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Company-funded studies of approved drugs may not catch safety issues

(Reuters Health) - Studies drug companies fund after medicines go on sale may be too small to detect rare side effects, a recent German study suggests.

Feb 17 2017

Tai chi tied to reduced fall risk in older adults

(Reuters Health) - Seniors who practice tai chi - a Chinese meditation practice that combines deep breathing and slow, fluid movements - may be less likely to fall than their peers who don't do this type of exercise, a recent study suggests.

Feb 16 2017

More U.S. seniors taking multiple mind-altering drugs

(Reuters Health) - The number of older adults taking at least three prescriptions for psychotropic drugs - which includes opioids, antidepressants, antipsychotics and tranquilizers - has roughly doubled over the past decade, a recent U.S. study suggests.

Feb 16 2017

Weak thigh muscles tied to knee osteoarthritis in women

(Reuters Health) - Women with weaker thigh muscles may be more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis, a recent study suggests.

Feb 15 2017

‘Speed’ and other recreational stimulants tied to heart damage

(Reuters Health) - Middle-aged adults who use recreational amphetamines like “speed,” “ecstasy” or “ice” may develop a prematurely aging heart and experience health problems normally associated with older people, a recent study suggests.

Feb 15 2017

With colon cancer, smokers may be less likely to survive

(Reuters Health) - Current smokers diagnosed with colorectal cancer are more likely to die from it than former smokers or people who never tried cigarettes, a recent study suggests.

Feb 14 2017

Nativity and ethnicity may influence quality of breast cancer care

(Reuters Health) - Doctors may diagnose breast cancer later and be less likely to offer needed radiation for Hispanic immigrants than for Hispanic women born in the U.S. and white women, a recent study suggests.

Feb 14 2017

Worrying about your grown kids really can keep you up at night

(Reuters Health) - Older married couples can lose sleep when they help support grown kids, but the exact reasons for being awake at night may be different for men and women, a recent study suggests.

Feb 14 2017

Cost of skin creams and ointments may depend on who gives prescription

(Reuters Health) - Patients who want to pay less for prescription skin creams and ointments for inflammatory diseases like psoriasis may want to consider seeing their primary care doctor instead of a specialist, a U.S. study suggests.

Feb 13 2017

Researchers find clues to why diet with olive oil is tied lower heart disease risk

(Reuters Health) - A traditional Mediterranean diet with added olive oil may be tied to a lower risk of heart disease at least in part because it helps maintain healthy blood flow and clear debris from arteries, a Spanish study suggests.

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