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Feb 01 2017

Chinese bankers brace for bonus blues

HONG KONG Bankers and brokers in China are expecting a brutal bonus season over the next few weeks, as business dwindled on local stock markets last year, dragging industry profits down by half.

Jan 26 2017

China turns to blockchain to make markets clearer and cleaner

SHANGHAI Chinese banks are hiring blockchain experts as the government pushes use of the technology behind bitcoin to increase transparency and combat fraud in its financial sector.

Jan 11 2017

Exclusive - Banks forced to cover tracks of China's forex regulator

SHANGHAI China's forex regulator is telling banks to keep its instructions about curbing capital outflows secret and to ensure that research analysts keep any negative views about the yuan's prospects to themselves, several bankers said.

Jan 06 2017

China allows foreign institutions to launch onshore private funds

SHANGHAI China has opened the way for foreign asset managers to begin launching private investment funds in the country through local subsidiaries, by publishing long-awaited registration rules for such investments.

Jan 03 2017

Few people seen selling yuan for dollars on first day of China's forex quota re-set

BEIJING/SHANGHAI China's authorities have sounded the alarm in recent weeks over the risk of capital outflows from the economy, but there was little evidence at Beijing and Shanghai banks on Tuesday that Chinese individuals were rushing to lock in 2017 quotas to buy foreign exchange.

Dec 31 2016

China steps up scrutiny on individual forex purchases in the new year

SHANGHAI China's foreign exchange regulator said that, starting Jan. 1, 2017, it will step up scrutiny on individual foreign currency purchases and strengthen punishment for illegal money outflows, but the $50,000 annual individual quota will remain unchanged.

Dec 30 2016

China to relax curbs on foreign investment in financial sector

BEIJING China unveiled plans on Friday to allow more foreign investment in banking, insurance, securities and credit-rating firms, as part of a wider opening up of the world's second-largest economy.

Dec 12 2016

Meet the Ma family: How millennials are changing the way China thinks about money

SHANGHAI Ma Yiqing, 24, is typical of China's younger generation - he uses his credit card frequently and borrows from online platforms to fund his shopping habits. In a pinch, he is happy to fall back on a lender closer to home - his mum and dad.

Dec 02 2016

Bank of China sharply limits forex sales to companies in Shanghai: sources

SHANGHAI Bank of China, one of the country's "Big Four" state banks, has begun to sharply limit corporate customers' ability to purchase foreign currency in Shanghai, in what sources said on Friday was a bid to help stem capital outflows and ease depreciation pressure on the yuan.

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