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Yandex N.V. (Yandex), incorporated in June 2004, is an European Internet company and a search provider in Russia. Yandex offers search services in Russia and also serves Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Company’s search engine uses its algorithms to provide relevant results, which the Company structures and presents in an editorially neutral and user-friendly manner. The Company offers a range of specialized search, personalized and location-based services, including Yandex.News, Yandex.Market, Yandex.Mail and Yandex.Maps. The Company also features parallel search, which presents on a single page the results from both its main Web index and its specialized information resources, including news, shopping, blogs, images and videos. In September 2014, the Company acquired ADFOX advertising technology platform.

Yandex Search

The Company’s search engine offers instantaneous access to a range of information available online. The Company utilizes linguistics, mathematics and statistical analysis to develop algorithms that efficiently extract, compile, systematize and present relevant information to users. The Company’s organic search results are ranked by computer algorithms based exclusively on relevance and it clearly segregate organic results from paid results to avoid confusing its users. The Company’s advertising services do not affect the way it generate or rank its organic search results because it do not accept payment for rankings or for inclusion in its organic search results, or allow parties to pay to include additional pages in its Web indexes. The Company’s anti-spam protection detects and downgrades pages with low informational content, made-for-advertising and doorway sites, pages with pop-under banners, content farms and scraped-content pages.

The Company supplements the results from its main Web index with results from its parallel search system, which blends listings from all available Yandex specialized and vertical searches according to their relative relevance, such as Yandex.News, Yandex.Market, Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Auto, Yandex.Realty, Yandex.Music, Yandex.Image and Yandex.Video. The Company is also focusing on social networking search, and has enhanced the social component of search by integrating data from the largest Russian social networks, including VKontakte, Facebook, LiveJournal and Odnoklassniki, as well as the full feed of all public posts on Twitter. The Company also offer personalized search that provides search suggestions, as well as search results that is aligned with individual interests of its users. The Company’s Spectrum search technology is designed to capture the entire spectrum of possible meanings, based on query statistics.

Yandex Homepage

The Company’s homepage provides a gateway to the wealth of information available online. Users can find answers to their explicit questions through its search box, as well as to their implicit questions through current news, weather and road traffic reports, television (TV) and movie schedules, and other services. The Company also offers localized homepages for specific geographic markets.

Specialized Search Services

The Company offers the specialized search services, which include Yandex.News, Yandex.Market, and Other Specialized Search. The Company’s news aggregation and information service, the most visited online news aggregation service in Russia, providing a media overview for its Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish audiences, aggregating and presenting local, national and international news, from more than 5,800 news sources worldwide. The Company’s e-commerce gateway service, the most popular such service in Russia, providing product information, price comparisons and consumer-generated reviews of products and online retailers. The Russian language Website dedicated to movies, television programs and celebrities. The service allows users to read expert and user-generated film reviews, discover movies, watch trailers, get movie news and personalized recommendations, as well as how times and tickets. It provides numerous other targeted and seasonal search services, including for images, video, music, theatre, television, weather, jobs, transportation, cars and real estate.

Personal Services

Yandex.Mail provides users fast and easy access to their email accounts, featuring social authentication via their accounts on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Google, or Twitter, through a dynamic user interface, instantaneous message display and unlimited storage space. The Company’s mobile push-email technology allows for the instantaneous delivery of new emails to mobile inboxes. Users can also send and receive instant messages and communicate their coordinates through Yandex.Maps, and the service recognizes and allows users to call phone numbers in emails. Yandex.Mail also offers users the ability to create personal domain email accounts, with all the features available to users of Yandex.Mail. Yandex.Disk is a cloud-based storage service allows users to upload, store and share files in various formats and sizes. Users can store photos, videos or documents online so that they can be accessed at any moment from any device-Personal Computers, laptop, and tablet or smartphone-connected to the Internet.

Maps and Location-based Services

Yandex.Maps provides detailed maps of more than 1,100 cities and towns in Russia and more than 220 cities in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, as well as a detailed map of Turkey. In addition to graphical maps, the Company offers satellite images and hybrid maps (an amalgamation of satellite images and graphic maps), panoramic views, public transportation routes and driving directions in browsers and mobile device applications. The Company’s mobile version of Yandex.Maps allows users to determine their current location, to find a nearby business, to monitor road traffic congestion along particular routes and to determine the routes based on real-time road traffic congestion updates.

Yandex.Maps is available through application programming interfaces (APIs), which allow Web developers to embed and use interactive maps in third-party Websites for free, together with the ability to add extra layers of information. The Company uses its technology and licenses to create and edit maps from raw data, including satellite images, Global Positioning System (GPS) tracks and live user feedback. The Company also offers real-time road traffic congestion monitoring in key cities through Yandex.Traffic, the service of its kind in Russia.


The Company’s browser makes surfing the Internet safe and convenient. It is based on Cromium open source license, Yandex's technologies and cloud-based services. The WebKit engine, supported by many browser developers, is supplemented by Opera Software's Turbo technology, which speeds up download of pages even if the connection speed is low. It also features Yandex's anti-virus protection and Kaspersky Labs's secure system, built-in the browser, as well as its translation capabilities. Yandex.Browser is also able to re-establish broken file loading, has automatically compiled tableau menu featuring up to 20 widgets, synchronization between desktop and mobile versions, quick call capability, among other things.

Mobile Applications

The Company offers downloadable applications for the mobile and digital platforms and devices, and has introduced mobile versions of many of its services. The Company support mobile phones, tablet devices, internet-connected TVs and navigation devices. The Company’s mobile apps include Yandex.Browser, Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Shell, Yandex.Kit, Yandex.Navigator, Yandex.Mail, Yandex.Metro, Yandex.Trains, Yandex,Taxi, Yandex.Music, Yandex.Market, Yandex.Disk, Yandex.Money, Yandex.Fotki, Yandex.Translate, Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Weather, Yandex.Auto, Yandex.Timetables and Yandex.Pereezd.

Monetization and Advertiser Services

The Company offers advertisers both text-based advertising and display advertising. The Company also offers Yandex.Market, its e-commerce gateway service, which provides another platform for retailers to reach consumers in a highly targeted manner.


Yandex.Direct is its auction-based advertising placement service, which uses the most advanced auction theory and relies on its distributed infrastructure to process millions of auctions every day. Yandex.Direct enables advertisers to present ads to users at the moment they are looking for information related to the advertiser's product or service. Yandex.Direct features an automated, low-cost online sign-up process that enables advertisers to create and quickly launch their advertising campaigns.

Display advertising

The Company offers display ads, generally designed to build brand awareness and promote products and/or points of sale. The Company allows advertisers to place display ads on its homepage, as well as several other services, including Yandex.Mail, Yandex.News and Yandex.Weather. The Company also offers a media-contextual banner, a display product that is only shown to users who search for certain topics on Yandex.Search or visit sites of the Yandex ad network dedicated to a particular area of interest.


The Company’s Yandex.Market e-commerce gateway service gives retailers an additional platform to reach customers seeking specific retailer, product or price information. Retailers submit their product catalogs and price lists to the Company in a structured online format, enabling us to provide detailed information in response to relevant user queries, either through its search engine or its Yandex.Market service.

Yandex Ad Network

The Company’s Yandex ad network partners include search Websites, for which we provide search capabilities, as well as contextual network partners, where it serve ads based on user behavior or characteristics or Website content. The Company helps third-party Website owners monetize their content while extending the reach of its advertisers. The Company offers a number of free services and tools designed for businesses, including Yandex.Webmaster, Yandex.Metrica, Yandex Site Search, Yandex.Mail for Domain Owners, Yandex APIs and Yandex.Money.

The Company competes with Google Inc, Microsoft Corp, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte and's Odnoklassniki and My World services.

Company Address

Yandex NV

Schiphol Boulevard 165
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