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Beth Pinsker

Feb 22 2017

Whom to trust when buying an annuity?

NEW YORK Getting financial advice on complicated insurance products is, well, complicated.

Feb 15 2017

Get ready for lower life insurance premiums

NEW YORK Some good money news rolled in with the New Year: Life insurance could be cheaper in 2017.

Feb 10 2017

Business Watch - Golf talk

The likely topic of discussion in the golf cart between Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe? Why Japanese consumers do not buy more U.S.-made SUVs and trucks. Only about 13,000 vehicles from U.S. automakers sold in Japan in both 2016 and 2015, causing a trade imbalance.

Feb 08 2017

Make your own fiduciary rule with three easy steps

NEW YORK Tired of the on-again-off-again tease of a government rule that would make financial advisers act in your best interest? No need to wait.

Feb 03 2017

Your Money: Three big ideas to make it easier to save for college

NEW YORK Surveys regularly find that Americans have no idea what a 529 college savings plan is, so a little tinkering under the hood is definitely needed.

Jan 25 2017

Early financial aid letters shake up college decisions

NEW YORK The road to college has turned into an autobahn for some high school seniors this year.

Jan 19 2017

Your Money: How the deck is stacked against student loan borrowers

NEW YORK Paying back your student loans is hard enough. It certainly does not help when the trillion-dollar industry seems set up to make you fail.

Jan 12 2017

How to use year-end summaries to spend less and save more

NEW YORK Is your money vice too many movies? A costly dry cleaning habit? Too much wine?

Jan 11 2017

Impatience and desperation derail home sales in tight market

NEW YORK Dan and Kelly Neubeck do not know what sunk the deal to buy their dream house in Chicago last fall. The process was rolling along after they signed the contract for a full-price offer, but somehow their love was unrequited.

Jan 05 2017

Data Dive: What $30 trillion will get you

If you add up the value of every house on every street in every town in the United States, you come up with a very big number -- $29.6 trillion, to be exact.

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