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Global Investment Outlook 2017


Rising rates test resolve of investors who piled into bonds

NEW YORK Investors who piled into bond funds for safety will see red when they unfurl their current account statements this holiday season.


Investors to Trump: An even keel is your best course

NEW YORK Some top U.S. investors have some fast advice for President-elect Donald Trump: Be nice, be presidential, and give up Twitter.


Once terrified, hedge fund managers warm to Trump

NEW YORK Hedge fund managers were largely united in their dislike for Donald Trump before the election. Now they are optimistic that he can use his pro-growth policies to improve the economy - and their portfolios.


Real estate offers safety amid Trump-win volatility: Harrison Street

NEW YORK Real estate offers investors a consistent long-term return in the volatile market environment the election of President-elect Donald Trump has ushered in, Chris Merrill, co-founder of Harrison Street Real Estate Capital LLC, said on Friday.


Investors bet Trump stimulus will boost U.S. stocks

NEW YORK U.S. voters' decision to install Donald Trump in the White House may extend the life of the aging, seven-year bull market in U.S. stocks.


Corporate profits due for huge recovery: Bernstein

NEW YORK A rebound in global profits could push stocks even higher, despite the bond rout that is raising interest rates, investor Richard Bernstein said on Friday.


Mexico's market carnage spawns buying opportunities, investors say

NEW YORK/LONDON A little more than a week after Donald Trump’s surprise election victory, a growing number of emerging market fund managers are saying a selloff in Mexican assets may represent a buying opportunity.

Emerging markets may submerge again in 2017, top funds fear

LONDON/SINGAPORE - The year threatens to end as it began for emerging markets - with losses.


Asian bond markets to stay volatile through first quarter, says State Street GA

SINGAPORE Asian bond investors must brace for more volatility at least through the first quarter of 2017 when they are likely get more clarity on whether U.S. President-elect Donald Trump's policies will reflect his anti-globalisation campaign rhetoric, according to State Street Global Advisors.

Stronger dollar augurs well for Japan's economy: Goldman Sachs

HONG KONG A firmer U.S. dollar is positive for Japan, even as Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election added to uncertainty over the Asian economic outlook, chief Asia Pacific economist for Goldman Sachs said.