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18 Sep 2014
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Teknowledge Corporation (Teknowledge), incorporated on July 8, 1981, sells software and service solutions and plans to deliver Web services that help customers monitor critical variables in their operations, and enable them to act on changes to those variables in a timely manner. The Company also provides contract research and development (R&D) services, primarily to the United States Government. Teknowledge designs intelligent transactions that deliver secure, and knowledge-based interactions with customers. This transaction enable organizations to codify their knowledge, use it to interpret data, and provides service to end-users. Approximately 32% of revenue during the year ended December 31, 2006, was primarily from cost plus fee-type government sponsored contract research and development. The remaining 34% was from financial solutions customers, and intellectual property licenses accounted for 34%. The Company operates three reporting segments: Financial Solutions, Government Contract R&D, and Patents and Technology Licensing.

Financial Solutions

Teknowledge transferred most of its TekPortal maintenance contracts during December 31, 2006, and in conjunction with Intuit personnel, continues to provide support services for some TekPortal banking customers. Teknowledge is developing knowledge-based software called ActionWeb, and a team to provide hardware and software storage integration services to financial and other institutions. This also provides opportunities for selling software developed in Teknowledge’s Government Contract R&D segment.

Government Contract R&D

Teknowledge’s Government Contract R&D segment conducts contract research and development in complementary technical application areas. Teknowledge has been working for over two decades in software technology areas related to national security. Many of Teknowledge’s R&D contracts are directly relevant to counterterrorism. The Company’s relationships with the relevant government agencies are well established. The Company is continuing to respond to new requests for defense and intelligence capabilities by various government agencies. In addition, it may provide significant new computer security and knowledge-based software that can be utilized commercially. For example, in 2004 Teknowledge won Phase I of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) sponsored Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to develop symbolic spreadsheets that can add-in symbolic knowledge processing capabilities to commercial spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel.

Technical personnel in the Government Contract R and D segment are organized into groups that support specific contracts and projects. The teams are interdependent in terms of infrastructure, talent, technology and management incentives. The Company's Government Contract R and D segment may provide software to or utilize software from the commercial segment, depending on the specific application needs of its customers. Whenever possible, Teknowledge tries to develop dual-use software, such as TekPortal aggregation that has significant application in both the commercial and defense arenas. Teknowledge has also developed prototype software technology, such as Safe Software wrappers. Rather than attempt to sell directly all of the software that it develops, Teknowledge has a program to license its software to larger companies with additional development and marketing resources as well as sales distribution.

Teknowledge has acted as the subcontractor or prime contractor on a number of DARPA and other government sponsored projects focused on advanced techniques for Internet or cyber security. Teknowledge has been involved in education and training since 1981. Teknowledge served as the Cluster Leader for the United States largest multi-institution project on Intelligent Tutors and Associates between 1995 and 1998. The DARPA Computer Assisted Education and Training Initiative sponsored Teknowledge’s prototype work on associate systems. Teknowledge has played an important role in the government-sponsored initiatives to provide cost effective and industrial strength courseware over the Internet. Teknowledge developed prototype Courseware Factory components for converting podium-based traditional courses for delivery over the World Wide Web. From the year ended December 31, 2000 to the year ended December 31, 2007, Teknowledge won several SBIR grants to provide advanced computer-based tutoring or user modeling systems. Teknowledge intends to continue to collaborate with the Web-based training community, and to seek opportunities to embed its tutoring and application user modeling software in integrated solutions for commercial and government customers.

Teknowledge was a prime contractor on the now completed DARPA-sponsored QUITE project, where the objective was to integrate solutions to the problem of optimizing the quality of service of distributed resources on a network. Teknowledge’s projects often involve software wrappers and models for uniform access to heterogeneous software, associate systems to provide distributed and personalized briefings, and a system for implementing and controlling software components. The technology resulting from these projects has promising applications in commercial security, search engines, extensions to popular desktop software, and personalized financial briefings. One recent outcome of this research is an operational prototype security system called Lockdown, which wraps all components and processes on Windows computers, such as e-mail and browsers, and monitors the system for any rogue behavior.

Teknowledge’s work in this area focuses on providing knowledge-based tools, applications, and ontologies (knowledge structures) that allow computers to aid humans in interpreting the torrent of data coming at them. Teknowledge is advancing techniques for creating large knowledge systems that can apply problem solving knowledge harvested from humans about how to utilize the information in a database or an incoming stream of information. Teknowledge was the prime contractor on an Army sponsored effort to create a Standard Upper Ontology. This method of defining concepts formally and systematically is an important step in developing computer software that understands the meaning or semantics of the tasks it performs, rather than just processing numbers or words blindly.

Patents and Technology Licensing

Teknowledge maintains an active intellectual property program that has produced nine key United States software patents (six active, three expired). The application software developed by Teknowledge includes TekPortal for financial information consolidation, associate systems for conducting automated transactions on the Internet, knowledge-based expert systems, pattern detection and alert tools, and systems to manage and protect Webs of networked information. One software patent on Automatic Retrieval of Changed Files by a Network Software Agent, or Hotbox, has two key components, network caching and alerts. Network caching refers to the strategic storage of information, such as Web pages, to allow accelerated access to that information.

The Company competes with MacroMedia, IBM, KnowledgeNet,

Company Address

Teknowledge Corp

1810 Embarcadero Rd
PALO ALTO   CA   94303
P: +1650.4240500
F: +1650.4932645

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