lease, including two-wire and four-wire analogue lines and digital lines with capacities from 64 Kilobits per second (Kb/s) to 10 gigabits per second (Gb/s). It also offers customized digital lines to other telecommunications providers.


The Group Headquarters (Headquarters) is responsible for providing wholesale mobile and fixed line services in Hungary, and also performs strategic and cross-divisional management and support functions, including Procurement, Treasury, Real estate, Accounting, Tax, Legal, Internal Audit and similar shared services and other central functions of the Group's management. Headquarters is also responsible for the Group's points of presence in Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine, providing wholesale services to local companies and operators.

Headquarters is responsible for wholesale services, headquarters functions (management and support), shared services (back-office and non-core shared services within the Company), its points of presence (PoPs) in South-Eastern Europe, and media unit and new business developments. Its wholesale unit represents a separate line of business operating from its retail businesses. The Company sells wholesale ADSL service to Internet service providers (ISPs), which enable them to offer integrated broadband Internet services combining access and IP transport to their retail customers under their own brands. It offers an extended data and IP service portfolio to wholesale partners. It consists of managed leased lines on different technologies (TDM, Ethernet, ATM, SDH).

Shared services include the management and servicing of its real estate portfolio, fleet management, procurement, human resource (HR) administration and accounting. Its real estate operations are conducted partly through STRABAG Property and Facility Services Zrt. The Headquarters segment also includes the activities of Magyar Telekom in certain countries in South-Eastern Europe. Magyar Telekom provides international network and carrier services in South-Eastern Europe through PoPs. The Headquarters segment also comprises content, media and other non-access services. It is also responsible for business developments and the coordination of activities.


The Technology Business Unit (Technology) is responsible for the operations and development of the mobile, fixed line and cable TV network, as well as information technology (IT) management in Hungary. Technology is a central supporting unit for the business units of the Company. It is responsible for the development and operations of the mobile and fixed networks as well as IT. Technology derives its revenues from internal services to other segments of the Company regarding NTs, service development and IT; network maintenance and consulting services to subsidiaries, and network construction and maintenance services to external parties.


The Company owns a Macedonian holding company, Stonebridge, which owns a 51% interest in Makedonski Telekom. Makedonski Telekom is the fixed line service provider in Macedonia. Makedonski Telekom provides traditional fixed line telecommunications services and content services within the scope of the fixed line network, broadband services and integrated solutions, including IPTV. T-Mobile Macedonia is the provider of mobile telecommunications services in Macedonia. The activities of T-Mobile Macedonia's operations are digital mobile telephone services and non-voice services, such as shot messaging service (SMS), multimedia messaging service (MMS) and general packet radio service (GPRS) based on global system for mobile communications (GSM) and universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) technology.


Crnogorski Telekom is the fixed line service provider in Montenegro. Crnogorski Telekom provides a range of retail and wholesale telecommunications services at domestic and international level. Crnogorski Telekom is the provider of ADSL in Montenegro. The activities of T-Mobile Crna Gora's operations are digital mobile telephone services and non-voice services, such as SMS, MMS based on the GSM, UMTS, GPRS, enhanced data GSM environment (EDGE) and high-speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) technologies.

The Company competes with Invitel, GTS Datanet, HP, Synergon, S&T, IBM, Digi , Fibernet, Interware, TvNetwork, Albacomp, Getronics, Accenture, FMC, Unisys, Pannon, Vodafone, Cosmofon, OnNet, Getronics, Synergon, HP-EDS, S&T Unitis, IBM, SAP, NESS, IDOM2000, Oracle, Alerant, Hostlogic, Nexon, Pannon, Vodafone, CableTel, Telekabel, ONE, VIP, Mtel, Promonte and T-Mobile Crna Gora.

Company Address

Magyar Telekom Tavkozlesi Nyrt

Krisztina krt. 55.
BUDAPEST     1013
P: +361.4580000
F: +361.4587176

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