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Jeff Mason is a White House Correspondent for Reuters and the 2016-2017 president of the White House Correspondents’ Association. He was the lead Reuters correspondent for President Barack Obama's 2012 campaign and interviewed the president at the White House in 2015. Jeff has been based in Washington since 2008, when he covered the historic race between Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Jeff started his career in Frankfurt, Germany, where he covered the airline industry before moving to Brussels, Belgium, where he covered the European Union. He is a Colorado native, proud graduate of Northwestern University and former Fulbright scholar.

Twitter handle: @jeffmason1

Jun 21 2017

Rebels say Syrian army, Iranian-backed militias launch offensive in eastern desert

AMMAN Western-backed Syrian rebels holding a strategic swathe of the desert southeast stretching to the Iraqi border said they came under major attack from government forces and allied Iranian-backed militias backed by Russian air power.

Jun 20 2017

U.S. shoots down drone close to Iraqi-Syrian border: statement

AMMAN/WASHINGTON The U.S. military said it had shot down an armed, Iranian-made drone that had been bearing down on its forces near a garrison in Syria's southeast on Tuesday, in the latest sign of increasingly frequent confrontation with Damascus and its allies.

Jun 19 2017

U.S. warplane downs Syrian army jet in Raqqa province

AMMAN/WASHINGTON A U.S. warplane shot down a Syrian army jet on Sunday in the southern Raqqa countryside, with Washington saying the jet had dropped bombs near U.S.-backed forces and Damascus saying the plane was downed while flying a mission against Islamic State militants. | Video

Jun 14 2017

Exclusive: U.S. expands presence in Syrian desert, rebels say

AMMAN U.S. troops based in Syria's southeastern desert have expanded their footprint, rebels there say, increasing the risk of direct ground confrontation between the Americans and Iran-backed pro-government forces.

Jun 14 2017

Gulf crisis seen widening split in Syria rebellion

BEIRUT/AMMAN Confrontation between Qatar and Saudi Arabia is creating unease among Syrian rebels who expect the crisis between two of their biggest state backers to deepen divisions in the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.

Jun 11 2017

Syrian army and allies step up bombing of rebels in Deraa city

AMMAN The Syrian army and Iran-backed militia forces have escalated attacks against a rebel-held part of the southern city of Deraa, a possible prelude to a large-scale campaign to wrest full control of the city, rebels and residents said on Monday.

Jun 09 2017

U.S., Russia discuss de-escalation zone for southwest Syria: diplomats

AMMAN The United States and Russia are quietly holding talks on creating a "de-escalation zone" in southwestern Syria, Western diplomats and regional officials said, but could face fierce opposition from Iran.

May 30 2017

Syrian rebels say U.S., allies sending more arms to fend off Iran threat

BEIRUT/AMMAN/BAGHDAD Syrian rebels say the United States and its allies are sending them more arms to try to fend off a new push into the southeast by Iran-backed militias aiming to open an overland supply route between Iraq and Syria.

May 18 2017

U.S. strikes Syria militia threatening U.S.-backed forces: officials

WASHINGTON/AMMAN The U.S. military carried out an air strike on Thursday against militia supported by the Syrian government that posed a threat to U.S. and U.S.-backed Syrian fighters in the country's south, U.S. officials told Reuters on Thursday.

May 14 2017

Syrian army sends reinforcements toward border with Iraq: rebels

AMMAN The Syrian army aided by Iranian-backed militias was moving troops to a desert region near its border with Iraq and Jordan just as U.S. backed rebels are consolidating control in an area from which Islamic State militants had recently pulled out, rebel sources and commanders said on Monday.

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