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Dominic Evans

Dec 12 2016

Iraqi police say ready to join assault on east Mosul

BAGHDAD Several thousand Iraqi federal police are ready to join the assault against Islamic State in east Mosul, a spokesman said on Monday, reinforcing troops who have faced weeks of fierce counter-attacks from the militants.

Dec 10 2016

Iraq says army makes gains in grueling Mosul battle

BAGHDAD/GENEVA The Iraqi army said it took full control of two more districts of east Mosul on Saturday, pushing back Islamic State militants in a slow and hard-fought advance into the city whose 1 million residents face growing shortages of fuel, water and food.

Dec 09 2016

Iraq says it destroys Mosul car bomb factories

BAGHDAD Iraqi forces captured a neighborhood in east Mosul on Friday, pushing deeper to the heart of Islamic State's Iraq stronghold and destroying three sites where it produced car bombs used in waves of suicide attacks, the campaign's commander said.

Dec 07 2016

How Iran closed the Mosul 'horseshoe' and changed Iraq war

BAGHDAD/ERBIL, Iraq In the early days of the assault on Islamic State in Mosul, Iran successfully pressed Iraq to change its battle plan and seal off the city, an intervention which has since shaped the tortuous course of the conflict, sources briefed on the plan say.

Dec 05 2016

West Mosul shelled as Iraq steps up fight against Islamic State

BAGHDAD Western-backed Iraqi forces have begun shelling parts of west Mosul, residents said, in preparation for a new front against Islamic State seven weeks into a difficult campaign to drive the militants from the city.

Dec 02 2016

Exclusive: Iraqi commanders examined strategy shift to avert Mosul war of attrition

BAGHDAD Facing brutal urban warfare in Mosul and with their push slowed by the presence of one million residents, Iraqi commanders examined changing strategy last week to help civilians leave to give the army a free hand to strike Islamic State fighters.

Nov 16 2016

Iraqi militia threatens Islamic State's supply route to Syria

BAGHDAD/BASHIQA, Iraq Iraqi Shi'ite militias said on Wednesday they had driven Islamic State fighters from an air base west of Mosul, a victory which would threaten the Sunni group's supply route from Syria to its last major stronghold in Iraq.

Nov 15 2016

Islamic State kills civilians in Mosul to deter support for army

BAGHDAD/QAYYARA, Iraq Islamic State has summarily killed 21 civilians in Mosul it accused of collaborating with U.S.-backed security forces, which said their offensive to recapture the city from the jihadists had made further advances. | Video

Nov 13 2016

Iraqi troops say recapture Nimrud, site of Assyrian city

BAGHDAD Iraqi soldiers recaptured the town of Nimrud on Sunday and the nearby ruins of the 3,000-year-old Assyrian city which was overrun and bulldozed two years ago by Islamic State militants.

Nov 10 2016

Iraqi forces preparing advance on south Mosul

SOUTH OF MOSUL/BAGHDAD, Iraq Iraqi security forces are preparing to advance toward Mosul airport on the city's southern edge to increase pressure on Islamic State militants fighting troops who breached their eastern defenses, officers said on Thursday. | Video


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