Special Reports from Reuters correspondents around the world

Special Reports from Reuters correspondents around the world

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“The Punisher”: The bloody reign of Rodrigo Duterte

After a perilous journey to Europe, a young migrant learns his fate

Blood and benefits: Duterte imposes his hometown formula on the Philippines

How the body of an Arizona great-grandmother ended up as part of a U.S. Army blast test

Chinese education giant helps its students game the SAT

How hospitals, nursing homes keep lethal ‘superbug’ outbreaks secret

How dependence on corporate tax breaks corroded Puerto Rico’s economy

The thousands of U.S. locales where lead poisoning is worse than in Flint

Meth gangs of China play star role in Philippines drug crisis

As ‘superbugs’ strengthen, an alarming lack of new weapons to fight them

They escaped Islamic State. But their horror hasn’t ended.

College Board faces rocky path after CEO pushes new vision for SAT

The disabled in Puerto Rico fend for themselves after decades of U.S. neglect

A family challenges the official story of a killing in Duterte's drug war

The forgotten shipwreck

Police rack up an almost perfectly deadly record in Philippine drug war

How top U.S. colleges hooked up with controversial Chinese companies


How a British town became a hub for online porn and poker

Japan forces a harsh choice on children of migrant families

One life, two donated organs and $5.7 million in bills – a tale of superbugs’ deadly costs

Under siege in Mosul, Islamic State turns to executions and paranoia

The road to Ward 17: My battle with PTSD

John Brennan’s attempt to lead America’s spies into the age of cyberwar

In Crimea, Russia signals military resolve with new and revamped bases


Falling prices, borrowing binge haunt Midwest 'go-go farmers'

As death toll rises, Duterte deploys dubious data in 'war on drugs'

How Egypt’s crackdown on dissent ensnared some of the country’s top judges

How a Chinese company bought access to admissions officers at top U.S. colleges

Why people wait more than a year to see a doctor in Puerto Rico

In fight against Islamic State, Kurds expand their territory

How the owners of Fidelity get richer at everyday investors’ expense


Vegas casino’s attempt to collect a debt exposes world of Chinese high-rollers

From Israel via London, an online gambling scam traps thousands

We were forced to work at Western-run mine, say migrants who fled Eritrea

A fighter for global health: Who will be next to lead the WHO?

For one Afghan boy, hopes of a new life in Europe end in suicide

Despite warnings, College Board redesigned SAT in way that may hurt neediest students

FDA criminal office draws fire from agents and doctors over drug import crackdown

‘Superbug’ scourge spreads as U.S. fails to track rising human toll

In a Lebanese village, civil war scars fade slowly


Why an emblematic American city has turned to Trump

Enslaved in Libya: One woman’s extraordinary escape from Islamic State

How British firms built a pyramid scheme in China that lost millions

Banned from working, asylum seekers are building Japan's roads and sewers

How Big Coal summoned Wall Street and faced a whirlwind

In Egypt, an Italian student’s research stirred suspicion before he died

Massive' breach exposes hundreds of questions for upcoming SAT exams


In Turkish sweatshops, Syrian children sew to survive

Students and teachers detail pervasive cheating in a program owned by test giant ACT

How the New York Fed fumbled over the Bangladesh Bank cyber-heist

After decades of mistrust, Pope pushes for diplomatic breakthrough with China

Caribbean countries caught in crossfire of U.S. crackdown on illicit money flow


Italy’s judicial shakeup caught in political conflicts of interest

Attacks against LGBT community rarely prosecuted as hate crimes

Is Donald Trump struggling to find the green with his golf investments?

Millions of American children missing early lead tests, Reuters finds

A teen’s turn to radicalism and the U.S. safety net that failed to stop it

After university crackdown, Egyptian students fear for their future


How an industry helps Chinese students cheat their way into and through U.S. colleges

In EU referendum, floating voters may hold Britain's future in their hands

In North Dakota's oil patch, a humbling comedown

When the oil boom went bust, Oklahoma protected drillers and squeezed schools

How Russia allowed homegrown radicals to go and fight in Syria

A generation of Syrian children who don’t count


How Google is shaping the rules of the driverless road

U.S. students given SATs that were online before exam

Yemen’s guerrilla war tests military ambitions of big-spending Saudis