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Kathryn Cramer Brownell

Oct 20 2016

Commentary: Trump’s voter fraud ‘solution’ is rooted in the Jim Crow South

All week, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump warned his supporters to expect rampant voter fraud.

Sep 23 2016

Commentary: Why presidential debates can cut through the campaign hoopla

Monday’s presidential debate will contrast two remarkably different approaches to entertainment: Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s carefully planned and polished production versus Republican nominee Donald Trump’s seemingly impulsive and brash reality style.

Jul 05 2016

Commentary: Can the Democratic Party kick its celebrity habit?

Two top Hollywood figures — George Clooney and Harvey Weinstein — recently hosted lucrative fundraisers for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Apr 26 2016

Commentary: Actors may make good presidents, reality stars are something else

When Ronald Reagan was criticized for being “just an actor” in California’s 1966 gubernatorial election, he responded that he was a “citizen politician,” representing the people who had supported him at the box office and were now voting for him at the ballot box.

Apr 25 2016

Actors may make good presidents, reality stars are something else

A profound difference exists in the skill set and professional community between actors, who are in a guild and celebrate colleagues’ artistic achievements, and reality TV stars, who work to promote their individual brand.

Feb 29 2016

How the Oscars’ social activism took on Hollywood

The question has shifted in the past 50 years from whether Hollywood should address political issues to how it should, revealing a significant change in entertainment's role in American life.

Feb 02 2016

Trump fits GOP’s celeb infatuation – but it doesn’t make him a winner

'The Donald' does not have the long experience in party politics that was once required of 'The Gipper.'

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