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James Saft

Jan 18 2017

The structural mismatch between unicorns and mutual funds: James Saft

Mutual funds which invest in billion-dollar-plus “unicorn” private companies sacrifice control and shareholder protection for liquidity, according to a new study.

Jan 12 2017

The value stock reflation may be at hand: James Saft

If the Trump reflation actually comes few will be happier than value investors.

Jan 10 2017

Trump's war on private debt to reshape markets: James Saft

(The opinions expressed here are those of the author, a columnist for Reuters.) Donald Trump's prospective attacks on private debt contrast strongly with his apparent comfort with rising public indebtedness. If carried out, both will have a massive impact on financial and asset markets.

Dec 15 2016

Lower CEO pay equates to higher shareholder rewards: James Saft

Investors would be better off sticking with firms which pay their chief executives less, according to a new study.

Dec 13 2016

Market taking Trump promises seriously, threats not literally: James Saft

The stock market is taking U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s promises of benefits like tax breaks seriously, but aren’t taking his Twitter threats and grandstanding literally.

Dec 08 2016

More women on boards=higher dividend rates: James Saft

Companies with weak corporate governance benefit from having more female board members, who help shareholders to benefit from higher dividends.

Dec 06 2016

Japan strikes lucky in deflation fight: James Saft

Japan, long a hard-luck case when it came to the impact of fiscal and monetary policy, these days is catching break after break.

Nov 30 2016

'Peter principle' alive and well in fund management: James Saft

The idea that people succeed at work up to the point at which they are no longer much good apparently applies to fund managers too.

Nov 23 2016

Trump's tax holiday to make American financial engineering great again: James Saft

Donald Trump's tax repatriation plan will create jobs, but far more - and more likely - ones for financial engineers rather than real ones.

Nov 16 2016

Ding-dong the VIX is dead (but risk is rising): James Saft

The VIX, the so-called fear gauge, is dead but the real risk-appetite index is falling.


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