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Will Dunham

Mar 22 2017

Revolutionary overhaul of dinosaur family tree proposed

WASHINGTON Some of the best-known dinosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus rex and Brontosaurus, may be headed for a divorce due to irreconcilable differences.

Mar 16 2017

Breathe easy: nose shape was influenced by local climate

WASHINGTON The human nose, in all its glorious forms, is one of our most distinctive characteristics, whether big, little, broad, narrow or somewhere in between. Scientists are now sniffing out some of the factors that drove the evolution of the human proboscis.

Mar 15 2017

Fossils from 1.6 billion years ago may be oldest-known plants

WASHINGTON Fossils unearthed in India that are 1.6 billion years old and look like red algae may represent the earliest-known plants, a discovery that could force scientists to reassess the timing of when major lineages in the tree of life first appeared on Earth.

Mar 08 2017

How about some tasty woolly rhinoceros for dinner?

WASHINGTON Ancient DNA from dental plaque is revealing intriguing new information about Neanderthals including specific menu items in their diet like woolly rhinoceros and wild mushrooms as well as their use of plant-based medicine to cope with pain and illness.

Mar 02 2017

Ancient human tree cultivation shaped Amazon landscape

WASHINGTON Ancient indigenous peoples had a far more profound impact on the composition of the vast Amazon rainforest than previously known, according to a study showing how tree species domesticated by humans long ago still dominate big swathes of the wilderness.

Mar 01 2017

Canadian bacteria-like fossils called oldest evidence of life

WASHINGTON Microfossils up to almost 4.3 billion years old found in Canada of microbes are similar to the bacteria that thrive today around sea floor hydrothermal vents and may represent the oldest-known evidence of life on Earth, scientists said on Wednesday.

Mar 01 2017

Snooze news: elephants may sleep less than any other mammal

WASHINGTON There's an old saying that elephants never forget. You also can say they almost never sleep.

Feb 28 2017

Laser technique sheds light on pivotal Chinese feathered dinosaur

WASHINGTON A technique using high-powered lasers to reveal hidden soft tissue alongside bones in fossils is giving scientists insight into one of the major evolutionary transitions in the history of life: small feathered dinosaurs taking flight as birds.

Feb 17 2017

Robert Michel, champion of Washington civility in senior House post, dies at 93

WASHINGTON Robert Michel, a gentlemanly Midwesterner who championed civility in Washington as House Republican leader but left Congress dismayed by the rise of conservative firebrands in his own party, died on Friday at age 93, a former aide said.

Feb 15 2017

Fossils show quick rebound of life after ancient mass extinction

WASHINGTON Fossils including sharks, sea reptiles and squid-like creatures dug up in Idaho reveal a marine ecosystem thriving relatively soon after Earth's worst mass extinction, contradicting the long-held notion life was slow to recover from the calamity.

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