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22 Oct 2014
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Wegener Corporation (Wegener) conducts its business through Wegener Communications, Inc. (WCI), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. WCI is a global provider of digital video and audio solutions for broadcast television, radio, telco, private and cable networks. WCI offers a product line that handles the scheduling, management and delivery of media content to multiple devices, including video screens, computers and audio devices. WCI’s product line includes iPump media servers for file-based and live broadcasts; Compel Network Control and Compel Conditional Access for dynamic command, monitoring and addressing of multi-site video, audio and data networks, and the unity satellite media receivers for live radio and video broadcasts. Applications served include digital signage, linear and file-based television distribution, linear and file-based radio distribution, Nielsen rating information, broadcast news distribution, business music distribution, corporate communications, video and audio simulcasts. The markets it serves are business and private networks, broadcast television and program originators, radio broadcasters, and headends. Its products include iPump Media Servers, Unity Satellite Receivers, Compel Network Control and Content Management Systems, Nielsen Media Research Products, SMD Set Top Boxes, Digital Television (DTV) Digital Stream Processors, third-party uplink products and customized products.

iPump Media Servers

The Company’s iPump product line combines the features of its integrated receiver decoders (IRD) with media server functionality and Internet protocol (IP) router capabilities. The iPump receives and stores television, radio and other digital files from broadcast, cable and business network operations utilizing file-based broadcasting technology. File-based broadcasting technology allows network operators to store content at receive locations with an iPump and then play back the content locally either based on schedules or on-demand user selection. Network operators with repetitive content in their programming line-up can send programming, advertising and playback schedules through stored files into the iPump for later playback according to the schedules. The network operator can then utilize limited satellite time to refresh the programming, advertising and play-out schedules.

iPump and Compel system is IP network delivery of files and commands to the iPump. With this ability, network operators can launch iPump networks over the Internet or private IP networks. In additionally, they can control their network from one integrated Compel control system while feeding select sites through IP that they cannot reach with their satellite either due to location outside of the satellite footprint or inability to place a satellite dish.

There are four models of the iPump that utilize file-based broadcasting technology. The iPump 6400 Professional Media Server is designed for broadcast television and private network customers. The iPump 6420 Audio Media Server is meet the needs of radio broadcasters. The iPump 562 and iPump 525 Enterprise Media Servers are designed for private network and enterprise applications, such as digital signage. The iPump 562 and iPump 525 Media Servers support moving picture experts group (MPEG)-4/h.264 video decoding for high definition (HD) and standard definition video. In addition the iPump 562 supports digital video broadcast (DVB)-S2 satellite demodulation. The iPump 525 is designed to support terrestrial content distribution and control. Within these markets, applications for the iPump products include digital signage, corporate communications, training/education, time-zone shifting, regional advertising insertion and news distribution.

Unity Receivers

The Company’s Unity 552 is for private and business television networks. The Unity 552 supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/h.264 video with support and DVB-S and DVB-S2 demodulation. The Unity 551 utilizes MPEG-2 for video distribution and is also targeted for private and business television networks. The Unity 4600 receiver is a digital satellite receiver used by program originators to distribute programming to cable and telecom headends. It offers analog and digital outputs to support analog and digital headends. Cable headends utilize the Unity 4600 to support digital high definition television distribution.

The Unity 4650 receiver is a digital receiver used by broadcast television networks. The Unity 4650 receiver is a video and audio decoder that features MPEG-2 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 video for broadcast television network distribution. The Unity 202 audio receiver is designed for business music providers. It allows users to select audio formats and offers audio storage for advertising insertion and disaster recovery. It is second generation file-based broadcasting business music receiver.

Compel Network Control and Content Management System and

The Company’s Compel is used in over 150 networks controlling over 100,000 receivers, and it features grouping and addressing controls that provide flexibility in network management. Receivers can be controlled as individual sites and as groups. Commands are synchronized with video and audio programming, which allows users to regionalize programming and blackout programming from nonsubscribers, as well as commercials to subscribers.

Compel option modules include Conditional Access, MediaPlan Content Management (CM) and MediaPlan i/o Ingest. Conditional Access utilizes a secure microprocessor in Unity and iPump receiver to deliver conditional access to a network without smart card systems. Unity satellite receivers and iPump media servers are controlled by the Compel Network Control System, so the markets for Compel are the same as for iPump and Unity receivers. The Compel 2 network control system, which retains the features of the Compel network control system while adding features designed to enhance the user interface and simplify operations for dynamic media distribution. The control system has been streamlined by unifying many different screens and utilities within a single, Web-based graphical user interface. Using a Web browser access, operators can control live and file-based media distribution networks from any Web-enabled remote location. provides the operations available in Compel 2 as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. Customers can purchase rights to use Compel 2 through the Internet on a monthly basis.

MediaPlan CM and MediaPlan i/o products are control and management system modules to its Compel Control System. MediaPlan CM is a content management system used for managing media and other files and tracking their delivery throughout the iPump network. In a file-based broadcasting network, media is stored in multiple iPumps in the field. Operators can create libraries of assets, generate descriptive metadata information, view content at each iPump, send requested content directly to targeted users and track file usage.

MediaPlan i/o is the media creation product for the iPump network. Network operators can prepare the media files containing the compressed video and audio ahead of airtime. They can distribute the media files any time before airing, so they can optimize the use of their bandwidth. When it is time for the program to be broadcast, it merely needs to be played from the local hard drive on the iPump, not transported through the network. As the media creation tool, MediaPlan i/o handles the first part of the process. The functions of MediaPlan are being integrated into Compel 2 as options.

Nielsen Media Research Products

The Company offers two products to encode Nielsen Media Research identification tags into media for Nielsen program ratings: the NAVE IIc and SpoTTrac Encoders. The NAVE IIc watermarks program audio with tagging information that identifies the television program and the television station that originated the program. The watermarks are used by Nielsen devices to automate the process of cataloging viewers’ television viewing habits, which translate into Nielsen ratings. The NAVE IIc makes advances over prior units in that it inserts the watermarks for audio in the digital domain and can insert watermarking on an entire transport stream with up to four programs. Alternatively, stations have to down-convert to analog audio to insert Nielsen data.

The SpoTTrac Encoder is a turnkey workstation that encodes both the audio and video of television commercials, public service announcements and other spots with Nielsen Media Research content identification information as they are being produced and distributed, so the content has the Nielsen codes all the way from the program origination point. The tracked data is collected and integrated into Nielsen Tracking Service’s reporting and performance management tools.

SMD Set Top Box

Telecom operators use the SMD 515 Set Top Box (SMD) as the device in consumers’ homes to receive IP television (IPTV) services. It is integrated with Conklin-Intracom’s middleware and conditional access solution for use by multiple telcom operators in North America to provide IPTV services including high definition programming, video on demand and integrated personal video recording.

DTV Digital Stream Processors

The DTV Digital Stream Processor product line is designed for cable and telecom headends. It allows them to integrate local off-air HD broadcast television channels and digital programs and insert them into their networks. Its products provide for multiple signals to be inserted with one unit. Models include DTV 720, DTV 742 and DTV 744. It offers customers system solutions for video and audio distribution. The complete system solution requires it to resell components, such as encoders, modulators and IP encapsulators from other manufacturers.

Customized Products

The Company offers its customers the option to create custom products for their needs when they cannot find off-the-shelf products to satisfy their requirements. They pay non-recurring engineering expenses through product pricing and/or up-front milestone payments.

The Company competes with Tandberg, Motorola and Cisco.

Company Address

Wegener Corp

Technology Park / Johns Creek
11350 Technology Circle
JOHNS CREEK   GA   30097
P: +1770.8144000
F: +1770.6230698

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