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Sunity Online Entertainment Limited (Sunity Cayman), incorporated on November 27, 2009, is engaged in the development and operation of online games in the People’s Republic of China. The Company primarily develops and operates online games through its subsidiary, Beijing Yangguang Jiaze Network Technology Limited (Sunity WFOE), and its Yangguan Tianhe (Beijing) Technology Company Limited (VIE subsidiary). The Company develops game systems and operates game Websites. Its online games include Qihang Game (QHG), Han Dynasty Game (HDG) and Happy Canyon Game (HCG). The Company also has four Webgames in the pipeline. Each of these four Webgames, Three Kingdom Illation (TKI); Immortal Navigator (NVT), Space War Game (SWG), and In Search of Supernatural (ISS) are role playing games (RPGs). In October 2010, the Company released for the purpose of beta-testing a game portal Website, www.633.com (the 633 Platform).

The Company's QHG Website is a client-end game/Webgame Website featuring card and chess games.QHG provides 27 games to its four million registered players. QHG’s Website www.qhqp.net, provides a link to the 633 Platform. Its HDG Website is RPG. HDG, targets the game fans between the ages of 18 and 40. HDG’s Website is www.51dahan.com. HCG is a Web-based casual game, which implements a social networking service where players play online games involving communications with other players to enhance their social relationships. HCG targets players between the ages of 18 and 45, including university students and white collar workers. HCG’s Website is www.hvgame.com.cn, which can be accessed via the 633 Platform.

The Company operates its business in China primarily through Sunity Beijing. Game players purchase prepaid game tokens or game points, which are used to purchase virtual items. It sells its prepaid game tokens to its nation-wide distributors throughout China, who in turn sub-distribute them to numerous retail outlets. The Company distributes its physical and virtual prepaid game tokens to players in China through a variety of channels, consisting primarily of a network of third-party distributors. The Company also sells online credits through its own SP system. The Company generates its revenue through game operations, service pack (SP) and software development.

The Company competes with Giant Interactive Group Inc., Shanda Games Ltd., Perfect World Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Zhongqingbao Network Technology Ltd., UWan.com, Inc, XunWan.com Inc, Joyport Ltd and 7 Road Ltd.

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Sunity Online Entertainment Ltd

Level 9, Block A, No. 31 Gaoxin
BEIJING   BEJ   710075
P: +8629.88278225