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Wright Medical Group N.V., formerly Tornier N.V., is a medical device company. The Company is focused on extremities and biologics products. The Company operates through the orthopaedic products segment, which includes the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of extremities, biologics, large joint and other products. The Company offers a product portfolio of over 160 extremities products and approximately 20 biologics products that are designed to provide solutions to its surgeon customers. Its product portfolio consists of product categories, which include upper extremities, lower extremities, biologics, sports medicine and other, and large joints.

Upper Extremities

The Company's upper extremities product category includes joint implants and bone fixation devices for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. Its shoulder products are used to treat painful shoulder conditions due to arthritis, irreparable rotator cuff tendon tears, bone disease, fractured humeral heads or failed previous shoulder replacement surgery. Its shoulder products include total shoulder joint replacement products, which include the AEQUALIS ASCEND, AEQUALIS PRIMARY, AEQUALIS PERFORM and SIMPLICITI shoulder systems; hemi shoulder joint replacement products, which include PYC HUMERAL HEAD and INSPYRE; reversed shoulder joint replacement products, which include AEQUALIS REVERSED II shoulder; convertible shoulder joint replacement products, which includes AEQUALIS ASCEND FLEX convertible shoulder system; shoulder resurfacing implants, which include AEQUALIS RESURFACING HEAD, and shoulder trauma devices, which include AEQUALIS IM NAIL, AEQUALIS PROXMILA HUMERAL PLATE, AEQUALIS FRACTURE shoulder and AEQUALIS REVERSED FRACTURE shoulder. In addition to its shoulder products, the Company's upper extremities product portfolio consist of implants, plates, pins, screws and nails that are used to treat the elbow, wrist and hand, and include total elbow and radial head replacement products, which include LATITUDE EV total elbow prosthesis and EVOLVE modular radial head device; elbow fracture repair products, which include EVOLVE TRIAD fixation system; wrist fracture repair products, which include MICRONAIL II Intramedullary Distal Radius System and RAYHACK; hand fixation products, which include FUSEFORCE Hand Fixation System, and thumb and finger joint replacement products, which include ORTHOSPHERE.

Lower Extremities

The Company's lower extremities product category includes joint implants and bone fusion and fixation devices, including plates, pins, screws, and nails, for the foot and ankle. Its lower extremities product portfolio include total ankle joint replacement products, which include INBONE Total Ankle Systems and INFINITY Total Ankle System; ankle fusion products, which include ORTHOLOC 3Di Ankle Fusion System and VALOR TTC fusion nail; ankle fixation and fracture repair products, which include ORTHOLOC 3Di Ankle Fracture System; foot fusion products, which include ORTHOLOC 3Di Midfoot Plating System and VALOR TTC fusion nail; foot fixation and fracture repair products, which include MAXLOCK, MINIMAX LOCK and MINIMAX LOCK EXTREME plate and screw systems, BIOFOAM Wedge System, SIDEKICK line of external fixators, BIOARCH Subtalar Arthroereisis Implant, MDI Metatarsal Resurfacing Implant, TENFUSE Nail Allograft and Total Compression Plate System; hammertoe correction products, which include PRO-TOE VO Hammertoe Fixation System, MITOE, PHALINX Hammertoe Fixation System, Cannulink Intraosseous Fixation System (IFS) and TENFUSE PIP Hammertoe Allograft, and toe joint replacement products.


The Company's biologics product category includes a line of biologic products that are used to support treatment of damaged or diseased bone, tendons and soft tissues and other biological solutions for surgeons and their patients or to stimulate bone growth. These products focus on supporting biological musculoskeletal repair by utilizing synthetic and human tissue-based materials. Its biologic products are primarily used in extremities-related procedures, as well as in trauma-induced voids of the long bones and some spine procedures. Internationally, it offers a bone graft product incorporating antibiotic delivery. Its biologics products include AUGMENT Bone Graft, which is based on recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor (rhPDGF-BB); hard tissue repair products, which include PRO-DENSE Injectable Regenerative Graft, IGNITE Power Mix Injectable Stimulus, FUSIONFLEX demineralized moldable scaffold, ALLOMATRIX injectable bone graft putty, OSTEOSET bone graft substitute, MIIG Injectable Graft, CANCELLO-PURE bone wedge line, ALLOPURE allograft bone wedge line and OSTEOCURE Resorbable Bead Kits, and soft tissue repair products include GRAFTJACKET Regenerative Tissue Matrix, CONEXA Reconstructive Tissue Matrix, ACTISHIELD and ACTISHIELD CF Amniotic Barrier Membranes, VIAFLOW and VIAFLOW C Flowable Placental Tissue Matrices, BIOFIBER biologic absorbable scaffold products and PHANTOM FIBER resorbable suture products.

Sports Medicine and Other

The Company's sports medicine and other product category include products used across several anatomic sites to mechanically repair tissue-to-tissue or tissue-to-bone injuries and other ancillary products. Its sports medicine portfolio comprises products used to complement its upper and lower extremities product portfolios, providing surgeons a range of products that are used in upper and lower extremities surgical procedures.

Large Joints

The Company's large joints product category includes hip and knee joint replacement implants. Hip and knee joint replacement products are used to treat patients with painful arthritis in these larger joints and to treat femoral fracture patients. It offers these products in France and international geographies.

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