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Suleiman Al-Khalidi

Mar 21 2017

Syrian rebels launch second Damascus attack in three days

AMMAN/BEIRUT Syrian rebels stormed a government-held area in northeastern Damascus on Tuesday for the second time in three days, sources on both sides of the fighting said, in the opposition's first such large scale foray in over four years in the capital.

Mar 19 2017

Syrian forces and rebels fight fierce clashes in northeast Damascus

BEIRUT/AMMAN Syrian rebels launched a major offensive on Sunday that brought them close to the heart of the Old City of Damascus, and government forces responded with intense bombardments of rebel-held areas.

Mar 16 2017

Jordan moves ahead with $2.1 bln oil shale power plant

AMMAN, March 16 Attarat Power Co (APCO), a Jordanian affiliate of Estonian-owned Enefit, announced on Thursday that its plan to build a $2.1 billion oil shale-fired power plant in Jordan had secured financing from a consortium of Chinese banks.

Mar 13 2017

Sunni politician warns U.S. of mounting civilian casualties in Mosul

AMMAN A prominent Iraqi Sunni politician on Monday warned Washington the acceleration in a military campaign in western Mosul to drive out Islamic State jihadists was causing a sudden surge in civilian casualties that threatened to undermine the effort to crush the militants.

Mar 13 2017

Syrian opposition says won't attend Astana talks

AMMAN The Syrian opposition will not attend peace talks due to start on Tuesday in the Kazakh capital Astana, blaming Russia's unwillingness to end air strikes against civilians in rebel-held areas and its failure to put pressure on the Syrian army to abide by a widely violated ceasefire.

Mar 13 2017

WFP head says 'race against time' under way to prevent Yemen famine

AMMAN Aid workers are in a "race against time" to prevent famine threatening millions of people in Yemen, a senior U.N. official said in Monday.

Mar 12 2017

Jordanian soldier who shot Israeli schoolgirls walks free from jail

AMMAN A Jordanian soldier who killed seven Israeli schoolgirls has been freed after serving 20 years in prison, with many Jordanians celebrating his release and calling him a national hero, witnesses and family sources said on Sunday.

Mar 04 2017

Jordan says executes 15, with 10 for terrorism convictions

AMMAN Jordan executed 15 people on Saturday, including 10 convicted on terrorism charges ranging from an attack a decade ago on Western tourists to the slaying of a writer in the largest mass execution in the country's recent history.

Mar 04 2017

Syrian army takes more villages from militants in northwest Syria

AMMAN The Syrian army has expanded its control over former Islamic State-held villages in northwest Syria, gaining more territory as it pushes back the jihadists from more pockets in Aleppo province, state media said on Saturday.

Feb 27 2017

Syrian army advance opens new link to Kurdish areas

BEIRUT A Syrian army advance against Islamic State in northern Syria has opened a new link between government-held areas in western Syria and the Kurdish-dominated northeast, redrawing the map of the conflict near the Turkish border.

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