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24 Dec 2014
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Wright Medical Group, Inc., incorporated in November 1999, through Wright Medical Technology, Inc. (WMT) and other operating subsidiaries (Wright), is a global orthopaedic medical device company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of devices and biologic products for extremity, hip and knee repair and reconstruction. The Company is provider of surgical solutions for the foot and ankle market. It offers products in four primary market sectors: extremity reconstruction, biologics, knee reconstruction and hip reconstruction. Reconstructive devices are used to replace or repair knee, hip and other joints and bones that have deteriorated or have been damaged through disease or injury. Biologics are used to replace damaged or diseased bone, to stimulate bone growth and to provide other biological solutions for surgeons and their patients. In March 2013, it completed acquisition of BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc. In November 2013, the Company acquired Biotech International. In January 2014, Wright Medical Group Inc closed the transaction to divest its OrthoRecon business to MicroPort Scientific Corporation and its affiliates. In January 2014, Wright Medical Group Inc acquired Solana Surgical LLC. In February 2014, Wright Medical Group Inc acquired OrthoPro, LLC.

Extremity Hardware

The Company offers extremity products for the foot and ankle and upper extremities in a number of markets worldwide. It is a provider of foot and ankle surgical products in the United States and German market. In addition, it also deals in the sectors, such as radial head repair, finger joint replacements and intramedullary wrist fracture implants. The Company’s CHARLOTTE foot and ankle system is an offering of fixation products for foot and ankle surgery. The CHARLOTTE portfolio includes a locking compression plate designed for corrective foot surgeries. The DARCO foot and ankle plating systems were designed to address the specific needs of reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. The DARCO MFS and MRS plates were the implants to incorporate fixed angle, locking screw technology into a comprehensive fixation set for foot surgery. The INBONE total ankle system represents the third generation in ankle replacement implants, utilizing a patented intramedullary alignment mechanism for more accurate placement of the implant. The SIDEKICK line of external fixators is designed to facilitate compression or distraction of bones in the foot from the outside in and in a minimally invasive manner. The ORTHOLOC system provides foot and ankle surgeons a line of plates and screws to address most traumatic injuries of the foot and ankle. In June 2010, the Company released the VALOR TTC fusion nail. The VALOR nail provides surgeons with a solution for fusing the calcaneal, talar and tibial bones required in patients suffering from severe ankle arthritis. Other products in foot and ankle portfolio include BIOARCH subtalar arthoereisis implant, the Company’s line of AM Surgical foot and ankle endoscopic tissue release products, and its line of Swanson toe joints.

The EVOLVE modular radial head replacement prosthesis addresses the need for modularity in the anatomically highly-variable joint of the elbow and is a radial head prosthesis. The EVOLVE modular radial head device provides 150 different combinations of heads and stems allowing the surgeon to choose implant heads and stems to accommodate the unpredictable anatomy of each patient. The smooth stem design allows for rotational motion at the implant and bone interface and for radiocapitellar articulation. The Company’s EVOLVE radial head plating system is for surgeons who wish to repair rather than replace the damaged radial head. Its line of Swanson finger joints are used in finger joint replacement for patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis of the hand. The MICRONAIL intramedullary wrist fracture repair system is a next-generation minimally invasive treatment for distal radius fractures that provides immediate fracture stabilization with minimal soft tissue disruption. The RAYHACK system consists of a series of precision cutting guides and procedure-specific plates for ulnar and radial shortening procedures and the surgical treatment of radial malunions and Keinbock’s Disease.


The Company offers a line of biologic products that are used to replace and repair damaged or diseased bone, tendons and soft tissues and other biological solutions for surgeons and their patients. These products focus on biological musculoskeletal repair by utilizing synthetic and human tissue-based materials. Internationally, it offers bone graft products incorporating antibiotic delivery. GRAFTJACKET matrix is a human-derived soft tissue graft designed for augmentation of tendon and ligament repairs, such as those of the rotator cuff in the shoulder and achilles tendon in the ankle. GRAFTJACKET Maxforce Extreme is a high strength form of GRAFTJACKET matrix, which provides maximum suture holding power for the most challenging of tendon and ligament repairs. In June 2010, the Company launched the XPANSION Micrografting System for split-thickness skin grafting via a minimized donor site. The XPANSION system allows harvesting, expanding and applying split-thickness skin micro-autografts for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds. The BIOTAPE XM Reinforcement Matrix, an animal derived (xenograft) soft-tissue graft, expands portfolio of soft-tissue reinforcement technologies. PRO-DENSE injectable graft is a composite graft of surgical grade calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate. The OSTEOSET bone graft substitute is a synthetic bone graft substitute made of surgical grade calcium sulfate. OSTEOSET bone graft substitute provides an attractive alternative to autograft because it facilitates bone regeneration without requiring a painful, secondary bone-harvesting procedure. ALLOMATRIX injectable putty combines a high content of DBM with surgical grade calcium sulfate carrier.

Knee Reconstruction

The knee reconstruction portfolio provides surgeon treatment options for partial, total and revision knee reconstruction, as well as limb preservation. The Company differentiates its products through anatomic features that reproduce natural movement and stability, resulting in implants designed to function as a healthy knee. The EVOLUTION Medial-Pivot Knee System is a primary knee product line. There are various offerings within the EVOLUTION knee system, such as the EVOLUTION Medial-Pivot Cruciate-Substituting knee. Launched in July of 2010, the EVOLUTION Medial-Pivot Knee System is based on ADVANCE Medial-Pivot Knee. In addition, the Company offers the PROPHECY pre-operative navigation system. The PROPHECY system enables surgeons to utilize basic CT or magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) scans to plan precise implant placement and alignment before surgery. The ADVANCE BIOFOAM cancellous titanium tibial base is bone-like titanium with a roughened texture that bites into bone for cementless fixation of the implant. REPIPHYSIS implant is designed for children and can be lengthened non-invasively as they grow.

Hip Reconstruction

The Company offers a line of products for hip joint reconstruction This product portfolio provides offerings in the areas of hip resurfacing, total hip reconstruction, implant revision and limb preservation. In addition, it provides a line of advanced surface bearing materials, including cross-linked polyethylene, ceramic-on-ceramic, and metal-on-metal articulations, and surface replacement implants. The DYNASTY acetabular system offers surgeons the benefit of BFH technology both in metal-on-metal and cross-linked polyethylene options, with the added benefit of screw fixation. Screw fixation is sometimes needed in the case of poor bone quality. The BIOFOAM DYNASTY acetabular shell allows surgeons to address acetabular cases along with simple revision surgeries. The PROFEMUR hip system offers a variety of options featuring STATURE modular necks in addition to traditional necks. The modular necks allow surgeons to tailor implant positioning during surgery. The PATH surgical instruments offer patients more rapid recovery due to a decrease of intraoperative soft tissue trauma. The CONSERVE family of products incorporates anatomic large diameter bearings. In addition, the Company offers various different revision hip products, including the PROFEMUR R, PROFEMUR Z Revision and PROFEMUR LX Revision stems. It also distributes LINK MP revision stem in North America.

Company Address

Wright Medical Group Inc

5677 Airline Road
ARLINGTON   TN   38002
P: +1901.8679971
F: +1302.6365454

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