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Camillus Eboh

Mar 27 2017

Nigeria likely to pass 2017 budget before May - lawmaker

ABUJA Nigeria is likely to pass the 2017 budget into law before May, a lawmaker who chairs a committee on the spending plans in the upper chamber of parliament said on Monday.

Mar 17 2017

Nigerian court overturns seizure of oilfield from Shell and Eni

ABUJA A Nigerian court on Friday overturned a request by Nigeria's financial crimes agency to seize an oilfield from Royal Dutch Shell and Eni.

Mar 10 2017

Nigeria's telecoms regulator sees deal in Etisalat debt talks

ABUJA, March 11 Nigeria's financial and telecoms regulator said it agreed on Friday with local banks to end the prospect of receivership for mobile operator Etisalat Nigeria, which has missed a payment on a $1.2 billion loan.

Mar 01 2017

Nigeria says South Africa deported 97 of its citizens after raids

ABUJA South Africa has deported 97 Nigerians for various offences following a series of raids, Nigerian officials said on Wednesday, amid heightened bilateral tensions over anti-immigrant violence in South Africa.

Feb 27 2017

Nigerian court to rule on March 13 on Shell, ENI dispute with authorities

ABUJA, Feb 27 A Nigerian court will rule on March 13 on a request by Royal Dutch Shell and Italy's Eni to lift the temporary seizing of a long-disputed oilfield, a judge said on Monday.

Feb 16 2017

Nigeria takes controls of Arik Air to stabilise it ahead of sale

ABUJA, Feb 16 Nigeria's "bad bank" said on Thursday it had taken over the day-to-day running of Arik Air in an attempt to rescue the country's largest airline, which it placed in receivership last week after it was unable to pay workers or creditors.

Feb 14 2017

Shell, Eni ask Nigerian court to lift forfeiture on oilfield -documents

ABUJA Royal Dutch Shell and Italy's Eni have asked a Nigerian court to lift a temporary forfeiture of a long-disputed oilfield, the firms said on Tuesday.

Jan 26 2017

Nigeria's central bank - those who oppose foreign exchange policy are unpatriotic

ABUJA Nigeria's central bank said on Thursday that those who oppose its foreign exchange policy are unpatriotic, after it came under criticism for pegging the naira at an artificially strong rate to the dollar despite heavy inflationary pressure.

Jan 26 2017

Nigeria court orders temporary forfeiture of Shell, Eni oilfield in corruption probe

ABUJA A Nigerian court has ordered the temporary forfeiture of assets and the transfer of operations of a long-disputed oilfield owned by Shell and Eni , among others, to the federal government, court papers showed.

Dec 14 2016

Nigeria parliament resists more state funding for private power firms

ABUJA, Dec 14 Nigeria's parliament is resisting an attempt to underwrite the private companies that run the country's power sector with public money, saying they need to improve the "abysmal" service they provide.

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